transformational leadership

Essay  one scholarly source I am a memebr of the ANAamerican nurses association  Have a certification in CCRN  adult  which I must change to CCRN _K  since im out of ICU and into supervision ANOE american organization of nurse executives is something I would like to  obtain The teach value  that would benefit my  environment is  Teamwork or energy . What action could i take to incorporate the chosen value into the work place  Since i supervise or serve as a clinical leader  it would be teamwork or Energy .

Transformational leadership-Solution

Leadership Analysis

New healthcare organizations have to undergo dynamic changes if they are to retain their competitive edge. These changes, coupled with their dynamism, call for a successful organization to have a workforce and leaders who are quick to adapt, work effectively, and continually improve systems and processes. Additionally, they have to be customer-focused, where the facility’s leadership has a passion for inspiring the best in its staff. In the 21st century, though, outstanding leadership has been demonstrated to work through emotions hence the need for emotional intelligence competencies among nursing leaders and executives (Prezerakos, 2018). In this paper’s context, emotional intelligence or emotional quotient describes a leader’s ability to understand, utilize, and manage the leader’s own emotions in positive ways, resulting in relieving stress, effective communication, and empathize with others. A thorough blending of leadership styles and EI also overcoming emerging difficulties and resolving conflicts amicably. It is imperative to evaluate the influence leadership behaviors have in cultivating health work environments. Nurse reflections on leadership behaviors are explored by sighting instances where the selected nurse leader utilized these skills and behaviors to achieve the goal.

Nurse Manager’s Leadership Style and EI Skills and How it Influenced Nurse Intent to Stay

At my current station, I witnessed firsthand how the Emergency Department Unit Nurse Manager transformational leadership impacted the nurse intent to stay. The ED Unit head embodied the four dimensions of transformational leadership of individualized consideration, idealized influence, intellectual stimulation, and inspirational motivation. As Sfantou et al. (2017) observed in their systematic review, transformational leaders can inspire confidence, staff respect and inculcate loyalty through a shared vision. Suffice it to say, even during peak patient inflow times in the ED, and the nurses attended to the patients without complaining that they were overloaded. Going the extra mile in the ED is the norm here and not an exception. The result is that the Nurse Leader in this crucial department of the acute care hospital greatly inspires staff morale because she leads by example and mere words. Similarly, this unit head adeptly combines her transformation leadership style with her emotional intelligence skills. Current literature also points out that competent nurse leaders are healthier and happier, thus influencing nurses’ intent to stay and retention rates (Wang et al., 2018).(Transformational leadership Essay Example)

Comparison of Two Articles

To compare two studies that evaluate the impact of leadership behaviors and the role they play in fostering a healthy work environment, Wang et al. (2018) and Prezakos (2018) were selected. Of note is the fact that despite being premised on different backgrounds, setting out different objectives and using different methodologies, the two studies concluded that EI and leadership styles contribute to improving effective management of healthcare. Wang et al. (2018) using a qualitative methodology, while Prezakos used (Transformational leadership Essay Example)

The Extent These Skills Were Effective and How Their Practice Impacted the Workplace

Su et al. (2019) note that one of the positive impacts of integrating transformational leadership and EI on the workplace is improving service quality offered by the nurses. The improved nurse quality was also accompanied by an increased performance where the ultimate beneficiary is the patients who seek care in this hospital. Other benefits include better patient outcomes and increased job satisfaction among the staff—quantitative approach to analyze cross-sectional data for 535 Chinese nurses using Structural Equation modelling. The quantitative study findings determined that transformational leadership and staff nurse EI were key predictors of nurse intent to stay. Likewise, the qualitative study had similar findings in that the researchers found that nurse leaders EI were instrumental in realizing effective management in healthcare. This factor is known to determine nurses’ workplace satisfaction and, therefore, by extension, decide whether to stay or look for better working conditions elsewhere.(Transformational leadership Essay Example)


Leadership behaviors play a crucial role in nurturing a better workplace environment. These behaviors act as the mediating factor of a comprehensive understanding of EI in the interaction between the nurse leader and the nursing staff. The skillful combination of the two promotes better patient and health outcomes that benefit all the healthcare industry’s leading stakeholders.(Transformational leadership Essay Example)

Transformational leadership Essay Example


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