Health Education And Current Challenges For Family-Centered Health Promotion

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Explain the role of health education in health promotion. How is the nursing process used in developing health education? Describe a contemporary issue, local or global, that a family may experience today. What steps would the nurse take to address these as part of a health education plan?

Health Education And Current Challenges For Family-Centered Health Promotion-Sample Solution

Role of Health Education in Health Promotion

Health education is a strategy that public health practitioners utilize to implement health promotion programs. Sharma (2021) explains that methods utilized in health education, like webinars, workshops, and lectures, are essential in providing learning experiences on health topics to the target audience. It also provides necessary tools for building capacity and supporting behavior change critical in achieving expected health outcomes among the targeted population (Sharma, 2021). Notably, the nursing process informs health education by providing necessary information that can be relied upon to design health education materials (Keshk, Qalawa & Ibrahim, 2018). The process incorporates five client-centered steps: assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating the patient’s health condition. During the process, nurses assess, diagnose, and analyze patients’ health results to determine their health condition. The information is then used to develop health education interventions that can be implemented to enhance the patient’s overall health (Keshk, Qalawa & Ibrahim, 2018). Nurses must educate patients on the interventions to implement and perform a regular evaluation to determine their effectiveness in improving patients’ conditions.(Role of health-education in health-promotion Essay-Example)

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Role of health-education in health-promotion Essay-Example

Contemporary Issue

Hesitation in administering vaccines is a contemporary issue that families face today. Shen and Dubey (2019) observe that most parents hesitate to allow their children to receive vaccines for diseases like measles, rubella, and even covid-19 due to religious beliefs and fear of the negative impacts of the vaccines. In this case, nurses should take appropriate steps to address the problem during health education. The steps include establishing trust with the patient/family by being honest about the vaccine (Shen & Dubey, 2019). The nurse should also understand the family’s knowledge about the vaccine to make it easy to explain the vaccine and its benefits to the patients. They can support this by providing scientific evidence of the vaccine’s efficacy. Finally, they should also explain the importance of the vaccine as a default approach to addressing the health problem (Shen & Dubey, 2019). This can help limit the family’s preference for alternative vaccine options, leading to their acceptance.(Role of health-education in health-promotion Essay-Example)


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