Paper Revision: Need additional Paragraph for recommendations: Create a SWOT analysis of a selected airline and 4–6 pages detailing your analysis.

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Complete the following:

  1. Conduct a SWOT analysis on your chosen airline.
    • Consider using the SWOT Analysis Template document, linked in the Suggested Resources, or a similar format of your choice for this assessment. Examples of criteria for the SWOT analysis are provided in the tables below.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)
  2. Write a 4–6-page analysis of the airline’s internal and external environments, as well as the interrelationships among its internal businesses. Include the following subheadings and content:
    • Introduction: Provide an overview of your chosen airline and its place in the industry.
      • Include background information on what business strategies the airline is using and where it fits in the industry.
    • Internal Environment: Using your SWOT analysis, analyze the airline’s internal environment for the conditions and factors that influence its activities and choices, including its business strategies. The internal environment includes:
      • Human resources—staff, volunteers, board members, target population.
      • Physical resources—location, building, equipment, funding for resources (grants, funding agencies, other sources of income).
      • Activities and processes—programs run, systems employed.
      • Past experiences—building blocks for learning and success, reputation in the community.
    • External Environment: Analyze the selected organization’s external environment for the conditions and factors surrounding it that influence its activities and choices, including its business strategies. External forces the organization does not control include the following:
      • Future trends—in the field or the culture.
      • Economy—local, national, and international.
      • Funding sources—foundations, donors, legislatures.
      • Demographics—changes in the age, race, gender, culture of those served by the organization.
      • Physical environment.
      • Legislation.
      • Local, national, and international events.
    • Interrelationships: Analyze the interrelationships among internal business functional areas and external constraints and opportunities.
    • Conclusion: Describe the key issues you believe should be addressed to make effective decisions and business plans, and provide your recommendations or suggestions for handling these issues.
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Assignment: SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline

Objective: The objective of this assignment is to conduct a SWOT analysis of a chosen airline to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Through this analysis, you will gain insights into the airline’s internal capabilities and external market conditions, enabling you to make informed recommendations for its future growth and sustainability.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)


Step 1: Select an Airline Choose a specific airline that you want to analyze. It could be a well-known global airline or a regional carrier. Ensure that you have access to relevant information and data about the airline’s operations, performance, and market presence.

Step 2: Research and Data Collection Gather information about the selected airline from reliable sources, such as annual reports, industry reports, news articles, and the airline’s official website. Look for data on financial performance, market share, customer satisfaction, fleet size, route network, and any recent developments or initiatives.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)

Step 3: SWOT Analysis a) Strengths: Identify and analyze the internal strengths of the airline. These may include factors such as a strong brand reputation, a wide range of destinations, excellent customer service, high-quality fleet, and operational efficiency. Discuss why these strengths provide a competitive advantage in the airline industry.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)

b) Weaknesses: Identify and evaluate the internal weaknesses of the airline. These could include areas where the airline lags behind its competitors, such as limited route coverage, outdated technology, high operational costs, or issues with employee morale. Discuss the potential impact of these weaknesses on the airline’s performance.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)

c) Opportunities: Identify and assess the external opportunities available to the airline. These may include emerging markets, partnerships or alliances with other airlines, advancements in technology, or changes in government policies affecting the aviation industry. Analyze how the airline can leverage these opportunities to its advantage.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)

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d) Threats: Identify and evaluate the external threats faced by the airline. These could include intense competition, economic downturns, fuel price fluctuations, regulatory changes, or public health crises (like the COVID-19 pandemic). Discuss the potential risks these threats pose to the airline’s operations and financial stability.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)

Step 4: Recommendations Based on your SWOT analysis, propose strategic recommendations for the airline’s future. How can the airline capitalize on its strengths, address its weaknesses, seize opportunities, and mitigate threats? Provide actionable and realistic suggestions to improve the airline’s overall performance and competitiveness.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)

Step 5: Presentation Create a well-structured report or presentation that includes the following sections:

  • Introduction and background of the selected airline.
  • Methodology used for data collection and analysis.
  • SWOT analysis with detailed explanations and supporting data.
  • Strategic recommendations for the airline’s future growth and success.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)

Step 6: Conclusion Summarize the key findings of your SWOT analysis and emphasize the significance of your recommendations. Discuss the potential impact of implementing these strategies on the airline’s performance and competitive position.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)

Step 7: References Include a list of all the sources you used to gather information for the analysis. Use a consistent citation style (e.g., APA or MLA).(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)

Note: Make sure to adhere to academic writing standards, use appropriate headings and subheadings, and provide accurate data with proper citations. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and may result in penalties as per the institution’s policies.(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)

SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example-Solution

Internal Environment Criteria Examples
Criteria Examples Strengths Weaknesses Criteria Examples
  • Capabilities.
  • Competitive advantages.
  • Customers.
  • Suppliers.
  • Financial strength.
  • Physical facilities and equipment.
  • Resources, assets, people, employees.
  • Experience, knowledge, data.
  • Marketing—reach, distribution, awareness.
  • Innovative aspects.
  • Location and geographical.
  • Price, value, quality.
  • Licensing.
  • Gaps in capabilities.
  • Lack of competitive strength.
  • Reputation, presence, and reach.
  • Financials.
  • Known vulnerabilities.
  • Pressures.
  • Cash flow.
  • Continuity.
  • Morale, commitment, leadership.
  • Licensing.
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External Environment Criteria Examples
Criteria Examples Opportunities Threats Criteria Examples
  • Political effects.
  • Legislative effects.
  • Environmental effects.
  • Technology development and innovation.
  • Competitors.
  • Market demand.
  • Economic factors.
  • Global influences.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
  • Number of resources: A minimum of four resources.
  • Length: 4–6 typed, double-spaced pages.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

(SWOT Analysis of a Selected Airline Essay Example)


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