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Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Note-Nursing Paper Examples

Subjective: CC: “My mom thinks I am lazy, but I keep forgetting about the tasks she wants me to do. At school, I cannot remember what I have been taught after the lesson.” (Psychiatric Evaluation Note). HPI: DT is an 11-year-old African American female present for psychiatric assessment in the company of her mother. The […]

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation of a Schizophrenia Patient-Nursing Paper Examples

Patient Initials: F.M. (Psychiatric Evaluation) Gender: Male SUBJECTIVE: CC: “My parents called for the appointment because they believe I am experiencing difficulties in school.” HPI: The patient is a 21-year-old Caucasian male presenting at the clinic after his parents called for the appointment. The parents say the patient is experiencing difficulties in school. The patient […]

DQ 1 Topic-Musculoskeletal health dysfunctions-Nursing Paper Examples

Choose one of the following health dysfunctions: musculoskeletal, metabolic, or multisystem. Describe pathophysiological changes, abnormal findings, and symptoms of the chosen health dysfunction. How does it affect the patient’s functions?             Musculoskeletal health dysfunctions comprise various conditions affecting bone, tendons, joints, ligaments, and connective tissues. Musculoskeletal health dysfunctions might be congenital, hereditary, or acquired pathological […]

Hypersensitivity and Anaphylaxis-Nursing Paper Examples

Hypersensitivity and Anaphylaxis Response to Travis Travis, this is an excellent post. When one suspects anaphylaxis cases in patients, Tanno, Alvarez-Perea, and Pouessel (2019) recommend performing cardiovascular resuscitation and administering medications like epinephrine to reduce the allergic response, provide oxygen support and administer intravenous antihistamines to reduce inflammation of breathing passages. Besides, one can also […]

Replies-Immune Dysfunction-Nursing Paper Examples

Response to Vance Vance, your post on immune dysfunction is informative and engaging. I want to highlight treatment options for immune dysfunction. According to Krause, Kavathas, and Ruddle (2019), immune dysfunction can be treated by various methods, like antimicrobial therapy. It involves consuming antimicrobial medications like antibiotics and antifungals against bacterial infections. Besides, immune globulin […]