10 Nursing Research Paper Topics About Infection Control Plus PICOT Questions Examples, EBP & Capstone Project Ideas and Nursing Essay Topics and Ideas

Infection control is a critical aspect of healthcare that focuses on preventing and managing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Infection control measures are designed to minimize the risk of HAIs, ensuring patient safety, and maintaining the quality of healthcare delivery. This article explores various aspects of infection control, including PICOT questions, evidence-based practice (EBP) projects, nursing capstone project ideas, nursing research paper topics about Infection Control, research questions, and essay topic ideas, all aimed at advancing our understanding of infection control strategies.

PICOT Question Examples on Infection Control

  1. In patients with indwelling urinary catheters (P), how does daily catheter care using antimicrobial solutions (I) compared to standard catheter care (C) affect the incidence of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) (O) within a 6-month period (T)?
  2. In surgical patients (P), what is the effect of preoperative nasal decolonization with mupirocin (I) compared to standard preoperative care (C) on the occurrence of surgical site infections (O) within 30 days post-surgery (T)?
  3. In healthcare workers (P), how does hand hygiene compliance through the use of electronic monitoring systems (I) compared to traditional observational methods (C) influence the overall reduction of HAIs (O) over a 1-year period (T)?
  4. In patients receiving central venous catheters (P), what is the impact of using chlorhexidine-impregnated dressings (I) versus standard dressings (C) on the rate of central line-associated bloodstream infections (O) during their hospital stay (T)?
  5. In elderly residents of long-term care facilities (P), how does routine environmental disinfection using ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light (I) compared to standard cleaning practices (C) affect the prevalence of multidrug-resistant organisms (O) over 12 months (T)?
  6. In pediatric patients undergoing chemotherapy (P), what is the effect of single-patient-use versus multi-patient-use electronic thermometers (I) on the occurrence of fever-related HAIs (O) within a 3-month period (T)?
  7. In critically ill patients on mechanical ventilation (P), how does the implementation of a ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) bundle (I) compared to usual care (C) impact the VAP incidence rate (O) within 6 months (T)?
  8. In healthcare settings (P), what is the effect of antimicrobial stewardship programs (I) compared to no stewardship programs (C) on reducing the emergence of antibiotic-resistant infections (O) over a 2-year period (T)?
  9. In adult patients with central lines (P), how does the use of a daily chlorhexidine oral rinse (I) compared to standard oral hygiene (C) affect the occurrence of central line-associated bloodstream infections (O) during their hospitalization (T)?
  10. In neonatal intensive care units (P), what is the impact of implementing a strict hand hygiene protocol for healthcare workers (I) compared to a standard hand hygiene practice (C) on the rate of healthcare-associated infections (O) over a 12-month period (T)?

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Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Project Ideas on Infection Control

  1. Assessing the effectiveness of a mandatory vaccination policy for healthcare workers in reducing HAI rates.
  2. Investigating the role of antimicrobial stewardship in optimizing antibiotic use and preventing HAIs.
  3. Implementing a comprehensive infection prevention program to reduce the transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms in a healthcare facility.
  4. Evaluating the impact of patient education on hand hygiene compliance and its effect on HAI rates.
  5. Developing and implementing a protocol for the proper insertion and maintenance of urinary catheters to prevent CAUTIs.
  6. Analyzing the efficacy of antimicrobial-coated surfaces in reducing microbial contamination and preventing HAIs.
  7. Studying the effects of different disinfection methods on the reduction of environmental pathogens in healthcare settings.
  8. Assessing the utilization of personal protective equipment (PPE) and its relationship to the prevention of airborne infections.
  9. Implementing a surveillance system for early detection and containment of outbreaks of HAIs.
  10. Investigating the role of environmental factors, such as air quality and ventilation, in the spread of infections within healthcare facilities.
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Nursing Capstone Project Ideas Related to Infection Control

  1. Developing a comprehensive infection control policy for a long-term care facility to prevent the spread of infections among residents.
  2. Creating an educational program for healthcare workers on proper hand hygiene techniques and its impact on reducing HAIs.
  3. Designing and implementing a simulation-based training program for nurses to enhance their skills in inserting and maintaining central lines.
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of a checklist-based approach to ensure adherence to infection control practices in a busy hospital setting.
  5. Investigating the prevalence and risk factors associated with catheter-associated urinary tract infections in a specific patient population.
  6. Designing an intervention to increase compliance with appropriate disposal of contaminated materials and waste in healthcare settings.
  7. Developing an evidence-based protocol for the prevention and management of surgical site infections in a specific surgical specialty.
  8. Creating a guideline for the proper use and disinfection of medical devices to prevent device-associated infections.
  9. Implementing a program to monitor and manage the use of antibiotics in critically ill patients to prevent the emergence of resistant organisms.
  10. Assessing the impact of a comprehensive infection control program on patient outcomes and healthcare-associated infection rates in a specific clinical unit.

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Nursing Research Paper Topics About Infection Control

  1. The role of healthcare worker vaccination in preventing influenza outbreaks in healthcare settings.
  2. Factors influencing hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers and strategies for improvement.
  3. The impact of environmental cleaning and disinfection on the transmission of healthcare-associated infections.
  4. Antimicrobial resistance patterns in common healthcare-associated pathogens and their implications for infection control.
  5. The effectiveness of antimicrobial-coated surfaces in reducing microbial contamination in healthcare environments.
  6. Nurses’ knowledge and attitudes toward infection control practices: A survey-based study.
  7. The relationship between healthcare-associated infection rates and nurse staffing levels in acute care hospitals.
  8. The use of molecular epidemiology to investigate outbreaks of multidrug-resistant infections in healthcare facilities.
  9. The economic burden of healthcare-associated infections on patients, healthcare systems, and society.
  10. The role of patient empowerment and engagement in infection prevention and control.

Nursing Research Questions About Infection Control

  1. How does the implementation of an electronic hand hygiene monitoring system impact compliance rates among healthcare workers?
  2. What are the barriers and facilitators to the adoption of infection control practices in long-term care facilities?
  3. How do different methods of environmental disinfection affect the persistence of pathogens in healthcare settings?
  4. What is the relationship between nurse education levels and the incidence of central line-associated bloodstream infections?
  5. How effective are bundled interventions in reducing the occurrence of ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically ill patients?
  6. What are the most common modes of transmission for healthcare-associated infections in outpatient settings?
  7. What factors contribute to patient noncompliance with infection prevention recommendations post-discharge?
  8. How do culture and organizational climate influence infection control practices in healthcare facilities?
  9. What are the psychological and emotional impacts of healthcare-associated infections on patients and their families?
  10. How can telehealth and remote monitoring be utilized to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in home healthcare settings?

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Nursing Essay Topic Ideas on Infection Control

  1. Exploring the ethical considerations surrounding mandatory vaccination policies for healthcare workers.
  2. Analyzing the impact of antimicrobial resistance on the management and prevention of healthcare-associated infections.
  3. Discussing the challenges and opportunities of implementing infection control measures in resource-limited healthcare settings.
  4. Examining the role of advanced technologies, such as UV-C disinfection robots, in infection prevention and control.
  5. Debating the effectiveness of antimicrobial stewardship programs in curbing the emergence of resistant infections.
  6. Reflecting on the implications of inadequate hand hygiene compliance on patient safety and quality of care.
  7. Investigating the relationship between patient education and the prevention of surgical site infections.
  8. Discussing the role of nursing leadership in promoting a culture of infection prevention within healthcare institutions.
  9. Exploring the impact of the physical healthcare environment on the transmission of infectious diseases.
  10. Analyzing the role of interdisciplinary collaboration in developing effective infection control strategies.

Nursing Essay Examples on Infection Control

  1. Prevention Of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections
  2. How A Pneumococcal Infection Lead To Glomerulonephritis
  3. Pediatric Urinary Tract infections
  4. Infectious Disease Trends
  5. Vaginal Yeast Infections


Infection control remains an essential component of healthcare delivery, contributing to patient safety, improved outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs. The various PICOT questions, evidence-based practice projects, nursing capstone ideas, research paper topics, research questions, and essay topic ideas presented in this article underscore the multifaceted nature of infection control.


1. What are the 4 types of infections?

Infectious diseases can be viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal infections. 

2. What are the 6 elements of infection control?

No matter the germ, there are six points at which the chain can be broken and a germ can be stopped from infecting another person. The six links include: the infectious agent, reservoir, portal of exit, mode of transmission, portal of entry, and susceptible host.

3. What are two types of infection control?

There are 2 tiers of recommended precautions to prevent the spread of infections in healthcare settings: Standard Precautions and Transmission-Based Precautions.

4. What is the role of nurse in infection control?

The Infection Control Registered Nurse provides administrative, surveillance and consultative work in planning, developing, coordinating and administering an Infection Control Program at designated sites under a regional health authority.


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  4. “Guidelines for Perioperative Practice” by AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses)
  5. “CDC Healthcare-Associated Infections Guidelines” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  6. “Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice” by Denise F. Polit and Cheryl Tatano Beck

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