DNP-810A-O500-Emerging Areas of Human Health Topic 6: Gene Expression and Aging-Nursing Paper Examples

Topic 6 DQ1: Gene Expression and Aging (Gene Expression and Aging-Nursing Paper Examples)

Gene expression is the process through which functional gene products are synthesized from information contained in a gene. Wisniewski (2021) observes that aging affects the immune system, which is associated with slower and reduced expression of genes. The molecular processes involved in gene expression deteriorate rapidly as individuals age, making it challenging for the body to synthesize functional gene products like collagen and polypeptide hormone receptors necessary for improved body immunity and functioning. Besides, the tissues that do not replicate frequently may accumulate DNA damage as individuals age, resulting in the loss of cells and genes like DLG3 responsible for cognitive abilities (Schumacher et al., 2021) (Gene Expression and Aging-Nursing Paper Examples).

Gene Expression and Aging-Nursing Paper Example
Gene Expression and Aging-Nursing Paper Example

As a result, DNP-prepared nurses should be aware of the effects of aging on gene expression to help in understanding the molecular signature of a disease resulting from aging, such as Huntington’s disease. Tabrizi et al. (2020) explain that Huntington’s disease is associated with HTT gene mutations caused by CAG nucleotide repetitions of more than 35. This information can enhance the assessment of the disease since the nurse only needs to recognize the CAG repetition patterns, enhancing immediate patient care (Gene Expression and Aging-Nursing Paper Examples).

Besides, awareness of the effects of aging on gene expression can help devise appropriate treatment interventions for elderly patients affected by abnormal gene expression patterns. For example, treating Huntington’s disease should focus on alleviating its symptoms, such as engaging in physical therapy to improve balance and movement (Quinn et al., 2020) (Gene Expression and Aging-Nursing Paper Examples).

Additionally, it can help determine the risk of inheriting the disease and advise patients appropriately. For example, children whose parents are carriers of Huntington’s disease have a 50% chance of inheriting it (Tabrizi et al., 2020). This knowledge can inform the need for early genetic testing of the offspring and early implementation of interventions like exercise to prevent exacerbation of disease symptoms among individuals with the defective HTT gene (Gene Expression and Aging-Nursing Paper Examples).


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