the evolution of public nursing

Providing nursing care in the community can occur in many places and with many different populations. Regardless of their titles, both public health and community health nurses work together in a community-oriented practice by striving to create a healthier community for the people involved.(public nursing evolution essay)

In population-focused nursing practice, as a nurse, you will be involved in assessing the health status of the entire population by considering the broad determinants of health. Then nursing interventions are planned and implemented at all levels of prevention and practice. The history of public health nursing is credited to Lilian Wald, who cared for the poor in the Lower East Side of New York City.   Our nursing history is rich in the arena of public health nursing.(public nursing evolution essay)

The discussion board will look at how the history of public health nursing connects to our current practice.(public nursing evolution essay)

1. Locate a scholarly article on the History of Public health nursing.

2.  Give a synopsis of the article.(public nursing evolution essay)

3. Discuss how nursing back then impacts our current nursing practice(public nursing evolution essay)

4.  The initial post must integrate evidence from readings and outside scholarly source(s) with citations and (2 or more) references in total.(public nursing evolution essay)


HenryStSettlement. (2018). Baptism Of Fire – Henry Street Settlement [Video]. YouTube.

Anderson, E.T. and McFarlane, J. (2019). Community as partner: Theory and practice in nursing (8th). Wolters Kluwer, Philadelphia, PA(public nursing evolution essay)

public nursing evolution essay-Solution

Public nursing plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and well-being of communities. This essay aims to explore the evolution of public nursing, highlighting significant advancements, changes in roles and responsibilities, and the impact on healthcare delivery.Public nursing traces its origins back to the mid-19th century when pioneers like Florence Nightingale laid the foundation for modern nursing practices. Nightingale’s work during the Crimean War showcased the importance of hygiene and sanitation in healthcare settings, leading to improved patient outcomes. Over time, nursing organizations were established, legislation was enacted to protect nurses’ rights and ensure professional standards, and reforms were implemented to expand access to healthcare services.(public nursing evolution essay)

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The roles and responsibilities of public nurses have evolved significantly over the years. Initially, their primary focus was on providing direct patient care and basic health education. However, as healthcare needs became more complex and communities faced new challenges, public nurses took on additional roles such as health promotion, disease prevention, community outreach, and policy advocacy. Today, public nurses are involved in diverse activities, including immunization campaigns, health screenings, disaster response, and addressing social determinants of health.(public nursing evolution essay)

(public nursing evolution essay)The impact of public nursing on healthcare delivery has been profound. At the local level, public nurses have been instrumental in improving community health outcomes by addressing health disparities, promoting health education, and implementing preventive measures. Regionally and nationally, public nursing initiatives have led to the development of comprehensive healthcare policies, the establishment of public health departments, and the integration of nursing expertise into public health programs. Despite the progress, challenges such as limited resources and increasing healthcare demands continue to shape the future of public nursing.(public nursing evolution essay)

In conclusion, the evolution of public nursing has been marked by significant advancements, changes in roles and responsibilities, and a positive impact on healthcare delivery. Public nurses have played a vital role in promoting community health, addressing healthcare disparities, and shaping healthcare policies. Looking ahead, public nursing will continue to adapt to emerging healthcare challenges and contribute to the well-being of communities.(public nursing evolution essay)

public nursing evolution essay

public nursing evolution essay

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