Online Learning Replacing Traditional Learning- Exemplification Essay-1-Nursing Paper Examples

Exemplification Essay-1

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected learning in many ways, both positively and negatively. Before the pandemic struck, traditional classroom learning was the most common form of learning in most colleges. Even though other institutions had already transitioned to online platforms for online classes. Consequently, the transition was slow and not fully integrated into academic frameworks (Exemplification Essay-1).

Exemplification Essay-1
Lessons On Learning: How The Pandemic Changed Education

Online Learning And Traditional Learning (Exemplification Essay-1)

Traditional classroom learning and online learning provide colleges with different learning techniques, influencing students’ results and outcomes. I believe that online learning effectively replaces traditional classroom learning. Moreover, as it provides learning flexibility, allows interactions, and utilizes online resources.

 Online learning integrates technological resources such as personal computers, tablets, and phones into the learning environment. Hence, facilitate flexibility and overcome traditional learning barriers. With the limitations of the pandemic and the elimination of essential features of traditional learning such as lectures and classroom learning, online learning has provided a more flexible and accessible platform for learning that meets the social distancing requirements (Exemplification Essay-1).

The flexibility makes it easier to limit the virus’s spread. More so, while supporting learning regardless of geographical location, age, and the number of learners. I believe that these benefits, coupled with the current physical movement limitations and lockdowns, make online learning a practical and versatile replacement for traditional learning.

The pandemic limits social interactions extensively, affecting one of the strengths of traditional learning. The limitations affect learning adversely by hindering interactions between learners and their educators and between learners and their peers. One of the most exciting aspects of the traditional classroom was the peers I had in class (Exemplification Essay-1).

So far, online learning has brought about better tools such as Zoom that allow better interactions with my classmates and our instructors. I believe that meaningful interactions with instructors are the most effective and salient way to learn and yield embellished results, although online learning through synchronous online courses at the same time allows two-way communication (Exemplification Essay-1).

Unlimited and near-instant access to online study resources makes the online learning environment suitable for almost every learning level. Students and instructors can share and explore online materials through emails and other online platforms without visiting libraries. Although lectures can be conducted online and course materials provided, students can further their research using different search engines such as Google and Bing (Exemplification Essay) (Exemplification Essay-1).

These resources epitomize those provided as part of coursework. Nonetheless, study materials provided on the internet are diverse, and it can be challenging to determine which one is relevant. This helps alleviate tedious work and the need to have many books to read and make needed information available in soft copy form, making the online learning environment more resourceful than traditional classroom learning.

 Through online education, the physical limitations brought about by the pandemic stood eliminated. Although most people would argue that online classes limit student-educator interactions, this analogy provides complimentary online support for students to engage their respective educators and peers. Moreover, online resources provide an innovative platform where I can access numerous study materials and utilize them efficiently. Therefore, with the current pandemic, online learning has proved to be more effective than traditional classroom learning (Exemplification Essay-1).

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