CSU-Community healthcare Presentation – Assignment 1 Solution

CSU-Community healthcare Presentation

Assignment Guidelines with Grading Rubric: PowerPoint 10 slides

Objectives of this presentation:

1. Identify an issue in the management of care for a patient with a mental health diagnosis in a medical-surgical setting.

2. Identify the community healthcare recommendations for these patients as identified by the literature.

3. Discuss the knowledge, attitudes and skills of the practitioner to provide competent patient care.

4. Present current hospital policy regarding this health care situation.

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Community healthcare presentation
Community healthcare Presentation

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Community Healthcare Nursing (CHN) Presentation Rubric210PointsWhy study?KnowledgeClearly and specifically discusses with summary of the problem//issue/complicationFair explanationInadequate discussion of the issue/complication20/KnowledgeClearly describes reliable sources for locating evidence based reports and clinical practice guidelinesGood presentation of CHN resourcesIncomplete presentation of CHN resources20/KnowledgeClearly presents summary of recommendationFair explanationInadequate explanation15/SkillsClearly presents current CDC or hospital policy on this topic, provided, you may copy or linkxInadequate presentation of CDC or hospital policy20/AttitudeClearly presents observations of unit and nurse practice and personal responseSummary of observations of unit and nurse practiceIncomplete evaluation5/SkillsClearly presents education needs of patients, families and staffxFair presentation of educational needs10/SkillsSubmitted correct APA citation of sources with Reference Page, minimum 2 professional sourcesMore than one error of APA citation or source10/TotalInstructor Comments:

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