Peer Response-inter-professional team-nursing Paper Examples

inter-professional team-nursing Paper Examples


Thank you for sharing your informative discussion on the inter-professional team. I support your claims that DNP-prepared nurses can utilize the Knowledge-to-action (KTA) framework to sustain project improvement through intra- and interprofessional collaboration. The knowledge cycle aids in obtaining evidence-based information to address clinical problems, while the action cycle promotes the translation of evidence obtained into clinical practice. While intraprofessional collaboration is a relational and respectful process among nursing colleagues, interprofessional collaboration occurs among healthcare workers from diverse professional backgrounds (inter-professional team-nursing Paper Examples).

inter-professional team-nursing Paper Examples
inter-professional team-nursing Paper Examples

However, both strategies allow nurses and other healthcare providers to offer comprehensive health services through collaborating with patients, their families, carers, and the community to deliver the best available care. Inter-and intra-professional collaboration also allows maximum utilization of knowledge, skills, and talents of all healthcare designations to attain optimal patient and healthcare systems outcomes (inter-professional team-nursing Paper Examples).

Besides the KTA framework, another strategy to sustain project change is through education and mentorship programs to ensure that nurses articulate the value and contribution of their education and their role in implementing and sustaining change. As a DNP-prepared nurse, one can provide evidence-based knowledge to identify enablers and outcomes for optimal inter-and intra-professional collaboration and teamwork (Canadian Nurses Association, 2020) (inter-professional team-nursing Paper Examples).

For instance, the nurse can emphasize role clarification to ensure that nurses comprehend their distinct roles and those of other healthcare providers towards sustaining project improvement. Subsequently, DNP-prepared nurses can offer effective teamwork practices to maximize care quality and individual outcomes. In this case, DNP nurses can educate and train their staff on respectful communication with patients and other healthcare providers through enhanced listening skills, engagement with diverse perspectives, and consultation to sustain project improvement (Anderson et al., 2021).

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The nursing staff can also be trained on how to engage themselves and other health personnel in positive ways through effective conflict management to address arising constructively to sustain improved patient care and safety. Importantly, DNP-prepared nurses can share knowledge of regulatory guidelines and jurisdiction-specific legislated to promote the scope of practice optimization through inter-and intra-professional collaboration (inter-professional team-nursing Paper Examples).


Anderson, N. N., Baker, G. R., Moody, L., Scane, K., Urquhart, R., Wodchis, W. P., & Gagliardi, A. R. (2021). Approaches to optimize patient and family engagement in hospital planning and improvement: qualitative interviews. Health Expectations24(3), 967-977.

Canadian Nurses Association. (2020). Intra-professional Collaboration. Retrieved from

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