Impacting Factors Tool Resource – Assignment 1 Solution

Impacting Factors Tool Resource

Instructions: Use this tool to document your assessment of the factors impacting the capstone project. Be sure to cite and reference necessary sources according to APA format, using the last page for your reference list.

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Impacting Factors Tool Resource
Impacting Factors Tool Resource

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Stakeholder Identification and Engagement Strategies to Secure Support( SWOT based on Problem Statement from WS One. Each SWOT will be unique. )Stakeholder- anyone person or organization affected by or through the changed process.· Patients· Patients family members· Organizational departments· Co-workers· PhysiciansEngagement Strategies to secure support-· Communicate plan clearly and consistently· Acquire management buy in· Background research to support proposal
SWOT Analysis-is used to complete an objective analysis of the capstone project.
Strengths and Weaknesses are internal organizational factors that may be controlled within the organization.
Opportunities and Threats are external factors to the organization that cannot be controlled by the organization.
Opportunities not acted upon can become threats.
Strengths- present within the organization that support the planned change process.· Co-workers knowledgeable of the ACA· Strong unit manage supportive of project· Robust organization reputationWeaknesses– present within the organization that could be barriers or challenges to the planned change process.· Chief medical officer unreceptive to change· Weak internal communication process· Cash flow problems· Poor organizational morale
Opportunities· The ACA requires the Hospital Readmissions Reductions Program· Loyal customers· Protect hospital incomeThreats· Failure to meet discharge readmission rates mandated will result in loss of income.· Other organizations have decreased discharge readmission rates.· Loss of income could result in employee lay offs
Financial Implications of the Capstone Project· What is the cost of the project to the organization and the patient?· Is there any potential income that may result from the planned change?· Will the potential income from the planned change be more than the cost of the project?· What is the cost-savings to the patient?
External Influencing Factors-any factors external to the organization that influence the project. External factors will vary from project to project.External stakeholder engagement and support· Patients, community members, collaborative partners, businesses, fellow healthcare agencies, and others· Collaboration with stakeholders should occur early in the process, and be maintained throughout the planned change processEvidence-based, best practice standards· Evidence-based best practice standards should drive policy and protocol at the point of healthcare delivery· Example-Evidence-based protocol for treatment of emerging infectious diseaseAccreditation mandates· Accreditation bodies such as (The Joint commission) should drive policy, protocol, and practice within healthcare organizations· Example-National Patient Safety GoalsFederal or state legislative/health policy mandates· Healthcare legislation will drive healthcare policies, protocol, and practices· Examples-Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act guidelinesThird party reimbursement regulations· As healthcare changes, third party reimbursement policies have increased in complexity and specificity· Example-30 day readmission penaltiesExternal quality directives and benchmarking· External quality metrics are powerful forces driving change within healthcare organizations· Examples- HCAHPS, Core Measures, the Value-Based Purchasing Program through Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and Accountable Care Organizational practices
SMART Patient-focused Outcome statement for the capstone project
Evaluation plan for the capstone outcome(Patient outcome)


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