DNP-801A Discussion-A Doctor of Nursing Profession-Nursing Paper Examples

Topic 1 DQ 1( A Doctor of Nursing Profession)

A Doctor of Nursing Profession presents tremendous opportunities at the personal and community level. These opportunities require individuals to leverage intrinsic and learned skills to serve the profession and community. Generally, DNP-prepared nurses promote leadership in interdisciplinary teams and evidence-based practices. In addition, advocate for policy changes to support patient safety and patient-centered quality care and improve healthcare outcomes. Leadership can potentially shape the trajectory of the nursing profession and research. As such, the DNP-trained nurse can contribute to the healthcare system’s transformation at personal and community levels ( A Doctor of Nursing Profession).

In the program, I expect to achieve advanced knowledge and skills in nursing leadership, practice, and research. Consequently, which will be crucial in leading healthcare organizations and teams and improving patient care outcomes. Furthermore, advancing the nursing profession through research (Graves et al., 2021; AACN, 2018). In addition, I will use the learned expertise and knowledge to contribute to the profession and community by supporting healthcare delivery. Hence, leading community health initiatives, establishing a culture of excellence in healthcare, and promoting professional development.

A Doctor of Nursing Profession
A Doctor of Nursing Profession

Besides, I expect to expand my knowledge and skills in areas of interest, leading to specialization. The DNP provides a higher level of nursing education in practice and academia and an improved level of competence. Moreover, which will be ideal for strengthening healthcare practice and delivery in the complex clinical environment (Graves et al., 2021). I will engage in research that will help solve complex healthcare challenges and contribute positively to the lives of patients, their families, and the community. The learning and practice experience will help me develop competence in nursing. Hence, give back to the community, and achieve personal fulfillment (A Doctor of Nursing Profession).

Topic 1 DQ2

The DNP program is rigorous, considering it involves scholarship at the highest level of nursing practice and research. Therefore, maintaining a healthy balance during the DNP program is essential yet challenging. As a DNP student, I understand the signs of imbalance and stress, including emotional symptoms such as interpersonal relations, feeling overwhelmed, and anxiety, and physical symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.

Therefore, I propose to evaluate my emotional and physical strength by regularly reflecting on how I feel psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Moreover, I look forward to observing observations from family, friends, and fellow students, who may notice changes in my mood and general behavior. This practice will aid in situations where it is challenging to self-evaluate my feelings ( A Doctor of Nursing Profession).

Consequently, I plan to incorporate a self-care routine into my schedule to ensure a healthy balance and personal and academic demands. The basis for the proposed self-care management is to better achieve my goals as a DNP student and enhance my knowledge and skills to serve the profession and community. The self-care routine that I plan to use includes pursuing my interests outside of school, such as being a community volunteer, exercising regularly (at least thrice a week), connecting with immediate and nuclear family members and friends, and undertaking mindfulness practices, including being non-judgemental and nonreactive and being aware.

Moreover, I plan to prioritize healthy living habits, including avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, eating a nutritious and balanced diet (avoid common junk food), getting at least 8 hours of sleep, and taking breaks during the day to relax. Whenever I notice any sign of imbalance, I will get a response by adjusting my work plan as necessary. For instance, based on my evaluation and observation from friends, family, and fellow students, I will seek qualified clinical advice, such as mental therapy for prolonged fatigue and mood changes ( A Doctor of Nursing Profession).


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