Leadership Theories in Practice Discussion Samples

Leadership Theories in Practice Discussion Samples

Leadership Theories in Practice

In today’s healthcare settings, nurse leaders must transform healthcare systems and improve quality of life. One of the key insights I gained from the scholarly resources selected is that nurses must be flexible in their leadership styles and adjust them to suit the different situations they face daily. Leaders should express hopefulness about the future, help followers realize their potential, and empower people to implement changes (Suratno, 2018).

This insight aligns with the emotional intelligence characteristic, allowing leaders to deal with daily challenges in healthcare organizations (Broome & Marshall, 2021). The other insight gained from the resources is that the important goal of nurse leaders is to promote employee engagement and maintain a productive workforce. These effectively mitigate employee burnout (Wei et al., 2020). This supports theory Z that a leader fosters employee well-being to promote high morale, satisfaction, and production (Broome & Marshall, 2021). 

I have seen these behaviors and skills used in practice in the psychiatric unit where there was a shortage of nurses. The nurses complained of lack of effective communication and insensitivity to their individual needs. Which left the nurses feeling frustrated and unmotivated to pick up extra shifts. When my nurse manager set up monthly meetings to listen to staff members and address their needs, the nurses began to demonstrate increased engagement. Furthermore, the nurses complaints decreased and they became more committed to pick up extra shifts. 

In this situation, the nurse manager demonstrated authentic leadership skills emphasizing relationships between leaders and followers (Broome & Marshall, 2021). These skills were significantly effective because after the nurse manager established a good relationship with nurses, the complaining and uncommitted behaviors among nurses were reduced. 

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Leadership theories in practice discussion samples
Leadership Theories in Practice Discussion Samples

Peer 2

Nurse supervisors wear many hats daily. Their most important jobs include staying within budget and staffing. Being able to supply the hospital staff with the supplies needed to do their job is a skill they acquire from working closely with the charge nurses and the materials management coordinator.  For example, supervisors to make the correct decisions they meet with other staff.  Group decision and generated ideas by managerial staff, and non-managerial staff at all-staff meeting (Duggan, Aisaka, Tabak, et al, 2015) help to maintain a budget.

Keeping the hospital staffed adequately and staying within budget is another task that takes preparation. Using a grid to know how many nurses will be need for the day is very useful. It maybe more beneficial for supervisors to allow nursing staff to make their own schedule. Allowing nurses to do this helps nurses feel like they have better control of their time and are able to give better patient care (Leadership styles in nursing management … – wiley online library, n.d.).

Having an open line of communication in a workplace is what helps it run smoothly and effectively. When the nurse supervisor met with the house supervisor and materials management supervisor, she was able to see what supplies were needed as per the charge nurse and the materials management coordinator followed thru by letting them know what could be ordered and when supplies would arrive. 

By allowing the nursing staff to make their schedule the nurse manager empowers them and frees up time for herself. Every nurse leader has a specific leadership style “that impact on nurses’ satisfaction, turnover, and the quality of patient care they deliver” (The impact of Nurse Managers’ leadership styles on Ward Staff, n.d.).

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