How to Write a Nursing Research Proposal Topics | Guide & Examples [Updated]

Nursing research proposal topics can vary greatly, depending on the type of research you’re looking to conduct.

Whether you are interested in studying public health issues or improving patient care through innovative research methods, something on this list likely appeals to you.

Here’s a guide on writing a nursing research proposal and nursing research proposal topics, DNP research proposal topics, current nursing research proposal topics, and nursing research examples.

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How to Write a Nursing Research Proposal

A nursing research proposal serves as a blueprint for conducting studies that address important clinical questions, explore innovative interventions, and contribute to the overall body of nursing knowledge. 

To create a strong nursing research proposal, there are several key considerations that nursing students must take into account, which include;

  1. Defining a clear and concise research question addresses an important nursing knowledge gap.
  2. Selecting an appropriate research design and methodology that aligns with the research question and objectives.
  3. Ensuring ethical considerations are addressed and appropriate measures are in place to protect the rights and welfare of participants.
  4. Determining an appropriate sample size and recruitment strategy to ensure adequate statistical power and generalizability of findings.
  5. Developing a detailed data analysis plan that aligns with the research design and objectives.
  6. Consider dissemination and knowledge translation strategies to ensure research findings reach the intended audience and positively impact nursing practice.

Key components of a Nursing Research Proposal

When creating a nursing research proposal, including all the components contributing to a comprehensive and well-structured document is crucial.

Understanding these components will ensure that your proposal is clear and organized and addresses the necessary aspects of your research endeavor. 

Problem Statement

  • It should provide a clear description of a problem that will be solved.
  • It shows the gap between the current situation and the future goal to improve it.

Research Question

  • The research question forms the foundation of your nursing research proposal. It is a concise and focused statement that outlines the main objective of your research.
  • Your research question should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART), enabling you to address a particular problem or gap in the existing literature.

Study Design

  • The study design section outlines the methodology and approach you will employ to conduct your research.
  • It includes details on the type of study, such as quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods, and explains how data will be collected, analyzed, and interpreted.
  • The study design should align with your research question and ensure the validity and reliability of your findings.


  • The methodology component of your nursing research proposal describes the specific techniques and procedures you will use to gather data.
  • This may include surveys, interviews, observations, or systematic reviews.
  • Clearly outlining your methodology ensures transparency and allows others to reproduce your study if needed.

Sample Size Determination

  • Determining an appropriate sample size is crucial in nursing research to ensure your findings’ statistical power and representativeness.
  • This section will explain how you calculated the required sample size based on the research question, study design, and expected effect size.
  • It is essential to consider factors such as the population size, confidence level, and desired margin of error.

Ethical Considerations

  • Ethical considerations play a vital role in nursing research.
  • This component addresses the protection and well-being of participants, safeguarding their privacy and confidentiality, and the potential risks and benefits associated with the study.
  • Ethical considerations also involve obtaining informed consent from participants and ensuring compliance with institutional review boards or ethical committees.
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Nursing Research Proposal Outline

IntroductionAn overview of the research topic and its significance
Literature ReviewSummary of existing literature and theoretical frameworks
Research QuestionA clear formulation of the main research question
Study DesignExplanation of the chosen qualitative research methods and their appropriateness
Data CollectionDetails of how data will be collected, such as interviews or observations
Data AnalysisDescription of the thematic analysis process and data interpretation
Ethical ConsiderationsDiscussion of ethical principles to be followed in the research
LimitationsAcknowledgement of potential limitations and how they will be addressed
ConclusionSummary of the study’s potential impact and future directions
Nursing Research Proposal Outline

List of Nursing research proposal topics

  1. Racial and ethnic disparities in nursing care
  2. The impact of technology on nursing care
  3. Prevalence and determinants of burnout in nurses
  4. Quality of life for people with chronic illnesses served by nurses
  5. Effectiveness of nurse-led interventions for short-term weight loss in adults
  6. Nursing home adjusted Living Experience Surveys: measuring resident satisfaction and quality of life
  7. Identification and characterization of health disparities among LGBT elders in long-term care facilities
  8. Role of nurses in the early detection and management of cancer diagnosis
  9. Effects of delegation on nurse burnout, patient safety, and coordination of care
  10. The use of technology in home health care: a study of patient and nurse perspectives11. The impact of nurse staffing on patient safety
  11. Effectiveness of Nurse-led interventions for promoting healthy physical Activity in hospitalized patients.
  12. The role of nurses in the development and implementation of evidence-based pain management guidelines
  13. Effectiveness of patient-centred communication interventions to reduce bed sores in nursing home residents
  14. Identification and characterization of best practices for providing hospice care
  15. Nurse-led stress reduction interventions for long-term care staff
  16. Nurses’ perceptions of work-life balance: a qualitative study
  17. Development and evaluation of a web-based tool to support caregiver adherence to oral health care guidelines among long-term care residents
  18. Effects of sleep deprivation on nurses’ cognitive performance, satisfaction with work, and daytime sleepiness
  19. A study exploring the association between nurse staffing levels and rates of infection in a university hospital setting
  20. A qualitative study exploring how nurses manage transitions from inpatient to outpatient settings
  21. The use of social media by nurses in an acute hospital setting
  22. Nurses’ experiences with burnout: a cross-sectional study
  23. Nurse preparedness for pandemic influenza: an examination of the role of professional development
  24. The use of telehealth in long-term care settings: a study of nurses’ experiences
  25. Nurses’ experiences with chronic pain: a qualitative study
  26. The impact of the Affordable Care Act on the workforce and nursing
  27. Nursing care plans for patients with dementia: a systematic review
  28. Implementation of evidence-based interventions for preventing falls in older adults living in long-term care facilities
  29. Nurse staffing and quality of patient care: a cross-sectional study
  30. Use of social media by nurses during preoperative assessment
  31. Nurses’ perceptions of resident safety in an acute hospital setting: a qualitative study
  32. The effects of nurse staffing on patient satisfaction and outcomes in an acute hospital setting
  33. A comparative study investigating the use of videoconferencing among nurses in different specialties
  34. A qualitative study exploring how nurse educators use technology to engage students in online learning environments
  35. Examining the effect on patient safety when using electronic health records to order medications on off-hours
  36. Nurse staffing, work demands, and burnout in neonatal intensive care units 38. Factors that predict nurses’ decision to leave their jobs
  37. Effects of nurse-led interventions to improve care for veterans with chronic pain
  38. The use of wearable technology in hospitals: a systematic review
  39. Review and assessment of technologies used to support nurses during surgery
  40. Nursing care plans for patients with cancer: a systematic review
  41. Nurse-led interventions to prevent falls in older adults living in long-term care facilities: a systematic review
  42. The use of electronic health records to inform clinical decision making: a systematic review
  43. Implementation of evidence-based interventions to improve patient safety in hospitals
  44. A qualitative study exploring how nurses use technology in the workplace
  45. Factors influencing nurse satisfaction with their work and workplace culture
  46. Identification and assessment of best practices for preoperative patient communication in the surgical setting
  47. Effectiveness of nurse-led stress reduction interventions on nurses’ burnout
  48. Nurse staffing, workload, and burnout in intensive care units: a cross-sectional study
  49. There are many other nursing research proposal topics that can be explored in order to improve patient care.
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Some additional potential nursing research proposal topics include:

  1. Assessing the effectiveness of nurse-led interventions for reducing readmissions among hospitalized patients
  2. Evaluating the impact of nurse call patterns on patient safety
  3. Analyzing the influence of nurse staffing levels on patient outcomes
  4. Determining the best methods for measuring patient satisfaction with nurse care
  5. Studying the factors influencing nurse decision making
  6. Investigating the feasibility and effectiveness of using remote patient monitoring technology to improve patient care

DNP Research proposal topics

There are countless nursing research proposal topics that could be explored in a doctoral or post-doctoral program. Below is a list of some DNP Research proposal topics consider:

  1. Investigating the feasibility and effectiveness of using remote patient monitoring technology to improve patient care
  2. The effect of sleep deprivation on nurses
  3. The use of technology in nursing care
  4. Investigating the relationship between patient satisfaction and nurse retention
  5. Studying nutrition-related issues in the context of nursing
  6. Assessing the impact of patient satisfaction on nurse recruitment and retention
  7. The relationship between patient satisfaction and nurse retention
  8. Investigating the feasibility of using remote patient monitoring technology in healthcare settings
  9. Evaluating the impact of patient satisfaction on nurse retention
  10. Research the best methods for measuring patient satisfaction with nurse care
  11. Studying the feasibility of using remote patient monitoring technology in healthcare settings

Check out the additional DNP Research proposal topics as suggested by a Nursing Instructor

  1. Nursing research on dementia care
  2. Nursing research on neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) management
  3. Nursing research on palliative care
  4. Nursing research on wound healing and reconstruction 5. Nursing research on pediatric health nursing
  5. Nursing research on geriatric care
  6. Nursing research on pharmacology for nursing
  7. Nursing research on infection control in the acute care setting
  8. Nursing research on nutrition for nursing
  9. The Effect of Health Education on Patient Outcomes
  10. Development and Evaluation of Nursing Intervention Programs
  11. Assessment of Patient Satisfaction with Nursing Services
  12. Advocating for Improved Patient-Nurse Communication
  13. Assessing the Effectiveness of Interventions to Address Nurses’ Burnout
  14. Investigating the Relationship between Nurse workload and Patient outcomes7. Evaluating the Impact of Technology on Nursing Care
  15. Investigating the Relationship between Professionalism and Patient Outcomes
  16. Studying Nutrition-Related Issues in the Context of Nursing
  17. Evaluating Patient-Nurse Interactions in the Context of Home Health Services

The list of DNP Research proposal topics above should guide you in creating a Research proposal.

Current Nursing research proposal topics

Nursing research proposal topics can vary greatly, depending on the type of research you’re looking to conduct. Some common topics include:

  1. The effects of sleep deprivation on nurses
  2. The use of technology in nursing care
  3. The effect of patient communication skills on nurses’ outcomes
  4. How to improve patient safety in nursing care
  5. The relationship between patient satisfaction and nurse retention
  6. How to reduce readmissions among hospitalized patients
  7. Study the feasibility of using remote patient monitoring technology in healthcare settings
  8. Evaluate the impact of patient satisfaction on nurse recruitment and retention
  9. Research the best methods for measuring patient satisfaction with nurse care
  10. Evaluate the impact of nurse staffing levels on patient outcomes
  11. Research the feasibility of using remote patient monitoring technology in healthcare settings
  12. Research the impact of patient satisfaction on nurse recruitment and retention
  13. Opioid use in the elderly
  14. Preterm birth and neonatal care
  15. Mobile health technology in nursing
  16. Nursing home quality improvement
  17. The impact of social media on nursing
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Nursing research proposal topics can vary greatly, so it’s important to select a topic that is of interest to you and that will help you to improve patient care.

Nursing research proposal writing tips

When preparing your nursing research proposal, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Be organized

Planning and organizing your data will make your research proposal more concise and easier to read. Start by identifying the specific question you want to answer, and then list all the relevant sources that you consulted in order to reach your conclusions. Use headings and subheadings to help organize your information, and be sure to include detailed citations for all sources used.

  1. Use effective writing techniques

To produce a well-written research proposal, use effective writing techniques such as strong thesis statements, clear language, and well-organized data. You should also make use of persuasive arguments, vivid descriptions, and concrete examples in order to make your case for the proposed study.

  1. Include references

In order for your nursing research proposal to be accepted, it must include references from reliable sources that support your findings. Always cite the source where you obtained the data presented in your proposal, as well as any other sourcesthat you used in order to support your arguments.

  1. Make sure your proposal is properly formatted

Your nursing research proposal should be properly formatted and error-free in order to be accepted for review. Always use the correct style and grammar when writing, and make sure all data is properly referenced. avoid using excessive jargon or acronyms, and try to keep your presentation as concise as possible.

  1. Submit your proposal well in advance of the deadline

The sooner you submit your proposal, the better chance you have of being accepted for review. Make sure to follow the submission guidelines outlined by the journal you are submitting to, as well as the submission system specific to that journal.

Nursing Research Proposal Examples

  1. Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal Research Design Comparison
  2. Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal Presentation
  3. Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal: Organizational Culture and Readiness
  4. Project Proposal Identification of Nursing Practice Problem Assignment
  5. Project Proposal Identification of Nursing Practice Problem Assignment
  6. EBP Proposal – Section E: Duck’s Change Curve Model
  7. Capstone Project Change Proposal Presentation
  8. Draft Proposal Development 1 Part 2 of Chapter 1
  9. Evidence-Based Practice Proposal – Complete Proposal – Sample Project
  10. Evidence-Based Practice Proposal – Evaluation of Process – Solved Essay
  11. Evidence Based Practice Proposal: Implementation Plan – Solved Essay
  12. Evidence-Based Proposal – Solved Essay
  13. Benchmark – Community Teaching Plan: Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Example – Solved Essay
  14. Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal Research Design Comparison
  15. Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal


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