Topic 7 DQ 2-The GCU Christian Worldview-Nursing Paper Examples

The GCU Christian Worldview-Nursing

The GCU Christian worldview emphasizes inclusivity, respect, and truthfulness. I also share these values because I invite perspectives from different people of varying backgrounds and respect others for who they are, what they believe in, and how they choose to live. The GCU foundation remain on strong Christian principles but also invites students or people who do not identify as Christians.

Hence, it implies an inclusive and accepting environment and encouraging people with a different worldview to engage in respectful interactions. More so, because learners remain assessed based on performance instead of personal beliefs or worldviews. Ideally, individuals are very diverse, and it is unethical to discriminate against others based on their worldviews. Therefore, creating an inclusive and accepting environment and fostering respectful interactions align perfectly with my worldview (The GCU Christian Worldview).

The practice site seeks to offer high-quality, affordable care and improve the health of members and the community. The aim is to make lives better, adopting core values, including respect, integrity, scientific discipline, and stewardship. High-quality care is accompanied by accessible and inclusive care. Therefore, the practice environment has to ensure the inclusivity and respect of persons to offer high-quality care (The GCU Christian Worldview).

The GCU Christian Worldview
The GCU Christian Worldview

My core principles of inclusivity and respect align with the practice sites’ mission, vision, and values. Providing an accepting, inclusive environment would allow people from different backgrounds to access the proper care, engage in healthcare decision-making, and have their beliefs, perspectives, and worldviews accepted. Applying my principles, I can help the practice site achieve its mission and vision and walk by its values to ensure an inclusive, respectful, and accepting environment that makes everyone feel heard and valued (The GCU Christian Worldview).

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