Standard of Nursing practices

Outline the process for the development of nursing standards of practice for your NC, including discussion of the entities involved in developing the standards of practice and how the standards of practice influence the nursing process for your areas of specialty.

Standard of Nursing Practices-Sample Solution

Registered and licensed nurses in the United States have instrumental codes of ethics and standards of practice that inform/guide their decision-making and thinking during practice. While the American Nurses Association (ANA) is the professional body responsible for formulating these codes of ethics and standards of practice nationally, different states have nursing boards that mandate to formulate and implement these codes and standards of practice. The paper outlines the process of developing standards of nursing practice at North Carolina State.(Standard of Nursing Practices Essay-Example)

The North Carolina Board of Nursing is responsible for developing the Nurse Practice Act (NPA), which describes the standards of practice for all nurses in North Carolina. Founded in 1903, the North Carolina Board of Nursing was the Board of Nursing in the US. The board has licensed more than 160000 Licensed and Registered nurses state-wide (North Carolina Board of Nursing, 2022). The development of nursing practice standards is not a linear process but involves several phases and different entities. The first step begins with exploration through environmental scanning to identify potential or actual risks of nursing practice. Secondly, investigating the risks in the nursing environment, data collection from literature and the public, professional networking, and consultation with expert nurses and other stakeholders aid in gaining insights on suitable nursing standards.(Standard of Nursing Practices Essay-Example)

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Subsequently, the standards are developed based on the obtained evidence and input from stakeholders such as nurses, experts, and the public. The standards are then presented to the North Carolina Board of Nursing for approval. Following approval, the standards are published and communicated to healthcare institutions, nurses, and all stakeholders while monitoring and evaluation aids to access the standards’ outcomes.(Standard of Nursing Practices Essay-Example)

Nursing standards of practice are vital in any healthcare setting. The standards are instrumental in quality care, clinical proficiency, and patient safety (Dickerson & Durkin, 2022). The standards are used to develop a competency checklist and determine whether nurses follow organizational/professional guidelines. Notably, comprehensive patient assessment and diagnosis, planning, and implementing and evaluating care plans for individual patients are crucial nursing practice standards that aid in improving health care outcomes. Nursing standards also encourage patient-centered care and minimize potential patient harm, thus improving the overall quality of care and health outcomes.(Standard of Nursing Practices Essay-Example)

Standard of Nursing Practices Essay-Example


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