reply to these discussion post. initial Discussion question is Discuss how the concept of “health” has changed overtime. Discuss how the concept has evolved to include wellness, illness, and overall well-being. How has health promotion changed over time? Why is it important that nurses implement health promotion interventions based on evidence-based practice?

1) The concept of health has changed drastically over time. In the past the idea of health is not what it is today. “In ancient times, health fell largely under the influence of religion and was equivalent to gaining favor with deities. Religious healers believed that in order to achieve health, it was necessary for individuals to pray and sacrifice to the gods in order to propitiate them” (PubMed, 2017). This concept wasn’t changed until Hippocrates realized the connection between health and cleanliness. He was known as the “father of modern medicine”. This is when we started using the concept of evidence base practice in modern medicine, making concept of health and wellness what it is today. “The impetus for evidence-based practice comes from payor and healthcare facility pressures for cost containment, greater availability of information, and greater consumer savvy about treatment and care options” (Evidence-based nursing practice: Why is it important? 2021). The importance of using evidence base practice in nursing is extremely important due to the fact we are practicing using techniques, procedures and medications proven to be effective for better patient outcomes.


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2) The description of health has drastically changed from being absence of disease to the ability to remain in a practical part of the society. In the 19th century, disease spread was very mild thus containing it was very difficult (Falkner, 2018). Fortunately, things changed in the 20th century since better methods of sanitation was discovered thus changing health definition to the ability to remain resourceful or meaningful to the society. In previous scientific research, health proved to go beyond being free from disease and being able to restore wellness. Health entails physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Initially, health focused on eliminating disease present in an individual. Today, health is more focused on promoting and preventing healthy lifestyles. Society in collaboration with nurses are working to prevent the spread of chronic and acute disease affecting the population since the interventions focus on promoting mental health, physical activity, and proper nutrition as well as preventing screening (Badash, Kleinman, Barr, Jang, Rahman & Wu, 2017). This provides a summary of a proactive approach to healthcare instead of seeking treatment in the diagnosis of a disease. Thus, it is important for nurses to implement health promotion intervention based on evidence- based practice to guarantee the delivery of up-to-date care to our patient. Moreover, education provided to patients must be scientifically proven efficient since without practicing evidence-based practice then patients will be receiving treatments and information that are out of date.


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3) According to World Health Organization (WHO), Health is a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being (World Health Organization, 2021). The World Health Organization defines wellness as the maximum state of health of a population or individual. Wellness entails taking proactive steps for well-being and living a responsible life. Wellness consists of many dimensions including intellectual, physical, social, environmental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Physical wellness enhances physical fitness thus enhancing the body’s ability to prevent and fight diseases. Intellectual wellness is a form of mental exercise and engagement via problem solving, learning and creativity, hence promoting a better attitude. Emotional wellness entails an individual’s ability to handle stressful situations which promote his/her general wellbeing. Social wellness is invaluable to the general wellbeing of a population or specific individual. Maintaining good interpersonal relationships and contributing to a community keeps an individual happier and healthier, thus promoting optimum wellbeing (Radhakrishnan, 2021). 

Illness is termed as the subjective response to a disease and is independent to outcomes of diagnostic tests. During illness, an individual is unable to function optimally when interacting with different people and environments. Illness leads to development of pathological conditions that may occur due to random interactions. Health, wellness and illness are part of everyday life that go alongside one another, each being dependent but influenced by the other. 

Overtime, technology has led to evolution and improvement of medical equipment, medical research and communication. Medical equipment such as CT scan machines take multiple x-rays of the body from different angles and breathing apparatus promote safe and efficient medicinal administration. Health promotion has seen the development of communication in hospitals thus enabling sharing of medical records. Furthermore, health promotion has led to establishment of medical research that result to discovery and improvement of medicine. Medical research have also led to development of anesthesia used to numb pain during certain medical procedures(NetspectiveMedia, 2018). Due to their high-level training and experience, it is important for nurses to implement health promotion interventions because they provide relevant information. Nurses are readily accessible via many settings and their close relation with patients make them the ideal promoters of disease prevention.


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