Geriatric Nursing Topics, Ideas, and Research Paper Examples

Geriatric nursing, a specialized field within the realm of healthcare, plays a crucial role in promoting the well-being and quality of life of elderly individuals. As the world’s population continues to age, the demand for skilled geriatric nurses is on the rise.

Geriatric Nursing Topics

In this article, we discuss Geriatric Nursing Topics, ideas, and give 5 Research Paper Examples on Geriatric nursing.

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PICOT Questions Examples about Geriatric Nursing

  1. In geriatric patients residing in long-term care facilities (P), how does the implementation of a personalized exercise program (I) compared to routine care (C) affect the incidence of falls (O) within a six-month period (T)?
  2. In older adults with Alzheimer’s disease (P), what is the effect of music therapy (I) on reducing agitation and improving cognitive function (O) compared to standard care (C) over a three-month period (T)?
  3. In elderly individuals living independently (P), how does regular social engagement (I) compared to social isolation (C) influence the risk of depression (O) within a one-year timeframe (T)?
  4. In older patients with chronic pain (P), what is the impact of opioid analgesics (I) versus non-pharmacological pain management techniques (C) on overall pain relief and functional status (O) during a three-month intervention (T)?
  5. Among geriatric patients undergoing hip replacement surgery (P), how does preoperative physical therapy (I) compared to no preoperative physical therapy (C) affect postoperative mobility and recovery (O) within a two-month period (T)?
  6. In older adults with type 2 diabetes (P), what is the efficacy of self-monitoring of blood glucose levels (I) versus standard glucose management (C) in achieving glycemic control (O) over a six-month period (T)?
  7. Among older adults receiving palliative care (P), how does the provision of art therapy (I) compared to standard palliative care (C) influence overall comfort and quality of life (O) in their final weeks (T)?
  8. In elderly individuals with heart failure (P), what is the impact of telehealth monitoring (I) compared to traditional in-person follow-up (C) on hospital readmission rates (O) within a three-month period (T)?
  9. Among geriatric patients with pressure ulcers (P), how does the use of advanced wound dressings (I) compared to conventional wound care (C) affect wound healing rates (O) over an eight-week period (T)?
  10. In older adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (P), what is the effect of pulmonary rehabilitation (I) on improving exercise capacity and reducing dyspnea (O) compared to standard care (C) within a three-month intervention (T)?

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Geriatric Nursing Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Project Ideas

  1. Developing a falls prevention program tailored to geriatric patients in a specific healthcare setting.
  2. Assessing the effectiveness of reminiscence therapy in improving memory and reducing agitation in individuals with dementia.
  3. Implementing pain management strategies that prioritize non-pharmacological interventions for geriatric patients.
  4. Evaluating the impact of mindfulness meditation on reducing anxiety and improving overall well-being in older adults.
  5. Investigating the role of nutrition in preventing malnutrition and promoting healthy aging.
  6. Creating a geriatric care plan that addresses the unique needs of LGBTQ+ elderly individuals.
  7. Exploring the effectiveness of telehealth services for delivering mental health support to older adults.
  8. Designing a protocol for the early detection and intervention of delirium in hospitalized geriatric patients.
  9. Assessing the benefits of pet therapy in reducing depression and loneliness among elderly residents in long-term care facilities.
  10. Investigating the impact of technology-assisted home monitoring on medication adherence and health outcomes in older adults.
  11. Developing a comprehensive wound care protocol for managing pressure ulcers in the elderly.
  12. Implementing a structured exercise program for improving mobility and strength in older adults.
  13. Evaluating the use of alternative therapies, such as acupuncture or aromatherapy, in managing chronic pain in geriatric patients.
  14. Investigating the effectiveness of different communication strategies in enhancing the doctor-patient relationship for elderly individuals.
  15. Developing a culturally sensitive geriatric care plan for diverse populations.
  16. Exploring the role of family caregivers in providing support to older adults with chronic illnesses.
  17. Assessing the impact of environmental modifications in reducing the risk of falls in home-based geriatric patients.
  18. Investigating the barriers to accessing healthcare services faced by elderly individuals in rural communities.
  19. Evaluating the use of assistive technologies, such as smart home devices, to enhance the independence of older adults.
  20. Developing a medication management program to reduce polypharmacy and medication-related adverse events in geriatric patients.
Geriatric Nursing Topics

Geriatric Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Enhancing End-of-Life Care: Implementing a Palliative Care Program in a Nursing Home.
  2. Geriatric Medication Management: A Comprehensive Review and Improvement Plan.
  3. Exploring the Role of Telehealth in Geriatric Mental Health Services.
  4. The Impact of Fall Prevention Strategies on Reducing Hospital Readmissions in Geriatric Patients.
  5. Addressing Malnutrition in Elderly Patients: Developing a Nutritional Screening Protocol.
  6. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Delirium Prevention and Management in the Hospital Setting.
  7. Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Dementia-Friendly Environment in Long-Term Care Facilities.
  8. Improving Care Transitions for Geriatric Patients: A Hospital-to-Home Continuity Program.
  9. Assessing the Benefits of Pet Therapy in Long-Term Care Facilities: A Comparative Study.
  10. Optimizing Geriatric Pain Management: A Holistic Approach.
  11. Enhancing Medication Adherence in Older Adults through Technology-Assisted Interventions.
  12. Cultural Competency in Geriatric Nursing: Developing a Training Program for Healthcare Providers.
  13. Promoting Independence in Aging: An Assistive Technology Implementation Project.
  14. Evaluating the Impact of a Comprehensive Wound Care Program in Geriatric Settings.
  15. Addressing Polypharmacy in Geriatric Patients: An Interprofessional Medication Review.
  16. A Community-Based Approach to Geriatric Healthcare in Underserved Areas.
  17. Exploring the Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation in Geriatric Mental Health.
  18. Telemonitoring for Heart Failure Management in Older Adults: A Feasibility Study.
  19. Reducing the Risk of Falls in Home-Based Geriatric Patients: An Environmental Modification Project.
  20. Improving Healthcare Access for Elderly Residents in Rural Communities: A Needs Assessment.

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Nursing Research Paper Topics on Geriatric Nursing

  1. The Impact of Geriatric Nursing on Healthcare Outcomes: A Systematic Review.
  2. Geriatric Depression and Social Isolation: Strategies for Prevention and Intervention.
  3. Aging with Dignity: LGBTQ+ Elderly Healthcare Disparities and Solutions.
  4. Frailty Assessment in Geriatric Patients: Tools, Trends, and Clinical Implications.
  5. The Role of Family Caregivers in Supporting Older Adults with Chronic Illness.
  6. Polypharmacy in Geriatric Patients: A Critical Analysis of Medication Management.
  7. Exploring the Benefits of Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Geriatric Care.
  8. The Influence of Nutrition on Healthy Aging: A Comprehensive Review.
  9. Cognitive Decline in Aging: Early Detection and Intervention Strategies.
  10. End-of-Life Decision-Making in Elderly Patients: Ethical Dilemmas and Best Practices.
  11. The Impact of Environmental Factors on Falls Among Geriatric Patients.
  12. Telehealth in Geriatric Nursing: Advancements, Challenges, and Opportunities.
  13. Technology-Assisted Interventions for Managing Chronic Pain in Older Adults.
  14. Cultural Competence in Geriatric Nursing: Addressing the Needs of Diverse Populations.
  15. Aging in Rural America: Access to Healthcare and Health Disparities.
  16. Innovations in Geriatric Rehabilitation: From Physical Therapy to Cognitive Training.
  17. The Influence of Social Determinants of Health on Geriatric Healthcare Outcomes.”
  18. Telemonitoring for Chronic Disease Management in Geriatric Populations.
  19. The Role of Music Therapy in Enhancing the Quality of Life for Alzheimer’s Patients.
  20. Geriatric Palliative Care: Providing Comfort and Support in the Final Stages of Life.

Geriatric Nursing Research Questions Examples

  1. How does the utilization of geriatric-specific nursing interventions impact the overall health outcomes of elderly patients in long-term care facilities compared to traditional care practices?
  2. What are the factors contributing to the high prevalence of depression among geriatric patients, and how can nursing interventions effectively address this issue?
  3. How can geriatric nursing care plans be tailored to meet the unique healthcare needs and preferences of LGBTQ+ elderly individuals?
  4. What are the most reliable tools and methods for assessing frailty in geriatric patients, and how can early detection impact healthcare outcomes?
  5. How can geriatric nursing contribute to optimizing medication management and reducing polypharmacy-related issues in elderly patients?
  6. What are the most effective complementary and alternative therapies in geriatric care, and how can they be integrated into traditional healthcare practices?
  7. How do social determinants of health, such as income and housing, influence the health outcomes of elderly individuals, and how can geriatric nursing address these disparities?
  8. What innovative telehealth interventions can enhance the delivery of healthcare services to geriatric populations, particularly in remote or underserved areas?
  9. What strategies can be employed to effectively manage chronic pain in older adults, considering the potential risks associated with opioid medications?
  10. How can geriatric nursing training programs incorporate cultural competence to provide equitable care for diverse populations of elderly individuals?
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Nursing Essay Topic Ideas on Geriatric Nursing

  1. The Role of Geriatric Nursing in Addressing the Silver Tsunami.
  2. Geriatric Nursing: Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century.
  3. Dementia Care in the Elderly: A Comprehensive Nursing Perspective.
  4. End-of-Life Decision-Making: Ethical Dilemmas in Geriatric Nursing.
  5. The Impact of Family Caregivers on the Well-Being of Elderly Patients.
  6. Geriatric Nursing and the LGBTQ+ Elderly Community.
  7. Palliative Care in Geriatric Nursing: Providing Comfort and Dignity.
  8. Geriatric Depression: Identifying Risk Factors and Effective Interventions.
  9. Polypharmacy in Geriatric Patients: Balancing Benefits and Risks.
  10. Music Therapy in Alzheimer’s Care: A Nursing Approach.
  11. The Importance of Nutrition in Healthy Aging: A Nursing Perspective.
  12. Telehealth and the Future of Geriatric Nursing.
  13. Cultural Competence in Geriatric Nursing: Bridging the Gap.
  14. Frailty Assessment in Elderly Patients: A Nursing Perspective.
  15. Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Geriatric Care: Evidence and Practice.
  16. Fall Prevention Strategies for Geriatric Patients: A Nursing Approach.
  17. Geriatric Nursing in Rural Communities: Challenges and Solutions.
  18. Technology-Assisted Interventions for Chronic Pain Management in the Elderly.
  19. The Role of Social Determinants of Health in Geriatric Nursing.
  20. Geriatric Nursing Research: Advancements and Implications.
  21. Cognitive Decline in Aging: Nursing Interventions and Strategies.
  22. Geriatric Medication Management: Nursing Protocols and Best Practices.
  23. Telemonitoring for Heart Failure Management in Older Adults: A Nursing Perspective.
  24. Art Therapy in Geriatric Care: Promoting Emotional Well-Being.
  25. Telehealth and Mental Health Support for Geriatric Patients: A Nursing Exploration.
  26. Environmental Modifications for Fall Prevention in Home-Based Geriatric Patients.
  27. The Benefits of Pet Therapy in Long-Term Care Facilities: A Nursing Approach.
  28. Geriatric Nursing and Patient-Centered Care: Building Stronger Doctor-Patient Relationships.
  29. Nutrition Assessment and Intervention in Elderly Patients: A Nursing Priority.
  30. Geriatric Nursing and the Importance of Interdisciplinary Collaboration.
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Geriatric Nursing Research Paper Example

  1. Geriatric Windshield Survey

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Geriatric nursing is a dynamic field that demands both specialized knowledge and a commitment to continuous learning and research. The PICOT questions, EBP projects, capstone project ideas, research paper topics, and essay examples provided in this article serve as a valuable resource for students and practitioners seeking to explore the diverse facets of geriatric nursing. As the elderly population continues to grow, so too does the importance of geriatric nursing in ensuring that our older adults receive the highest quality care and support in their later years.


1. What are the core principles of geriatric assessment?

Geriatric assessment extends beyond the traditional disease-oriented medical evaluation of older persons’ health to include assessment of cognitive, affective, social, economic, environmental, spiritual, functional, and frailty status, as well as a discussion of patient preferences regarding advance directives.

2. What are the principles to be followed during geriatric prescribing?

Prescribing Cascade – “Any symptom in an older adult should be considered a drug side effect until proved otherwise.”

3. What are the 4 M’s of geriatric care?

Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility


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  10. “Gerontological Nursing: An Advanced Practice Approach” by Kristen L. Mauk

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