population and sampling distribution

Select a research article, other than the articles from your assignments, from the GCU library. Provide an overview of the study and describe the strategy that was used to select the sample from the population. Evaluate the effectiveness of the sampling method selected. Provide support for your answer. Include the article title and permalink in your post.

Population and Sampling Distribution-Solution

The research in A Random Sampling-Based Method via Gaussian Process for Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments (permalink: https://doi.org/10.3390/app122412646) proposes a novel motion planning algorithm for autonomous systems operating in dynamic environments with changing obstacles and disturbances. By exploring a set of candidate trajectories and selecting the best one based on an optimization criterion, the algorithm aims to generate collision-free paths. The proposed algorithm’s main contribution is using a Gaussian Process-based surrogate model to guide the exploration process and reduce the number of expensive simulations required to evaluate the trajectories.(population and sampling distribution-EssayExample)

The proposed algorithm is divided into three significant steps: First, a set of initial trajectories is generated using a random sampling approach. The Gaussian Process surrogate model is then trained on the initial sample and used to forecast the cost of the remaining candidate trajectories. Lastly, the lowest-cost candidate trajectories are evaluated and repeated until a satisfactory solution is found. The initial trajectories are generated using a random sampling strategy, a Latin hypercube sampling strategy. This method aims to generate a representative sample of the input space by dividing it into equal-sized regions and randomly selecting one point from each region. This sampling method has been widely used in engineering and computer science applications and has demonstrated exemplary performance in reducing the number of simulations required.(population and sampling distribution-EssayExample)

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The sampling method’s effectiveness can be measured by its ability to generate a representative sample of the input space and its efficiency in reducing the number of expensive simulations. In this study, the authors compared the performance of the proposed sampling method to that of other popular sampling approaches, such as uniform and Sobol sampling. The results showed that the Latin hypercube sampling approach outperformed the other methods in reducing the number of simulations required to achieve a given accuracy level. The authors also demonstrated that the proposed algorithm effectively generated collision-free paths in dynamic environments, outperforming state-of-the-art motion planning algorithms.(population and sampling distribution-EssayExample)

Finally, the study proposes a novel motion planning algorithm for generating collision-free paths in dynamic environments that combines a Gaussian Process-based surrogate model with a random sampling approach. The Latin hypercube sampling strategy used to generate the initial sample efficiently reduced the number of expensive simulations while maintaining high accuracy levels. The proposed algorithm applies to various autonomous systems, such as drones, self-driving cars, and mobile robots.(population and sampling distribution-EssayExample)

population and sampling distribution-EssayExample


Xu, J., Qiao, J., Han, X., He, Y., Tian, H., & Wei, Z. (2022). A random sampling-based method via the Gaussian process for motion planning in dynamic environments. Applied Sciences12(24), 12646. https://doi.org/10.3390/app122412646

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