Reflection Journal – Feed My Starving Children : Assignment 1 Solution

Reflection Journal – Feed My Starving Children

Download the assignment on the following page in Word format and supply your answers below each set of questions. Limit your complete assignment to 2-3 typewritten pages, not including a separate page of reference.

· You do not need a title page, but in-text citations and full reference should be in APA format.

Reflection Journal – Feed My Starving Children

You will have to utilize and cite sources to answer questions 1, 2, and 5.

1. Reflect on personal and professional actions based on a set of shared core nursing values. Identify the name of the country you packed boxes for on the date and time you served at Feed My Starving Children at FMSC.

· How many boxes did your group pack during the session?

· Identify some of the social determinants of health in this country.

· How did your activity at FMSC specifically promote the health of the children in this region?

Solution:Reflection Journal Feed My Starving Children

Professional Development Plan

A professional development plan includes a list of actionable activities and steps critical for achieving individual and professional goals. It contains goals, skills, and competencies needed for continuous improvement and career growth (Issacson, 2019). It is also a roadmap highlighting abilities, strategies, and educational needs to further a leader’s career and life to achieve the ultimate objectives. The paper details a self-reflection of my leadership capabilities, vision, goals and objectives, and the plan to achieve the goals and objectives.(Reflection Journal Feed My Starving Children) 


I have acquired fundamental knowledge and skills of effective leadership throughout the course that will help me bolster my leadership capabilities. The course has provided feedback and insights into the positive aspects of a leader’s actions and style. The course has helped me explore and master leadership strengths such as communication, strategic decision-making, problem-solving, and change facilitation. I practice self-reflection daily to strengthen my self-awareness that allows leaders to make appropriate decisions, according to Beheshti (2018). Self-reflection exercises help elevates leadership knowledge and identifies current leadership capabilities and areas that need improvement. After identifying my leadership strengths and weaknesses, I can develop strategic plans to make necessary improvements. Self-reflection is also essential in developing emotional and social intelligence skills. Emotional awareness is more crucial than intellectual knowledge in leadership.(Reflection Journal Feed My Starving Children)

One of my leadership capabilities is influencing others and how my behavior, attitude, feelings, emotions, and actions affect the people around me. I still need to improve on my emotional and social intelligence skills to grow individually and professionally. Professional development entails continuous development and improvement of leadership knowledge and skills. Leaders should also foster professional development among their followers and help them achieve their career goals. I have practiced various leadership styles, including servant leadership, authentic and transformational leadership, and learned that they help leaders maximize individual and team success. Apart from following a particular leadership style, true leaders also ensure their values, morals, and goals guide their actions, behaviors, and decisions. Leadership is continuously changing and evolving depending on circumstances and emerging needs, necessitating lifelong leadership education.(Reflection Journal Feed My Starving Children)


A leadership vision offers inspiration and motivation to continue doing the best for the team. Leaders are more likely to work harder and inspire others when they develop targets. A leadership vision involves setting goals for the individuals and the team to accomplish within a particular period. These goals give direction, and visionary leaders can quickly motivate their followers to work with passion and purpose, bringing people together to achieve a common goal. According to Heathfield (2019), a leadership vision can be seen in an organization’s leaders’ actions, beliefs, values, and goals. It is critical to developing a vision of where I want to be and what I want to become in the next 3-5 years. I have a vision to leaders’ others consistently with humility, creativity, positivity and cultivate a culture of happiness and passion, compassion, and mutual respect. I envision being a servant leader who puts the followers’ needs and interests fast and supports them towards self-realization and individual and professional growth. I want to ensure that I develop an environment that facilitates knowledge and skills development to ensure my followers develop better versions of themselves. I want to lead a group of committed people who focus on the bigger picture but work on the process of achieving long-term goals.(Reflection Journal Feed My Starving Children)

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I am working on my future as a leader through education, and at the moment, I have a bachelor’s degree in business management. The degree course has been instrumental in inspiring me to be a better business leader by providing knowledge and skills for organizing, planning, and analyzing business activities to effectively manage and run a business. The course has also helped me learn about organizational behavior and management, servant leadership, and assess organizational effectiveness and efficiency approaches. I am currently on a master’s degree in leadership to develop senior-level business skills and ethical principles of servant leadership and team leadership. Currently, I work for a non-profit organization, an opportunity to practice the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired in class. I also work with teams, utilizing my talents and capabilities to inspire them to have more foresight and be creative in addressing situations in life. I hope to establish my own business in the next 3-5 years, lead people utilizing the servant leadership approach, and cultivate a culture of humility, self-drive, passion, and mutual respect.(Reflection Journal Feed My Starving Children)


Leadership goals/ objectives are crucial because they help leaders decide what they should focus on. With goals in mind, leaders can become more efficient and effective in meeting individual and organization’s expectations. Goals also help leaders identify knowledge and skills gaps and develop them to help them and the team grow in their roles and achieve them. In 3-5 years, I want to be more confident in my leadership abilities related to self-leadership. I want to facilitate my individual and professional growth with confidence. I know I can become a great leader, and I need to trust myself to become a confident leader. I realize that people like confident leaders who trust and believe in their ideologies, visions, and goals. According to Stark (2014), people are more likely to trust confident leaders easily. Self-confidence also helps leaders earn the team’s respect because they know they follow the right path to success. My confidence as a leader is infectious to others and the whole organization.

I also seek to become more socially aware 3-5 years from now. Social awareness is a critical leadership skill vital to developing healthy relationships with other people in the workplace. Social awareness involves the ability of leaders to recognize their follower’s emotions. Socially aware leaders are more empathetic, communicative and support their teams better to improve individual performance. Woodcock (2015) provides that socially aware leaders understand and react better to various social situations and alter their interactions effectively to get the desired outcomes. I need to improve my listening skills and my followers’ emotional identification and understanding. Social awareness will help me identify my followers’ strengths and weaknesses and help them improve to become their better versions.(Reflection Journal Feed My Starving Children)

I also want to become a leader that can develop a diverse team in the next 3-5 years. Diversity involves differences in skills, gender, culture, age, race, and ethnicity. Diverse teams are essential because they produce diverse solutions and influence better decision-making processes and outcomes. Diverse teams are more creative and solve business problems faster than cognitively similar individuals (Dyson, n.d.). I will strive to build a high-performing, diverse team at the workplace to encourage collaboration and innovation.(Reflection Journal Feed My Starving Children)

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According to Ross and Prisant (2019), leaders who foster a leadership culture cultivate a more positive and empowering work environment. They can quickly drive the vision and lay the foundation for better outcomes. In the next 3-5 years, I want to encourage leadership in others through mentorship, recognizing accomplishments, offering consistent and constructive feedback, and investing in the team. Leaders also need to recruit and attract the right people who fit their leadership styles and instill the principles and values they believe can create a leadership culture. I need to lead by example, listen actively, ask questions, and help others achieve autonomy in decision-making.(Reflection Journal Feed My Starving Children)

I need to learn different approaches to self-evaluation in 3-5 years from now to assess my progress as a leader and my goals and objectives achievement. I will seek feedback from my instructor, mentors, and peers about my growth and development as a leader. Self-assessments will help identify my strengths and weaknesses and how far I need to go before becoming the leader I desire. The assessment outcomes will help identify the areas I need to keep improving and those I need to maintain. The outcomes will be instrumental in enhancing my leadership abilities and performance to influence the organization’s success.(Reflection Journal Feed My Starving Children)


My leadership goals include:

  • Bolstering my self-confidence.
  • Improving social awareness.
  • Encouraging diversity.
  • Fostering leadership in others.
  • Learning self-evaluation.

I need motivation and ambition to achieve these objectives. I need to open myself to taking risks, self-reflection, and self-recognition. Stark (2014) contends that these traits are fundamental for leaders because they help them set goals and remain motivated to achieve them even when they have to take risks, make mistakes, learn from them, and draw different perspectives to address leadership and business matters.

Woodcock (2015) step-wise approach helped in identifying the type of situations that make me uncomfortable, necessitating behavior alteration; becoming aware of my followers’ behaviors that can lead to adverse reactions and behavior modification; requesting honest feedback during my engagement with others, and accepting negative and positive critics; recognizing my non-verbal communication and; maximizing on my strengths and taking advantage of my positive straits to develop healthy relationships will help improve my social awareness as a leader.

I can promote diversity as a leader through acknowledging differences, offering implicit bias training for every individual, providing mentors, letting people learn through interactions, encouraging personal evaluation, and asking questions. I will also prioritize communication, treating people as individuals, encouraging my followers to acknowledge the differences and be open-minded. I will also hire people with diverse skills from different backgrounds and conduct diversity training. According to Dyson (n.d.), businesses promoting diversity are more competitive and innovative due to higher skills and personality differences.  

I can foster leadership in my followers through mentorship, recognizing accomplishments, offering consistent and constructive feedback, and investing in the team. Ross and Prisant (2019) define mentoring as the process of sharing information about life experiences to guide, motivate, emotionally support, and role model the mentee. I will encourage others through mentorship by sharing my life experiences in leadership, offering constructive feedback, tips, tricks, and vital tools and resources that help develop leadership in others. Mentorship helps build leadership skills and improve the mentee’s life coping skills required for effective leadership.  

Being socially aware means being able to understand, support, and influence others. It involves recognizing others’ feelings, acknowledging their contribution, inviting different perspectives, maximizing employees’ differences, resolving conflicts as fast as possible, and treating others with respect (Economy, 2016). I will practice social awareness through active listening to give people the consideration they deserve. I need to be a leader who leads by example and lets my actions speak for me. I will strive to lead others with passion, intention, and in a productive manner.

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Self-assessments are critical in my individual and professional development. I will evaluate my progress by employing different assessment techniques like requesting feedback from my instructor, mentors, and peers. These methods will help me identify strengths and weaknesses and seek strategies for constant improvement. I will develop checklists, questionnaires, and rating scales to measure my efficacy and ability level. I will also model positive behaviors and outlooks for my followers to emulate.


Baheshti, N. (2018). How A Daily Self-Reflection Practice Improves Leadership Performance. Retrieved from Journal Feed My Starving Children)

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Woodcock, B. (2015). 8 Steps to Improve your Social Awareness. Retrieved from

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Reflection Journal - Feed My Starving Children
Reflection Journal – Feed My Starving Children

2. Identify professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct.

Define the term “social justice.” What professional responsibility do nurses have in this regard? (Relate this to the professional standards of conduct)

3. Reflect on one’s personal bias.

· Do you think health care is a right for all people?

· Why or why not?

4. Reflect on how one’s personal bias may impact one’s ability to provide care. Recognize risks that impact personal and professional choices and behaviors. Identify a potential bias a health care professional may have and identify how it could impact the ability to provide care to certain individuals. (This could be a care decision, an environmental risk factor, or professional expectation that influences your choice)

5. Demonstrate an awareness of the role of the professional nurse within organizational systems.

Identify a local, national, or international organization that addresses the needs of a medically underserved population and in which at least one RN is involved.

· Explain how this population is underserved.

· What is the role of the RN(s) in this organization?

·!– /wp:paragraph –>

· Grading Guide: Reflection Journal-Feed My Starving Children

CriteriaPossible PointsPoints AchievedCommentsReflect on personal and professional actions based on a set of shared core nursing values.2Identify the professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct.2*Must achieve 1.56/2 points on this item.
Reflect on one’s personal bias.1*Must achieve 0.78/1 on this item.
Reflect how one’s personal bias may impact one’s ability to provide care. Recognize risks that impact personal and professional choices and behaviors.2*Must achieve 1.56/2 points on this item.
Demonstrate an awareness of the role of the professional nurse within organizational systems.2
Cited in-text and full reference in APA format. Less than two mechanical, APA or grammatical errors.1

Total _____________________(10 pts.)



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