Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example

Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example

Taiwan is an Island State located in the South Sea of China, West of Japan. The State is the smallest nation in Asia, comprising about 35920 Km2 land area and 1566 Km of coastline. The nation’s population growth rate is 0.27%, accounting for 23,600,049 as of 2023. The nation has three major ethnic groups Aborigine (2%), mainland Chinese (14%), and Taiwanese (Hakka) (84%). The primary spoken language is Chinese, comprising Mandarin, Hakka, and Taiwanese dialects. The nation encounters 6.83 deaths for every 1000 people, while the life expectancy is 79 years, and the median age is 38 years (Country Reports, 2023).(Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example)

Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example
Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example

Taiwan is a high-income economy. The IMF data revealed that its GDP was estimated at $828.66 billion in 2022, ranking 21st among the 129 reviewed nations. The GDP is expected to cross the $1 trillion mark by 2027. The nation’s GDP per Capita was projected at $35,513 in 2022 and expect to be $45820 in the next five years. Taiwan’s health spending was NT$ 1,325 billion in 2020, a 7.2% rise from 2019. Per Capita health spending was NT$ 56,199 and was expected to keep increasing in the future. Taiwan has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, associated with improved health outcomes such as healthier communities and reduced morbidity and mortality rates (Country Reports, 2023).(Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example)

In 1995, Taiwan launched the National Health Insurance (NHI) program that offered universal health coverage through a single-payer system up to date (Cheng, 2019). The main strengths of the single-payer system are the ability to control health spending effectively, make healthcare equitable, and make administration easy and simple for the public to understand. However, the weakness of universal healthcare is that each person must pay the same amount for medical care regardless of their health status. Thus, the system limits costly services with a low probability of success. The system is costly and may take a considerable portion government’s yearly budget.(Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example)

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On the other hand, Vietnam is a socialist Republic located at the edge of mainland Southeast Asia with an area of 331 212 km2. The nation’s current population is about 99,913,962, making it the fifteenth most populated nation in the world. Vietnam’s population growth rate is about 1.03%, while the urban population is 31%. The nation’s major ethnic groups comprise Vietnamese (85-95%), Hmong, Chinese, Thai, Cham, Khmer, and Mountain groups. Vietnamese is the official language spoken in the nation, while English, French, and Russian are common foreign dialects taught in school. Vietnam encounters about 5.94 deaths per 1000 people, the life expectancy at birth is 72 years, and the median age is 28 years (Country Reports, 2023).(Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example)

Vietnam is a developing nation where its GDP was 369.74 (2021), 406.45 (2022) in billion US dollars. The nation’s economy will rebound (8%) in 2022 and is expected to increase by 6.3% in 2023 (The World Bank, 2023). The nation’s Per Capital spending in 2021 was about US $152 per Capita, about 6% of the total GDP and slightly higher than most low-middle income nations. Although Vietnam has made great strides in improving its healthcare system, it continues to work towards universal healthcare. The country’s health system is ranked 160th out of 191 countries (The World Bank, 2023). Vietnam uses a national health system financed by the national government by mobilizing and pooling funds to meet the healthcare needs of the people to attain universal health coverage. Vietnam established social health insurance in 1992 that covers about 90% of all citizens (World Bank Group, 2021). The major strength of this health insurance is that it covers older people (80 years and above), the poor, minority groups, and children under six years. However, one weakness is that the insurance may not cover all people, such as those that do not meet eligibility criteria, such as drug addicts.(Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example)

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Taiwan healthcare facilities are adequate for emergency and routine medical treatment. The country has qualified clinicians, most graduating in the US. The healthcare facilities have adequate medical equipment and nursing services such as medical dispensing and wound care, although at a lower level than hospitals in the US. On the contrary, Vietnam’s healthcare facilities do not meet international standards. The hospital lacks adequate equipment and supplies. Healthcare providers mostly expect immediate cash payment for health services. While international health clinics in Hanoi offer care for minor injuries, severe conditions require evacuation to Singapore or Bangkok.(Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example)

The Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) negatively impact the health outcomes of people. For instance, hospitals in Vietnam lack adequate medical equipment and supplies to offer quality care. Health providers also expect out-of-pocket spending for their patients. Thus, the Vietnamese people do not access quality and affordable care leading to ill-health communities. Therefore, Taiwan’s healthcare system is better than that of Vietnam. While Taiwan offers universal healthcare through National Health Insurance, Vietnam has social health insurance that covers a certain number of people (as mentioned above), while the rest pay out of their pockets for health services. Thus, the National Health Insurance is better is addressing SDOH by ensuring that care is accessible and affordable for all Taiwanese people. Thus, creating national health insurance for Vietnam will promote universal coverage through a single-payer system to attain desired improvements. Therefore, Universal health coverage will significantly impact the nation’s health and well-being from improved healthcare delivery systems.(Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example)

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Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example
Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example 1


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Comprehensive Review of Taiwan Nursing Paper Example
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