Internal and External Reporting Techniques-Nursing Paper Examples

DQ1 Response 1 (Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples)

Great post. It is crucial to inform internal and external stakeholders about an evidence-based change proposal to promote cooperation, consensus, and successful adoption of new practice suggestions. Internal reporting techniques can involve scheduling meetings to discuss the proposed change, inviting department leadership and medical personnel to provide input, and disseminating information and resources such as proposals through hospital departments (Dryden-Palmer et al., 2020) (Internal and External Reporting Techniques).

Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples
Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples

On the other hand, reports distributed to professional nursing organizations like the Association of Nursing Professionals (ANP) are examples of external reporting systems. To make sure the change proposal accurately reflects the evidence-based decision-making process, healthcare professionals, researchers, and other stakeholders must communicate openly. The benefits of the proposed adjustment to the members should receive more attention in communications with external stakeholders like the ANP. In particular, statistics and research should show how the modification has improved results and cost savings.


Dryden-Palmer, K. D., Parshuram, C. S., & Berta, W. B. (2020). Context, complexity, and process in implementing evidence-based innovation: A realist informed review. BMC Health Services Research20(1).

DQ1 Response 2

Great discussion. Hospital staff meetings are one internal means of getting the evidence-based change idea out there. These gatherings allow attendees to interact directly with the many parties engaged in healthcare delivery, such as administrators, staff members, and healthcare practitioners (Dang et al., 2021). It is crucial to inform the hospital staff about the modification proposed for several reasons. First, it guarantees that individuals in charge of implementing the change are aware of the suggestion and can offer suggestions and feedback (Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples).

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Secondly, it enhances worker commitment to the suggested change and fosters a sense of ownership. An external method is through professional nursing organizations. The modification proposal is distributed more widely and may impact the nursing practice outside the confines of the particular healthcare institution. It is important because it greatly influences the acceptance and implementation of evidence-based practices. Therefore, it is easy to incorporate into educational programs, policies, and standards of practice by discussing the idea with these groups, encouraging its wider adoption (Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples).


Dang, D., Dearholt, S., Bissett, K., Whalen, M., & Ascenzi, J. (2021). Johns Hopkins evidence-based practice for nurses and healthcare professionals: Model and guidelines (4th ed.). SIGMA Theta Tau International.

DQ1 Response 3

Great discussion post. Evidence-based change can be disseminated internally using the hospital board of directors and other stakeholders through preparation and documentation. For instance, creating a detailed report detailing the proposed modification and a clear problem definition, objectives, supporting data for the suggested alteration, potential advantages, and anticipated difficulties enables the board of directors to easily analyze how the change is going to take place (Kilbourne et al., 2019) effectively (Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples).

Additionally, external methods, such as using posters to communicate proposed modifications. For instance, designing a visually appealing poster with information that captures the key sector of the proposed modification can provide a clear and concise idea of the proposal for those who are clueless. Moreover, ensuring the posters have a space for comments and feedback will provide a platform for interaction, therefore, serving as a passive communication tool (Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples).


Kilbourne, A. M., Goodrich, D. E., Miake-Lye, I., Braganza, M. Z., & Bowersox, N. W. (2019). Quality enhancement research initiative implementation roadmap. Medical Care57(Suppl 3), S286-S293.

DQ2 Response 1

Great post. Using quantitative outcome measurements is a useful technique to assess the effects of an evidence-based practice initiative. These measurements entail gathering numerical data to evaluate particular indicators of the project’s goals. For instance, evaluating the rate of medication errors before and after the intervention could be part of the evaluation if the project’s goal was to reduce medication errors (Dang et al., 2021) (Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples).

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It is feasible to assess if the effort has significantly reduced medication errors by comparing these rates. Other outcome metrics may include clinical results, length of hospital stay, patient satisfaction ratings, or cost savings. Quantitative information offers verifiable proof of the project’s effects, enabling unbiased assessment (Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples).


Dang, D., Dearholt, S., Bissett, K., Whalen, M., & Ascenzi, J. (2021). Johns Hopkins evidence-based practice for nurses and healthcare professionals: Model and guidelines (4th ed.). SIGMA Theta Tau International.

DQ2 Response 2

Great discussion post. Using qualitative methods and focus groups can also provide valuable insights into the project’s progress. For instance, conducting qualitative interviews together with focus groups in the areas affected by the evidence-based project encourages the community to open up and provide honest communications about their experiences both positive and negative outcomes (Grove & Cipher, 2019) (Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples).

Additionally, after collecting the data one can analyze it by use of thematic analysis to identify the common patterns and emerging issues. The data can then be interpreted based on the success, failures, challenges, and factors affecting the project. Finally, I can identify the project weaknesses and strengths of the overall project and generate recommendations that can help improve the implementation of the project (Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples).


Grove, S. K., & Cipher, D. J. (2019). Statistics for nursing research: A workbook for evidence-based practice. Elsevier.

DQ2 Response 3

Great discussion. Process evaluation and observations are other methods for assessing the impact of an evidence-based practice initiative. This entails paying particular attention to how the intervention is put into practice and tracking the implementation process. Researchers can check to see if the project follows the intended standards, procedures, or recommended practices (Malcolm et al., 2019).

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This evaluation technique offers insights into the fidelity of execution and aids in locating any modifications or departures from the intended intervention. Staff participation, engagement, and adherence to the new practice can all be evaluated as part of the process evaluation. Direct observation of practice, documentation review, or interaction video analysis are all observation methods. Researchers can comprehend how the project is transformed into reality by examining the procedure (Internal and External Reporting-Nursing Paper Examples).


Malcolm, K. T., Taylor, K. K., Mitchell, J., Saile, M., Heatly, M., & Alpert-Gillis, L. J. (2019). Why, what, and how: Training community clinicians on evidence-based practice for youth mental health. Training and Education in Professional Psychology13(4), 279-286.

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