251041 Responses-Patient Trust and Engagement-Nursing Paper Examples

Response to Student 1 (Patient Trust and Engagement-Nursing Paper Examples)

Hello, (Patient Trust and Engagement-Nursing Paper Examples)

Thank you for an informative and elaborative discussion. Working with patients requires ethical conduct linked to increased patient trust and engagement. I agree that veracity is an ethical aspect of care that requires practitioners to remain truthful to their patients rather than giving false reassurances. Veracity requires nurses to hold themselves and others accountable to be competent, accurate, and objective in the information they share with patients and in promoting patient-centered care (Graf et al., 2020).

Patient Trust and Engagement-Nursing Paper Examples
Patient Trust and Engagement-Nursing Paper Examples

Veracity complements other ethical principles, including accountability, fidelity, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence . Nurses demonstrating veracity prioritize patients’ rights, needs, and values, encouraging patients to participate actively in their care (Graf et al., 2020). You have selected articles demonstrating ethical and legal considerations regarding veracity when dealing with adults and children/adolescents (Patient Trust and Engagement-Nursing Paper Examples).

I like your analysis of the articles and the clear presentation of these considerations concerning patient care. I agree that reliable practitioners are more transparent with others and themselves, promoting veracity and honesty. Additionally, practicing veracity facilitates providing equal health care to all patients. Being factual and honest with parents is also crucial when dealing with children to achieve positive outcomes (Patient Trust and Engagement).

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Graf, W. D., Epstein, L. G., & Pearl, P. L. (2020). Practical Bioethics during the Exceptional Circumstances of a Pandemic. Pediatric neurology108, 3–4. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pediatrneurol.2020.04.011

Response to Student 2

I enjoyed reading your discussion for its robustness and clarity. I agree that PMHNP practice is guided by ethical and legal foundations that protect patients and colleagues during workplace engagements. Nurses should provide the best care for their patients and ensure every decision made is best for their patients. However, patients have to be involved in every clinical decision and agree to every treatment regimen unless in an emergency. Acting in the best interests of their patients, nurses have to obtain informed consent, which is a confirmation that patients are engaging in a treatment plan (Patient Trust and Engagement-Nursing Paper Examples).

Consequently, or procedure voluntarily or with enough knowledge about the treatment, including risks and benefits (Strini et al., 2021). I like your analysis of the articles and the ethical and legal considerations presented regarding informed consent. The evidence indicates that some patients are unaware of the informed consent process. The provider has to inform patients about informed consent and the importance of their perspectives in the care process. Informed consent is critical when dealing with children or adolescents because they cannot make sound judgments and require consent from their parents (Patient Trust and Engagement-Nursing Paper Examples).


Strini, V., Schiavolin, R., & Prendin, A. (2021). The Role of the Nurse in Informed Consent to Treatments: An Observational-Descriptive Study in the Padua Hospital. Clinics and practice11(3), 472–483. https://doi.org/10.3390/clinpract11030063
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