15+ Alzheimer’s Disease Essay Topics + 1 Best Alzheimer’s Disease Pathophysiology Example

This article covers over 15 best Alzheimer’s Disease essay topics, feel free to go through the entire list and pick a topic that is best suited for you. You will also find exemplar Alzheimer’s Disease essays in the article.(Alzheimer disease essay topics)

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Alzheimer disease essay topics:Introduction


Alzheimer’s disease is a fatal neurodegenerative brain condition that has several causes, inherited risks, and no cure.




Alois Alzheimer, who was working at a facility for the mentally ill and epileptic people in Frankfurt am Main, presented the clinical profile of a particular kind of senile dementia he had diagnosed in 1906. Alzheimer revealed a new illness he had identified on November 3, 1906, before a conference of psychiatrists in Tübingen, which was distinct from all previously recognized processes both clinically and pathoanatomically.(Alzheimer disease essay topics)


The causes of the illness are not fully understood at this time. The function of viruses in the development of disease, abnormal immunological responses in the body, genetic factors, and exposure to harmful chemicals in the environment are all the subject of ongoing scientific investigation.


Alzheimer’s disease’s early symptoms are vague. Mild forgetfulness, being easily distracted, paying less attention, having trouble repeating new knowledge, and having trouble learning are some of their symptoms. Loss of long-term memory, particularly biographical memory, is a feature of the intermediate stage of AD. A person loses the ability to identify family and friends and can no longer recall the names of their children, grandkids, or their age. It is difficult to count, read, write, make purchases on one’s own, pay bills, and utilize home equipment.(Alzheimer disease essay topics)


Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, there are pharmacological and non-drug therapies that can slow the onset of symptoms, manage behavioral issues, and improve patient care.(Alzheimer disease essay topics)

15+ Alzheimer’s Disease Essay Topics + Best Essay Examples

Alzheimer’s Disease Essay Topics

  1. The most recent studies on potential cures or prevention methods for Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. The effects of Alzheimer’s disease on people and their families, including the difficulties they encounter and coping mechanisms.
  3. The financial toll that Alzheimer’s disease takes on individuals and their families as well as the pressure it places on the healthcare system.(Alzheimer disease essay topics)
  4. The assistance that carers provide to those who have Alzheimer’s disease, including the difficulties they encounter and the assistance they require.
  5. The moral difficulties underlying Alzheimer’s disease, such as those regarding care at the end of life and clinical trials.
  6. The part that advocacy and support groups play in educating people about Alzheimer’s disease and offering assistance to individuals who are afflicted by it.
  7. The most recent studies on the variables contributing to Alzheimer’s disease, including genetics and lifestyle.
  8. The effects of Alzheimer’s disease on the brain, such as the precise alterations that take place and the symptoms that are produced.(Alzheimer disease essay topics)
  9. The difficulties that people with Alzheimer’s disease and those who care for them confront, such as problems with decision-making, communication, and everyday care.
  10. The effectiveness and possible negative effects of medicines and other therapies in treating Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.
  11. Alzheimer’s disease’s social and emotional consequences on sufferers and their families, including how they affect their relationships, quality of life, and general wellbeing.
  12. The moral concerns of Alzheimer’s, such as those regarding access to care, clinical trials, and end-of-life care.
  13. Multiplex brain networks’ functional segregation and integration for Alzheimer’s disease
  14. Alzheimer’s disease metal and complementary molecular bioimaging
  15. The Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and Potential Cure(Alzheimer disease essay topics)
  16. Tau and Beta-amyloid Interactions and the Relationship to Alzheimer’s Disease
  17. Alzheimer’s disease, recall techniques, and memory cues
Alzheimer disease essay topics
15+ Alzheimer's Disease Essay Topics + 1 Best Alzheimer's Disease Pathophysiology Example 1

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Questions

  1. What are the most recent advancements in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, and how successful are the treatments?
  2. What are the environmental and genetic components that lead to the start of Alzheimer’s disease, and how can these components be altered to stop or slow the illness’s progression?(Alzheimer disease essay topics)
  3. What are the possible negative effects of these treatments, and how well do various drugs and therapies manage the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease?
  4. What particular changes take place in an Alzheimer’s patient’s brain, and how do these changes impact cognition and behavior?
  5. How can the social and emotional impacts of Alzheimer’s disease be lessened or addressed for both patients and the people who care for them?(Alzheimer disease essay topics)
  6. What ethical difficulties concerning Alzheimer’s disease should be taken into account, and how may these issues be resolved in a just and equitable way?

1 Best Alzheimer’s Disease Pathophysiology Example

This article discusses Alzheimer’s Disease Pathophysiology. Alzheimer’s Disease is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, in 1906 when he noticed changes in the brain tissue of a woman who had died of an unusual mental illness…

Related FAQs

1. What is interesting about Alzheimer’s disease?

It is commonly recognized that Alzheimer’s disease can lead to the cerebral cortex and other brain regions, such as the ventricles, shrinking. The ability to detect movement, focus on an object, and how the pupils respond to light may all alter as a result of these changes.(Alzheimer disease essay topics)

2. What is the main problem of Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological ailment that gradually impairs thinking and memory abilities as well as the capacity to do even the most basic tasks. The majority of Alzheimer’s patients have their initial symptoms later in life.

3. What are the 5 A’s of Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is most prevalent in those over 65 and becomes more likely with age. The five A’s of Alzheimer’s disease—amnesia, apraxia, aginosia, aphasia, and anomia—are often used to describe the disease’s signs and symptoms. Memory loss is frequently this symptom’s most well-known manifestation.(Alzheimer disease essay topics)

Alzheimer's Disease Essay Topics
15+ Alzheimer’s Disease Essay Topics + 1 Best Alzheimer’s Disease Pathophysiology Example

4. Can Alzheimer be cured?

Alzheimer’s disease presently has no effective treatment. However, there are medications on the market that might momentarily lessen the symptoms. Support is also offered to make daily living easier for those who have the illness and their families.

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Paraphrenia is not diagnosed as a disorder on its own but is currently subsumed under schizophrenia. The tyerm orginated from Kraepelin, who used the term paraphrenia to describe a particular and uncertain group between dementia praecox and paranoia

Anxiety is an alter psychological, physiological, and behavioral state which is characterized by hyperarousal, neuroendocrine modulation and a series of behavior transition as a response of potential danger, like perceiving imminent death and low ego integrity(Alzheimer disease essay topics)


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