The Logic Model-Nursing Paper Examples

The Logic Model-Nursing Paper Examples

A logic model is a visual representation program and a design tool used for documentation. It can be a diagram or graph depicting an organization’s planned work and intended results over a particular period (Holliday, 2014). A logical model’s significant components are the inputs, outputs, activities, outcomes, and impacts. These processes form a chain of operations for a project and are essential for applicant organizations and funding institutions (The Logic Model-Nursing Paper Examples).

Grant writers are responsible for drafting, pitching, and presenting scripts to prospective funding agencies precisely and cogently. The scripts must be presented alongside a logic model. Therefore, grant writers must familiarize themselves with the logic model’s components by demonstrating the project’s goals and objectives. Moreover, the model will incentivize funding institutions to contribute resources that will lead to long-term results.

Since the logic model presents a predetermined chain of operations ranging from inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts, a needs statement must identify specific problems and describe conditions surrounding the issues. Therefore, granting organizations should find a needs statement vital as it will establish a framework to interpret the issues and address them through sourcing of funding (The Logic Model-Nursing Paper Examples).

The Logic Model-Nursing Paper Examples
(The Logic Model-Nursing Paper Examples)

A needs statement is vital in many aspects, especially for the funding agency and the applicant organization. Through the statement, both parties have a common language and reference point for the project, thus demonstrating the likelihood of a successful project (The Logic Model-Nursing Paper Examples).

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A grant seeker requires that a needs statement relates to their organization’s mission statement and ultimate priorities, based on attaining sustainability across all fronts (Epstein & Klerman, 2012). Moreover, the grant seeker gets an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of a given problem and their organization’s ability to address the problem (The Logic Model-Nursing Paper Examples).


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