reply to these discussion post. initial Discussion question is Explain the role of health education in health promotion. How is the nursing process used in developing health education? Describe a contemporary issue, local or global, that a family may experience today. What steps would the nurse take to address these as part of a health education plan?

1. Health education is to improve the understanding of educational methods and techniques in order to promote better health. Health education is crucial in promoting a good outcome. In order to generate a good educational plan for a patient, the nurse should conduct a thorough assessment using the ADPIE model in order to get all information needed. Another great aspect is including the family and support person in the education process. The patient will need as much support as possible depending on the extent of the disease. The nurse should also evaluate the patient’s ability to comprehend and learn the information provided (Faulkner, 2018).

One of the biggest contemporary issues we face now a days is that people tend to care for others before caring for themselves. We have grown accustomed to make sure our loved ones around us are always doing well and in the process, we forget to do things for ourselves. We see this in the home environment, but we also see this in the healthcare field. Healthcare providers are always taking care of the ill and forget to take care of their own illness and medical problems (Semachew, 2018).

Nurses can create an educational plan for patients that includes their family or support person. In following the educational guidelines, the patient can take care of themselves as well as help their loved ones in health promotion (Younas).


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2. Health education is a crucial part of health promotion. A study by Neter et al. showed that a significant portion of adverse patient outcomes is related to poor patient understanding of the treatment regimen required for them to feel better (2019). This is a prevalent issue in healthcare because when patients are unable to understand their illness, they are unsure about how to get better. It is the duty of nurses and all healthcare providers to make sure that during each patient encounter we create an atmosphere for growth and development in our patients. The nursing process can be used to develop health education by emphasizing the outcomes and planning phase (ANA, 2018). This phase is particularly useful to health education because it allows nurses to form short-term goals in collaboration with their patients. These goals are the first step for a large number of patients to understand their current health problems and the direction the treatment course is meant to take.

A contemporary issue facing families is understanding the medications prescribed after visiting a healthcare professional. The most important phase of an healthcare occurs when a patient leaves the clinic. This event is important because it depends on patients properly understanding the kind of medications that they are to take, and how to properly administer them. When administration is done incorrectly, we can see an increased rate of adverse outcomes. This is an unfortunate situation, which can be avoided by involving nurses and all healthcare practitioners in the education of patients about their condition.


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3. The nursing process is used to help promote health education to our patients. It is part of our responsibilities to educate patients to take care of themselves. “Nurses are consistently working to prevent illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obstructive pulmonary disease; they do this through a variation of tactics that include education, risk factor prevention, and the monitoring of safety hazards either in the workplace, community, or home” (Nurses roles in health promotion | Colorado technical University, 2023). But families may face a contemporary issue when it comes to health promotion like poverty. But using the nursing processes the nurse could pin point the issue without asking the direct question and take the proper steps to help the patient and family obtain resources with continuing health care and affordable prescriptions. “The nurse works with the family to develop goals and objectives for addressing the issue and creating an individualized action plan based on the family’s needs and resources” (Denis, 2022). 


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