levels of health promotion

Compare and contrast the three different levels of health promotion (primary, secondary, tertiary). Discuss how the levels of prevention help determine educational needs for a patient.

Levels of Health Promotion-Sample Solution

The primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of health promotion are equally important in improving patients’ health care outcomes. Nurses use these strategies to care for patients in different healthcare settings. The levels of healthcare promotion allow nurses to prevent and manage the disease to offer positive healthcare change (Goold et al., 2020). Notably, primary promotion or prevention prevents injuries or diseases even before they occur. Primary health care promotion entails the identification of injury/disease-casing hazards, changing unsafe behaviors, and increasing individuals’ resistance to disease or injury. Primary prevention comprises health promotion and health protection. In this case, health promotion entails educating the patients about healthy lifestyles, such as healthy eating and regular physical activity, while health protection involves immunization against diseases. Also, policies and legislations are a crucial part of health protection that bans the use of hazardous products that cause injuries or disease.(Health Promotion Levels Essay-Example)

On the contrary, secondary prevention aids in reducing the effects of injuries and diseases that have already occurred. Secondary health promotion allows early detection and treatment of diseases to slow or halt their progress (Kisling & Das, 2021). This level encourages individuals to avoid reinjury or reoccurrence of diseases while returning them to their functional capacity to prevent long-term healthcare problems. Secondary prevention entails regular screening and examination to detect disease in its early stages, for instance, frequent cervical breast cancer screening. Tertiary health care prevention entails treating and rehabilitating a stable and permanent disease or injury to improve and maintain functional capacity. Tertiary intervention is performed to reduce pain and improve quality of life and expectancy. For instance, palliative care conducted on a cancer patient in a hospice helps to offer end-of-life care.(Health Promotion Levels Essay-Example)

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Notably, healthcare education is used at different disease and injury management levels. Thus, the different levels of prevention aid in determining the need of individual patients. For instance, primary prevention aims to educative patients on preventative behavior, such as healthy eating and exercising regularly before the onset of a disease or injury. Secondary prevention informs early disease detection and management education by seeking immediate health care services during illness or injuries. Tertiary management will educate the nurses on improving functional activity and quality of life during permanent or chronic illness. For instance, nurses can help hypertensive and diabetes patients with the importance of physical activity for their health.(Health Promotion Levels Essay-Example)

Health Promotion Levels Essay-Example


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