Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

Succession planning constitutes the procedures organizations establish to identify vital positions and develop action plans to prepare other employees to assume those positions (Bano et al., 2022). An elaborate succession planning facilitates a smooth transition after the rapid off boarding of employees, eliminating the hurdles that may affect organizational performance after the departure of critical talents. This paper will identify steps for mitigating the impacts of employee departures and propose a recruitment plan to filter candidates for managerial positions. It will also develop a pre boarding checklist and onboarding plan for employees’ performance. The last part will explore succession plan practices and policies, including their alignment with the current trends in the healthcare industry.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample
Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

Steps to Mitigate the Impacts of Employee Departure

Healthcare organizations should proactively cover the roles and responsibilities of departing employees to mitigate the consequences of such departures, like reduced workflow and increased burnout among the remaining employees. In this case, the organization should recruit interim help to manage the departing employees’ roles until a permanent replacement is found (Atwood, 2020). It can hire former employees or those filtered out during recruitment. Besides, Meglich et al. (2021) observe that the departing employee should map out their tasks for easy assignment to other department members when the employee departs. The map should include upcoming deadlines and key contacts, including duties the employee will perform before departing to help avoid missing deadlines.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Additionally, Atwood (2020) explains that the organization should inform the existing team about the gaps left by departing employees to help establish an adjustment plan for filling them. It can include merging redundant roles to ease employee pressure and burnout. Furthermore, the organization should prioritize the tasks the departing employee performs to filter out the tasks that can be rescheduled into the next financial year (Meglich et al., 2021). Such an approach will leave out the tasks with shorter deadlines, which can be reassigned to employees whose qualifications meet the job description, ensuring the organization’s operations continuity.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Recruitment Plan

The recruitment plan for filling out the managerial position should incorporate various steps, including the recruitment objectives. Meglich et al. (2021) explain that the objectives of the recruitment plan should be identified and defined to facilitate the hiring of suitable candidates for managerial positions. When hiring employees, organizations should develop specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) goals. For example, the organization should recruit a manager within the next three months to allow the resumption of normal organizational operations. Second, the plan should incorporate the essential qualities and qualifications of the candidate to fill the managerial position. (Meglich et al., 2021) Establishing the required traits and qualifications can influence other employees within the organization to apply for the managerial position. In this case, the manager should exhibit qualities like management and communication skills and qualifications like a Master’s degree in Health Administration.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Third, the organization should establish a budget for the recruitment process. The budget should incorporate the advertisement, interviewing, and hiring costs to ensure the smooth completion of each procedure of the hiring process (Atwood, 2020). Fourth, the organization must develop a sourcing strategy constituting the processes through which the job vacancy will be advertised to reach potential candidates. Hosain (2020) and Stellefson et al. (2020) observe that technological advancement has compelled organizations to utilize their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, including other sites like Indeed, to advertise job vacancies. The approach is practical since it will enhance the organization’s sourcing of qualified candidates for managerial positions.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Finally, the organization should accept applications and conduct screening, interviewing, and hiring potential candidates. Martin and O’Shea (2021) illustrate that screening identifies candidates with the required qualifications from a pool of potentially many applicants. The shortlisted candidates can be interviewed by a panel of senior organization executives and stakeholders to certify their readiness to meet the required job ethics and outcomes. Therefore, the identified recruitment steps can help the healthcare organization hire a suitable candidate for the managerial position.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Pre boarding Checklist and Onboarding Plan

Pre boarding Checklist

1-30 days

  • Understand company culture and clients.
  • Meet team members.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)
  • Begin working on projects with some assistance from other executives.
  • Establish short-term performance objectives.

31-90 days

  • Collaborate and schedule regular meetings with departmental managers.
  • Determine pain points with the new role and establish strategies for addressing them.
  • Solicit feedback about performance from the executive board.

91-180 days

  • Exhibit proactivity and active involvement in company operations.
  • Take responsibility for every task done.
  • Complete tasks independently without expecting further assistance.

Consequently, the onboarding plan will involve the manager’s training on company policies and responsibilities for the first 30 days (Richardson, 2020). From day 31-90, the manager will be tasked with replicating what they learned into practice. They are bound to make mistakes and learn to rectify them during the period. Finally, from day 91-180, the manager is expected to have mastered the project roadmap for the new position (Richardson, 2020). They can now make decisions with fewer errors, allowing them to lay down and effectively implement the company’s long-term goals.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Succession Plan Policies and Practices

The succession planning policies and practices should include technology to make the process shorter, simpler, and more flexible. Bano et al. (2022) observe that organizations can use technology like video conferencing to conduct interviews and the hiring process, including using the organization’s website to assess employees’ suitability in filling out executive positions. Additionally, organizations should conduct annual talent assessments for their staff and senior executives to facilitate a cyclical identification of future leaders (Jackson & Allen, 2022). In this case, the organization can implement employee training and development programs like workshops and seminars to equip the identified talent pool with the necessary skills for leadership positions.

Also, healthcare organizations should develop clear job descriptions like the skills and qualifications required for a particular position, like a managerial position to facilitate communication of job vacancies and recruitment requirements for that particular position (Martin & O’Shea, 2021). Lastly, the organizations should engage senior leadership in the succession planning process to gain insights into new ideas, philosophies, and competencies that should be exhibited by the managerial position candidate (Richardson, 2020). Such an approach ensures that the new manager’s policies align with the organizational culture and strategy.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Alignment of Proposed Plan with Current Healthcare Industry Trends

Succession planning is a vital process across healthcare organizations, owing to the aging of healthcare personnel, changes in employment contracts, and increased need for healthcare services in America. The current trends in succession planning include annual revision of the organization’s succession plans. According to Creta and Gross (2020), healthcare organizations regularly review their succession plans for the staff and leadership annually to enhance the identification and development of promising talents for executive positions. The trend aligns with the need for SMART objectives outlined in the managerial position recruitment plan. Additionally, organizations currently emphasize clarity of their succession criteria to facilitate the recruitment of suitable candidates within a scheduled period. Bano et al. (2022) illustrate that a clear and elaborate succession plan of required qualifications and talents makes it easy for the organization to find suitable candidates for positions left by managerial departures. The proposed recruitment plan outlines the personalities and qualifications necessary for the managerial position, which align with the current trend in succession planning, emphasizing the importance of establishing recruitment criteria.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Moreover, there is an increased preference for external successors for executive positions like managers than internal successors. Bano et al. (2022) observe that healthcare organizations are increasingly recruiting external successors for managerial positions due to the need for new skills, experience, and diverse qualifications that can improve organizational performance. In this case, the managerial position recruitment plan illustrates the need to advertise the position through social media pages to attract potential candidates (Hosain, 2020). It increases the potential of hiring external successors, aligning with the increasing preference for external successors in organizations.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)


Smooth transition after employee off boarding requires elaborate recruitment and succession planning strategies. The paper identified steps for mitigating the impacts of employee departures, including hiring interim managers and mapping out and prioritizing tasks. The managerial recruitment plan covers the objectives, budget, qualifications, advertisement of job positions, screening, and hiring of suitable candidates. Moreover, the identified checklist and onboarding plan constitute duties new managers must perform from the first day to the 180th day. Furthermore, the examined succession plan policies and practices include technology, annual talent assessment, and clear job descriptions. The proposed recruitment plan aligns with the current trends in the healthcare industry, which require organizations to establish clear succession plan criteria, preferences for external successors, and regular review of organizational succession plans. Henceforth, organizations should establish elaborate and effective recruitment and succession planning strategies vital to their success during employee departures.(Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample


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Recruitment and Succession Planning Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

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