Nursing Case Study Examples and Solutions is your ultimate resource for nursing case study examples and solutions. Whether you’re a nursing student, a seasoned nurse looking to enhance your skills, or a healthcare professional seeking in-depth case studies, our comprehensive collection has got you covered. Explore our extensive category of nursing case study examples and solutions to gain valuable insights, improve your critical thinking abilities, and enhance your overall clinical knowledge.

Comprehensive Nursing Case Studies

Discover a wide range of comprehensive nursing case study examples and solutions that cover various medical specialties and scenarios. These meticulously crafted case studies offer real-life patient scenarios, providing you with a deeper understanding of nursing practices and clinical decision-making processes. Each case study presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for learning, making them an invaluable resource for nursing education and professional development.

  1. Nursing Case Study Analysis [10 Examples & How-To Guides] What is a case study analysis? A case study analysis is a detailed examination of a specific real-world situation or event. It is typically used in business or nursing school to help students learn how to analyze complex problems and make decisions based on limited information.
  2. State three nursing diagnoses using taxonomy of North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) that are appropriate, formatted correctly, prioritized, and are based on the case study. NUR 403 Week 2 Individual Assignment Case Study comprises: Resources: The case study found on p. 131 in Nursing Theory and the Case Study Grid on the Materials page of the student website Complete the Case Study Grid. List five factors of patient history that demonstrates nursing needs. 
  3. Neuro Case Study
  4. Endocrine Case Study
  5. Anxiety & Depression Case Study
  6. Ethical dilemma
  7. A Puerto Rican Woman With Comorbid Addiction
  8. Tina Jones Comprehensive SOAP Note
  9. Insomnia 31 year old Male
  10. Chest Pain Assessment

Pediatric Nursing Case Studies

Nursing Case Study Examples

In this section, delve into the world of pediatric nursing through our engaging and informative case studies. Gain valuable insights into caring for infants, children, and adolescents, as you explore the complexities of pediatric healthcare. Our pediatric nursing case studies highlight common pediatric conditions, ethical dilemmas, and evidence-based interventions, enabling you to enhance your pediatric nursing skills and deliver optimal care to young patients.

  1. Case on Pediatrics : Part 1& 2 Solutions
  2. Pediatric Infant Reflux : History and Physical – Assignment 1 Solution
  3. Otitis Media Pediatrics Toddler – NSG 5441 Reflection Assignment/Discussion – Solution
  4. Pediatric Patient With Strep – NSG 5441 Reflection Assignment/Discussion
  5. Pediatric Urinary Tract infections (UTI) -NSG 5441 Reflection Assignment/Discussion – Solution
  6. Week 3 discussion-Practical Application in critical care/pediatrics
  7. Cough Assessment

Mental Health Nursing Case Study Examples 

Mental health nursing plays a crucial role in promoting emotional well-being and providing care for individuals with mental health conditions. Immerse yourself in our mental health nursing case studies, which encompass a wide range of psychiatric disorders, therapeutic approaches, and psychosocial interventions. These case studies offer a holistic view of mental health nursing, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to support individuals on their journey to recovery.

  1. Psychiatric Nursing: Roles and Importance in Providing Mental Health Care
  2. Mental Health Access and Gun Violence Prevention
  3. Fundamentals of neurotransmission as it relates to prescribing psychotropic medications for clients with acute and chronic mental health conditions – Unit 8 Discussion – Reflection
  4. Unit 7 Discussion- Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Mental Health Care – Solution
  5. Ethical and Legal Foundations of PMHNP Care Across the Lifespan Assignment – Analyze salient ethical and legal issues in psychiatric-mental health practice | Solution
  6. Pathways Mental Health Case Study – Review evaluation and management documentation for a patient and perform a crosswalk of codes – Solution
  7. Analyze salient ethical and legal issues in psychiatric-mental health practice
  8. SOAP notes for Mental Health Examples
  9. compare and contrast two mental health theories
  10.  Environmental Factors and Health Promotion Presentation: Accident Prevention and Safety Promotion for Parents and Caregivers of Infants
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Geriatric Nursing Case Studies

As the population ages, the demand for geriatric nursing expertise continues to rise. Our geriatric nursing case studies focus on the unique challenges faced by older adults, such as chronic illnesses, cognitive impairments, and end-of-life care. By exploring these case studies, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of geriatric nursing principles, evidence-based gerontological interventions, and strategies for promoting optimal health and well-being in older adults.

  1. M5 Assignment: Elderly Driver
  2. HE003: Delivery of Services – Emmanuel is 55-year-old man Case – With SolutionThe Extent of Evidence-Based Data for Proposed Interventions – Sample Assignment 1 Solution
  3. Planning Model for Population Health Management Veterans Diagnosed with Non cancerous chronic pain – Part 1 & 2 Solutions
  4. PHI 413 Case Study Fetal Abnormality Essay
  5. Insomnia Response and Insomnia
  6. Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue: Short Staffing
  7. Paraphrenia as a Side of the Schizophrenia – Week 4 Solution
  8. Module 6 Pharm Assignment: Special Populations
  9. Public Health Nursing Roles and Responsibilities in Disaster Response – Assignment 2 Solution
  10. Theory Guided Practice – Assignment 2 Solution
  11. How can healthcare facilities establish a culture of safety – Solution
  12. Planning Model for Population Health Management Veterans Diagnosed with Non cancerous chronic pain – Part 1 & 2 Solutions
  13. Discuss the types of consideration a nurse must be mindful of while performing a health assessment on a geriatric patient as compared to a middle-aged adult – Solution
  14. Promoting And Protecting Vulnerable Populations – Describe what is meant by vulnerable populations and explain strategies you, as the public health nurse, could use to best facilitate the achievement of healthful outcomes in this population? 

Community Health Nursing Case Studies

Community health nursing plays a vital role in promoting health, preventing diseases, and advocating for underserved populations. Dive into our collection of community health nursing case studies, which explore diverse community settings, public health issues, and population-specific challenges. Through these case studies, you’ll gain insights into the role of community health nurses, interdisciplinary collaboration, health promotion strategies, and disease prevention initiatives.

  1. Community and Target Aggregate: Residents of the community health center, particularly those aged 65 and above Topic: Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population
  2. Tools For Community Health Nursing Practice2
  3. 5 Theories in Community Health Nursing: A Complete Guide
  4. Role of community health nursing and community partnerships as they apply to the participating family’s community – Assignment 1 Solution
  5. Community/Public Health Nursing DQ2
  6. CSU-Community healthcare Presentation – Assignment 1 Solution
  7. Community Healthcare Presentation – Domestic Violence And Level Of Prevention – Solution

Critical Care Nursing Case Study Examples 

Critical care nursing demands swift decision-making, advanced technical skills, and the ability to provide intensive care to acutely ill patients. Our critical care nursing case studies encompass a range of high-acuity scenarios, including trauma, cardiac emergencies, and respiratory distress. These case studies simulate the fast-paced critical care environment, enabling you to sharpen your critical thinking skills, enhance your clinical judgment, and deliver exceptional care to critically ill patients.

  1. Nursing Case Study Parkinsons Disease
  2. Nursing Case Study: Patient with Drug and Alcohol Induced Paranoid Schizophrenia
  3. Neonatal Hypothermia and Neonatal Sepsis: Nursing Case Study
  4. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Nursing Case Study

Maternal and Child Health Nursing Case Study Examples

The field of maternal and child health nursing requires specialized knowledge and skills to support the health and well-being of women and children throughout their lifespan. Explore our collection of maternal and child health nursing case studies, which encompass prenatal care, labor and delivery, postpartum care, and pediatric nursing. These case studies provide a comprehensive view of maternal and child health, allowing you to develop expertise in this essential area of nursing practice.

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Surgical Nursing Case Studies

Surgical nursing involves caring for patients before, during, and after surgical procedures. Our surgical nursing case studies cover a wide range of surgical specialties, including orthopedics, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal surgeries. Delve into these case studies to gain insights into preoperative assessment, perioperative management, and postoperative care. By examining real-life surgical scenarios, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of surgical nursing principles and refine your skills in providing exceptional care to surgical patients.

  1. Discuss DI in relation to a postoperative neurosurgical patient – Week 2, 3, 4 Solution
  2. Neuro Case Study
  4. Career Planning & Professional Identity Paper
  5. Nursing Case Analysis
  6. Ethical Dilemma on Robotic Surgery and ACS Codes of Ethics – Post 2
  7. NURS – 6521C Advanced Pharmacology
  8. Essay on Alterations in Neurological and Endocrine Functions
  9. Clinical Preparation Tool – Child and Adolescent Symptom Inventory – Unit
  10. Initial Psychiatric Interview/SOAP Note – Assignment 1 Solution
  11. Current Trends in Nursing Practice: Electronic Prescriptions for Opioids – Week 4 Solution
  12. Nurse-Sensitive Indicators -Week 3 Solution
  13. Theory–Practice Gap in Jean Watson Theory of Human Caring – Assignment 1 Solution
  14. Bowel Obstruction Case Video Presentation – Week 4 Solution
  15. Appendicitis SOAP Note – Sample SOAP Solution 1
  16. Week 4: GERD SOAP Note Assignment Solution
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Obstetric Nursing Case Study

Obstetric nursing focuses on providing care to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Our obstetric nursing case studies explore various aspects of prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery. Gain valuable knowledge about common obstetric complications, evidence-based interventions, and strategies for promoting maternal and fetal well-being. These case studies will enhance your obstetric nursing skills and prepare you to deliver compassionate and competent care to expectant mothers.

  1. Capstone Proposal: Postpartum Hemorrhage Education To Nursing Students
  2. Progress Evaluation Telecommunication: Teleconference on Post-Partum Hemorrhage
  3. Case Study 5.2 the Moral and Ethical Questions of Aborting an Anencephalic Baby
  4. Holistic intervention plan design to improve the quality of outcomes – Problem Statement (PICOT)
  5. ADV HEALTH ASSESSMENT: TJ a 32-year-old pregnant lesbian, is being seen for an annual physical exam and has been having vaginal discharge – Solution
  6. Facilitative Communication and Helping Skills in Nursing & Decision Making Assignment Solution
  7. Benchmark – Evidence-Based Practice Proposal Paper Example
  8. Three nursing diagnoses for this client based on the health history and screening (one actual nursing diagnosis, one wellness nursing diagnosis, and one “risk for” nursing diagnosis)
  9. Identify two or more issues with the existing system
  10. Differences between inpatient and outpatient coding

Nursing Ethics Case Study

Ethical dilemmas are an inherent part of nursing practice. Our nursing ethics case studies shed light on complex ethical issues that nurses encounter in their daily work. Explore thought-provoking scenarios involving patient autonomy, confidentiality, end-of-life decisions, and resource allocation. By examining these case studies, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of ethical principles, ethical decision-making frameworks, and strategies for navigating ethical challenges in nursing practice.

  1. Ethics in Complementary Therapies
  2. Ethics Case Study Analysis
  3. Ethics in Practice
  4. Ethical Dilemma on Robotic Surgery and ACS Codes of Ethics – Post 1
  5. Ethical Dilemma on Robotic Surgery and ACS Codes of Ethics – Post 2
  6. Case Study on Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative
  7. Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Part 2: Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics
  8. Week 9 Assignment 9.1: Mercy Killing Ethics – Using one theory that you have studied that you agree with and one theory that you disagree with, describe how Officer Jones would act in each case – Solution
  9. Deliverable 4 – Code of Ethics Intake Packet
  10. Ethics in the Workplace
  11. code of ethics for nurses
  12. Applying the ANA Code of Ethics

Health Promotion Case Study

Community health promotion plays a crucial role in improving the health and well-being of populations. Our community health promotion case studies highlight successful initiatives aimed at preventing diseases, promoting healthy lifestyles, and addressing social determinants of health. Explore strategies for community engagement, health education, and collaborative interventions that make a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.

  1. Health Promotion in Minority Populations
  2. Environmental Factors and Health Promotion Presentation: Accident Prevention and Safety Promotion for Parents and Caregivers of Infants
  3. Health Education And Current Challenges For Family-Centered Health Promotion
  4. Cultural Competence And Nutrition In Health Promotion
  5. Why is the concept of family health important? Consider the various strategies for health promotion.
  6. levels of health promotion
  7. Integrate evidence from research and theory into discussions of practice competencies, health promotion and disease prevention strategies, quality improvement, and safety standards.
  8. Discuss various theories of health promotion, including Pender’s Health Promotion Model, the Health Belief Model, the Transtheoretical Theory, and the Theory of Reasoned Action.
  9. What strategies, besides the use of learning styles, can a nurse educator consider when developing tailored individual care plans, or for educational programs in health promotion?
  10. Describe health promotion for Pregnant women
  11. Identify a health problem or need for health promotion for a particular stage in the life span of a population from a specific culture in your area. Choose one of the Leading Health Indicators (LHI) priorities from Healthy People 2020:
  12.  A description of a borrowed theory (expectancy-value theory and social cognitive theory) that could be applied to improve health promotion patient education in primary care clinic. Is this borrowed theory appropriate?
  13. How has health promotion changed over time
  14. Primary Prevention/Health Promotion
  15. Health Risk Assessment and Health Promotion Contract
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Nursing Leadership Case Studies

Nursing leadership is essential for driving positive change and ensuring high-quality patient care. Our nursing leadership case studies examine effective leadership strategies, change management initiatives, and interprofessional collaboration in healthcare settings. Gain insights into the qualities of successful nurse leaders, explore innovative approaches to leadership, and learn how to inspire and motivate your team to achieve excellence in nursing practice.

  1. Part 3: Nursing Leadership – Childbearing after menopause – Assignment Solution
  2. Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing Leadership
  3. The purpose of this assignment is to examine the impact of contemporary challenges in care delivery facing nursing leadership. Select and research a major issue in the delivery of care facing nurse leaders today and write a 1,250-1,500 word paper addressing the following:
  4. One nursing theory will be presented as a framework to resolve a problem occurring within one of the professional areas of leadership, education, informatics, healthcare policy or advance clinical practice.  The same nursing theory selected in Assignment One may be used to resolve the identified problem. 
  5. Module 6: Change and Leadership in Nursing Education – Professional Development
  6. Module 6: Change and Leadership in Nursing Education – Critical Thinking
  7. Module 6: Change and Leadership in Nursing Education – Discussion
  8. Analyze one of the following concepts: “Advanced Practice Nursing,” “Leadership in Nursing Practice” or “Holistic Nursing Practice”
  9. Nursing Administration Function: A Comprehensive Guide for Nursing Students
  10. Theory and Leadership
  11. NUR-514: Organizational Leadership and Informatics
  12. Leadership: Workplace Environment Assessment
  13. Professional Development in Nursing – Topic 3 Assignment Solution
  14. Current Trends in Nursing Practice: Electronic Prescriptions for Opioids – Week 4 Solution
  15. Leadership Change Framework – Week 8 Assignment Solution

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Remember, success in nursing begins with knowledge and continues with lifelong learning. Explore our nursing case study examples and solutions today and embark on a journey of professional growth and excellence.

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