Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

            Scholarly inquiry involves integrating knowledge gained from coursework into the practice area. It encompasses aspects of the research process, including literature review, research proposal development, secondary data analysis, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and program development. Systematic data collection through data mining and analysis facilitates scholarly inquiry. This paper discusses the differences between evidence-based practice and research, the importance of healthcare information, data mining, and application in patient care outcomes, how data mining and interpretation influence case management and utilization, participation in managed care and the relevance of quality care initiatives and performance indicators.(Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)  

Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example
Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Differences Between Evidence-Based Practice and Research

Solid evidence is integral to nursing practice, guiding service delivery and promoting quality and safe care. According to the American Nurses Association, evidence-based practice is a pervasive problem-solving method that integrates nursing experience, patient values and preferences, nursing knowledge and the best available evidence from well-structured research studies and evidence-based theories (Chien, 2019). Evidence-based practice allows nurses to provide effective and efficient healthcare to improve patient outcomes. Clinicians rely on evidence-based practice to ensure data-driven interventions, policies, and procedures that support positive patient outcomes. EBP is based on scholarly research producing new nursing knowledge and quality improvement processes from current nursing practice to ensure continuous quality improvement. Generally, it facilitates the translation of research evidence into practice.(Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)  

On the other hand, nursing research involves procedural inquiry intended to create knowledge regarding important issues in the nursing profession. The research aims at improving and developing nursing practice through discoveries that generate new knowledge. It offers scholarly evidence to enhance patient outcomes and facilitate evidence-based nursing interventions (Chien, 2019). Systematic scientific approaches guide nursing research, and it can entail reviewing current literature to identify common themes and evidence, understanding terms and concepts, identifying the target population, data collection and analysis tools, and appropriate recommendations for nursing practice. Nursing research adopts the PICOT question that guides the overall research process and objectives.    (Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)  

The Importance and Application of Health Care Information, Data Mining, And Importance to Application in Patient Care Outcomes

Modern public health practice relies on the effective use of information, including quality and performance, disease prevention and management strategies, outbreak investigation, and patient healthcare information, which includes health, social, and medical history and objective data. Timely and accurate healthcare information is linked with improved patient care outcomes (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2019). The information bolsters knowledge about improving responsiveness, providing patient-centered care, and promoting quality and safe care. Various sources of health information include syndromic surveillance systems, vital records, electronic health records, and public health databases.(Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)  

Data mining supports the gathering of evidence-based healthcare information for use by clinicians, researchers and scientists. It involves adopting data science methods and tools to gather massive amounts of data and convert it into meaningful insights. For instance, mining EHRs could help collect vital demographic, medications, laboratory results, procedures, and diagnostic codes to improve patient health management (Bailey, 2021). Identifying anomalies, patterns, and correlations within data sets to adopt corrective measures that will enhance processes to provide positive patient care outcomes is possible. For instance, healthcare organizations and insurers can identify successful treatments and best practices to offer better and more affordable healthcare.   (Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)  

How Data Mining and Interpretation Influences Case Management and Utilization

Data mining and interpretation provide healthcare organizations with meaningful information for better decision-making. Case management involves identifying and engaging patients or clients through assessment and care planning and integrating this into care monitoring to attain the intended outcomes in a quantifiable manner (Giardino & De Jesus, 2022). Data-driven healthcare organizations rely on efficient case management, and as organizations change to a more patient-centered approach, more data is needed to inform decisions. Data mining and interpretation can help organizations improve case management and utilization (Bailey, 2021). Data is integral in the case management of individual patients through data storage and analysis of medical backgrounds, health needs, and preferences. It supports collecting and analyzing large quantities of data to identify patterns and trends to improve understanding of customers, operations, and markets. Additionally, data inform decisions regarding the best approaches for case management and resource utilization. Healthcare organizations recognize areas and growth opportunities in case management and utilization by identifying anomalies.(Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)  

Participation In Managed Care and The Importance of Quality Care Initiatives and Performance Indicators

Managed care describes health care focused on cost reductions while maintaining high-quality care. Managed care features are engrained in provider networks, provider oversight, and prescription drug tiers. The current healthcare system integrates managed care organizations, intending to lower healthcare expenditures (Heaton & Tadi, 2023). These organizations have transformed the healthcare system, facilitating the development of preventative medicine strategies, financial provisioning, and treatment guidelines. Providers should understand and participate in managed care because policies of managed care dictate multiple areas of healthcare delivery, including medication formulation, financial incentives, utilization management, and provider networks.(Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)  

Quality care initiatives allow for continuous quality improvement in healthcare. Most healthcare systems and organizations are focused on quality improvement to create significant change in the healthcare environment, including reducing medical costs and improving patient outcomes. Quality initiatives adopt performance indicators, which help gauge performance in healthcare (AHRQ, 2018). Performance indicators are evidence-based and help identify variations in care quality for inpatients and outpatients. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality develops quality indicators that help measure performance to improve healthcare quality. The indicators adopt the readily available hospital inpatient administrative data to measure health care quality. (Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)  


Research, evidence-based practice, data mining, and quality improvement are scholarly activities clinicians engage in their respective positions. The clinical scholarship allows the integration of theoretical and experiential knowledge into clinical practice. Current and quality research supports evidence-based practice, which involves translating research evidence into nursing practice. Data mining facilitates transforming large quantities of data into meaningful insights that inform clinical decisions, including improving case management and utilization. Participating in managed care allows providers to understand policies around healthcare cost management and resource utilization. The AHRQ provides quality indicators that support performance reviews and tracking to improve healthcare quality.(Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)  

Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example


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Importance of Healthcare Information Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example
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