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2-2 Final Project Milestone One: Topic and Setting Submission-Visually Impaired Students-Nursing Paper Examples

Remote Learning for Visually Impaired Students Fear of the unknown causes the visually impaired child to be afraid to explore. Overprotective adults might also prevent them from exploring. The kids will not develop meaningful notions or language to explain or think about them until they have actual experiences (Illinois State Board of Education, 2020). The […]

4-2 Final Project Milestone Two: Annotated Bibliography-Human Interaction with the Environment-Nursing Paper Environment

Human Interaction with the Environment Human interaction with the environment impacts the learning process. Humans interact with the environment through the five senses, and the inadequacy of one sense can affect the learning process, affecting development in turn. Consequently, Remote learning is increasingly becoming a learning facilitator today. Visually impaired students experience multiple challenges in […]

Discussion Response-Application of Mental Imagery-Nursing Paper Examples

Response to Jonathan (Application of Mental Imagery) Jonathan, your post on the application of mental imagery in sports is very informative. I want to expand on the application of mental imagery for athletes. Di Corrado et al. (2020) explain that mental rehearsal/imagery is important in motivating athletes during competitions. It enables them to visualize and […]

Mental Imagery-Nursing Paper Examples

Saulsman, L. M., Ji, J. L., & McEvoy, P. M. (2019). The essential role of mental imagery in cognitive behavior therapy: What is old is new again. Australian Psychologist, 54(4), 237–244. Mental Imagery Mental imagery techniques are widely used by counselors to help clients imagine the potential outcomes of their therapeutic processes. They enhance clients’ adaptability and […]

The Usefulness of the IPIP-NEO Results-Nursing Paper Examples

The IPIP-NEO results are important to managers who utilize them in evaluating candidates for a specific role within a company. It can help determine candidates whose personalities align with the required job qualifications. Besides, McAdams, Shiner, and Tackett (2021) observe that comparing individuals’ personality traits also help predict and improve their behaviors by highlighting their […]