DQ1-Dissemination of Evidence-Based Proposal-Nursing Paper Examples

Dissemination of Evidence-Based Proposal-Nursing Paper Examples
Dissemination of Evidence-Based Proposal-Nursing Paper Examples

Dissemination of Evidence-Based Proposal-Nursing Paper Examples

The dissemination of my evidence-based proposal aids in relaying and circulating information to relevant stakeholders such as the public or clinical practice audience. The primary objective for disseminating my evidence-based proposal is to promote and increase knowledge on care bundles to prevent HAIs among hospitalized patients. There are different internal and external dissemination methods for evidence-based projects. I will disseminate my evidence-based proposal to the hospital board. This internal method will aid in communicating my strategies to the employees in the healthcare facility (Dissemination of Evidence-Based Proposal-Nursing Paper Examples).

I will organize professional presentation meetings with nurses, physicians, leadership, and the management team in the healthcare facility. I will also conduct face-to-face PowerPoint presentations to encourage immediate feedback and engagement from my audience. Moreover, I will organize conferences with nursing and other healthcare expert teams to present my intervention and gain insights on improving its implementation to achieve positive patient outcomes.

For the external approach, I will present professional meetings to disseminate my evidence-based project. This approach will allow me to share my project quickly as the time lag to complete and present the project may be limited. For instance, professional conferences helped by nursing organizations such as the American Nurses Association are a suitable platform to reach out to thousands of nurses at the State and national levels. I will also use professional biomedical journal articles and poster presentations to communicate my strategy to external stakeholders (Malcolm et al., 2019) (Dissemination of Evidence-Based Proposal-Nursing Paper Examples).

The dissemination of my evidence-based project to the two groups will aid in improving and sharing knowledge among nurses and other healthcare professionals towards preventing HAIs. Positive engagement with the target audience enhances awareness, motivation, and understanding in implementing an EBP project. The choice of dissemination depends on the healthcare audience interested in how the proposed intervention fits into their practice. The stakeholders enhance clinical judgment and care decisions and formulate policies based on the proposed interventions to improve care quality and patient outcomes (Dissemination of Evidence-Based Proposal-Nursing Paper Examples).


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Appropriate implementation of elements of the evidence-based care bundles, such as hospital hygiene, hand-washing with an alcohol-based sanitizer, and disinfection and antiseptic techniques, will be instrumental in reducing and preventing HAIs. Reduced HAIs among hospitalized patients prevent potential complications that lead to lengthy hospital stays. Thus, the patients can access quality and affordable care for improved health outcomes (Dissemination of Evidence-Based Proposal-Nursing Paper Examples).


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