Week 1 Discussion 1- Social Drift Theory

Consider the social drift theory and express your ideas on the relationship between poverty and illness and if one causes the other.(Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample)


Assignment: Social Drift Theory

Objective: The objective of this assignment is to understand and analyze the concept of Social Drift Theory, its applications, and its significance in the context of sociology and public health.(Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample)

Part 1: Introduction to Social Drift Theory

1.1 Definition: Provide a clear and concise definition of Social Drift Theory and explain its primary concepts and assumptions.

1.2 Historical Context: Discuss the historical background and development of Social Drift Theory, highlighting its origins and influential contributors.(Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample)

Part 2: Key Concepts and Mechanisms

2.1 Social Stratification: Explain the relationship between Social Drift Theory and social stratification. Describe how social factors such as income, education, and occupation can impact an individual’s health and well-being over time.

2.2 Stigma and Discrimination: Discuss the role of stigma and discrimination in Social Drift Theory. Analyze how experiencing discrimination can influence an individual’s socioeconomic status and health outcomes.(Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample)

Part 3: Applications of Social Drift Theory

3.1 Mental Health: Explore the application of Social Drift Theory in understanding the mental health of individuals belonging to marginalized communities. Provide real-world examples and studies that support this application.(Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample)

3.2 Chronic Diseases: Examine how Social Drift Theory can be applied to the study of chronic diseases. Illustrate how individuals with chronic conditions might experience a decline in social and economic status due to their health condition.

Part 4: Critique and Limitations

4.1 Critique of Social Drift Theory: Discuss the criticisms and limitations of Social Drift Theory. Are there alternative theories that offer different perspectives on the relationship between health and social factors?(Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample)

4.2 Intersectionality: Address the importance of intersectionality in understanding social drift and its impact on different marginalized groups. Explain how the intersection of multiple social identities can compound the effects of social drift.

Part 5: Case Study Analysis

5.1 Select a Case Study: Choose a real-world case study that exemplifies Social Drift Theory in action. This could be a study on a particular health condition or the mental health of a specific population.

5.2 Analysis: Analyze the case study using Social Drift Theory as a framework. Describe how the theory helps to explain the observed patterns and outcomes in the case study.(Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample)

Part 6: Implications and Future Directions

6.1 Public Health Interventions: Discuss potential public health interventions that can address the social drift phenomenon and its impact on marginalized communities. How can policies be designed to mitigate the negative consequences of social drift?

6.2 Future Research: Identify gaps in the current understanding of Social Drift Theory and propose potential areas for future research. Suggest ways to improve the theory’s applicability and relevance in contemporary society.(Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample)

Part 7: Conclusion

Summarize the main findings and conclusions drawn from the assignment. Emphasize the importance of Social Drift Theory in understanding the complex interactions between health and social factors.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • The assignment should be structured logically, with each part clearly labeled.
  • Use scholarly sources, academic journals, and reputable references to support your arguments.
  • Cite all the sources used in APA, MLA, or the citation style preferred by your institution.
  • The length of the assignment should be appropriate for the complexity of the topic, but generally around 1500 to 2000 words.

Note: Remember to refer to your course materials and recommended readings on Social Drift Theory to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your assignment

Solution: Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample

Social Drift Theory: The Relationship between Poverty and Illness

Social drift theory is a psychological assumption explaining the relationship between social class and mental illness. According to Jin, Zhu, and He (2020), the theory assumes that individuals experience a downward drift towards a lower social-economic position due to mental complications. The symptoms of these mental health disorders instigate the downward drift among the victims, forcing them to feel disengaged from society. In this case, most abandon societal norms, leading to rejection by society and, subsequently, a downward drift to a lower social class. Generally, poverty and illness are two concepts that are related in various ways. For instance, poverty increases the risk of mental health complications such as depression and anxiety, which can be causation factors for societal disengagement. It is also a consequence factor, whereby mental health symptoms may degenerate people’s social status.(Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample)

Additionally, the availability of limited economic resources increases people’s focus on their immediate short-term goals while disregarding peripheral duties (Jin, Zhu & He, 2020). Such a scarcity mindset influences people to embrace a vicious cycle of poverty. Lastly, poverty affects the brain and its cognition. For instance, raising children in low socio-economic households negatively impacts their cognitive and neurological activity when they become adults. Such children have a reduced ability to pay attention and plan successfully, setting precedence for the first step of the vicious cycle. Therefore, Jin, Zhu, and He (2020) observe that poverty and illness interact in a vicious cycle, such that either can have a negative consequence on the other. Traumatized or stressed individuals find it challenging to concentrate on economic activities that can generate income, hence may be forced to adapt to a lower social-economic status. Similarly, people living in poverty spend most of their time contemplating their social status and may get stressed or traumatized about how to achieve economic stability..(Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample)

Social Drift Theory Essay-Sample


Jin, Y., Zhu, D., & He, P. (2020). Social causation or social selection? The longitudinal interrelationship between poverty and depressive symptoms in China. Social Science & Medicine249, 112848.https://doi.org/10.1016/j.socscimed.2020.112848

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