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(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)I have attached the anecdote checklist and also included the reference book. you can use other references as well.(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)

In this week’s discussion, we are focusing on the issues that draw our passion and considering how to advocate for the issue by generating public interest.

Primary Post: You are being interviewed by the media as a representative of a professional nursing organization. Create an anecdote that highlights a nursing profession issue, a national or global healthcare problem, or clinical issue . Use the “Anecdote Checklist” insert found on page 150 of Buresh and Gordon as a guide. Tell how the problem fits within the goals and recommendations of The Future of Nursing 2020–2030 and use appropriate facts and statistics to support (Do not forget appropriate APA formatted citations and references). Incorporate evidence from at least 1 scholarly source published within the last 5 years to support your post. The course book and the late night video clips located in module 6 have examples of anecdotes and nurses including statistics with their interviews.


Buresh, B., & Gordon, S. (2013). From silence to voice: What nurses know and must communicate to the public (3rd ed.). Cornell University Press.

Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample Solution

In the bustling halls of St. Mary’s Hospital, Nurse Sarah found herself overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients she had to care for. It was a typical night shift, but with three nurses short due to sick leaves, Sarah was stretched thin, attending to an entire floor on her own.Amidst the chaos, a frail elderly patient named Mr. Johnson required her immediate attention. He was visibly distressed and in pain, but Sarah couldn’t leave her other patients unattended. She quickly administered his medication and offered some words of comfort, but she knew it wasn’t enough.Feeling torn between her duty to provide quality care to each patient and the limitations of being understaffed, Sarah wished she could do more. She longed for the days when she could spend quality time with patients, listen to their concerns, and offer emotional support, but it seemed like a distant memory.(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)

As the night wore on, Sarah’s fatigue began to take its toll. She knew she had to stay strong, but the pressure of the situation was overwhelming. She wished there was more support for nurses, especially during times of staff shortages, but it seemed like the issue fell on deaf ears.Despite the challenges, Sarah pushed through the night, doing her best to attend to every patient’s needs. As the sun rose and her shift finally came to an end, she couldn’t help but reflect on the issue that had become all too common in the nursing profession – the understaffing problem.(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)

The anecdote sheds light on the pressing issue of understaffing in the nursing profession, which often leads to compromised patient care and overwhelmed nurses. The story illustrates the emotional and physical toll this issue takes on healthcare professionals and the urgent need for adequate support and solutions.(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)

Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample


Sample 2:

The Unsung Heroes: A Day in the Life of Understaffed Nurses

Introduction: In the fast-paced world of healthcare, nurses are the unsung heroes who tirelessly provide compassionate care to patients in need. However, behind their unwavering dedication lies a harsh reality faced by many healthcare facilities – understaffing. This essay delves into the challenges and triumphs of nurses working in an understaffed environment, highlighting their resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to patient well-being.(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)

The Challenging Shift Begins: As the sun rises, the hospital comes to life, but today is unlike any other day. The floor is buzzing with activity, but the number of nurses is far from sufficient to handle the patient load. Maria, a seasoned nurse with years of experience, arrives at her station, only to find herself surrounded by a sea of patients waiting for care. The gravity of the situation dawns upon her, but she knows she must push forward.(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)

Juggling Multiple Responsibilities: Maria takes a deep breath, dons her nursing scrubs, and steps into the chaos. With her skillful multitasking abilities, she juggles administering medications, monitoring vital signs, comforting anxious patients, and addressing concerned family members. Each step she takes is a testament to her expertise, but the burden of understaffing weighs heavily on her heart.(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)

A Personal Sacrifice: As the hours pass, Maria realizes that even the smallest breaks seem like a distant dream. Despite her exhaustion, she suppresses her own needs to prioritize her patients. Her lunch hour becomes a time to catch up on patient charting, but she never complains. The dedication and selflessness displayed by Maria and her fellow understaffed nurses are nothing short of awe-inspiring.(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)

The Toll on Patient Care: Understaffing not only affects the nurses but also takes a toll on patient care. With limited hands on deck, the quality of care may suffer. Delays in response times, missed vital signs, and communication lapses become inevitable consequences. Maria and her colleagues fight against the odds, striving to maintain the highest standard of care, but it becomes increasingly challenging as the day progresses.

Emotional Resilience: Amidst the chaos, Maria encounters heart-wrenching scenarios that test her emotional resilience. Patients struggling with pain, families grappling with grief, and the inability to provide each patient with the attention they deserve are constant challenges she faces. However, she maintains a smile and a soothing demeanor, offering comfort and reassurance even in the most difficult circumstances.(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)

A Glimmer of Hope: In the face of adversity, the camaraderie amongst the nurses stands as a glimmer of hope. They lean on each other for support, offering encouragement and understanding. A few extra hands are lent to ease the burden, reinforcing the notion that a strong team can weather even the most challenging storms.

Conclusion: The life of an understaffed nurse is an arduous journey filled with trials and tribulations. These dedicated professionals endure long hours, physical and emotional exhaustion, all in the pursuit of providing exceptional care to their patients. Their unwavering commitment and ability to thrive under pressure are a testament to their true vocation. As a society, we must recognize the invaluable contribution of these unsung heroes and address the critical issue of understaffing to ensure that nurses can continue to be the pillars of strength that our healthcare system so desperately needs.(Understaffed Nurses Anecdote Essay-Sample)

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