Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Topic 4 DQ 1

Around 10% of hospitalized patients experience harm or complications not associated with the underlying illness. About 2% of these patients experience significant permanent injury or death arising from errors in medical care. The hospital is mandated to determine and report the rates of hospital-acquired infections and noninfectious complications. Complications can arise from medication errors, ordering, dispensing errors, administration errors, and side effects. Catheterized patients are at a higher risk of developing catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) (Young, 2017). Prevention is crucial, and hospitals need to develop strategies and adopt models that can help reduce the complication rates. In our operating team, complications are post-surgery, including infections, fever, pulmonary embolism, and deep vein thrombosis. Wound infections, shock, hemorrhage, and lung complications are also common among the patients we operate.(Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

(Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)
Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example 1

The hospital can employ the Model for Improvement (MFI) as a quality improvement approach to reduce the complication rates in the operating room. The MFI model utilizes a rapid cycle process referred to as Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycles to determine the impact of minor changes, adopt them, and finally spread the effective ones in the room and during every operational procedure associated with the team (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2021). To implement the MFI, the operating team needs to ask itself what it is trying to achieve, test if a change is an improvement, and what or how many changes can lead to improvement. After determining the effective changes, the team has to introduce them to improve. The introduction of the changes uses the PDSA cycles until the teams arrive at a level they believe is the desired results.(Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (2021). Module 4. Approaches to quality improvement. Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

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(Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)
Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example 2

Topic 4 DQ 2

The obstetric unit is designed for healthy women at a reduced risk of complications and provides care to help women have a normal birth. The unit aims to standardize the discharge process by ensuring an efficient billing system, adopting electronic charts and medical records, developing discharge plans during admission, improving care coordination, improving bed management, and ensuring discharge medication is at the word promptly. The unit can implement these changes using the Six Sigma approach to standardize the discharge process. Six Sigma is a management tool that helps organizations and workforces reduce the likelihood of an error occurring (Niñerola et al., 2020). It helps improve the quality of processes, products, and services for higher customer satisfaction. To standardize the discharge process means the healthcare team has to eliminate defects such as long waiting periods and delays in prescription and treatment.(Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Six Sigma is a five-step approach comprising of Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. The unit should identify the patients and their needs, define them clearly, and define the discharge process’s objectives and capabilities. The next step is measuring the unit’s performance, potential changes, and improvements using patient satisfaction, clinical excellence rate, and service cost. The data collected for measurement should be analyzed to ensure efficiency. The analysis step can utilize statistical techniques to determine the actual cause of the quality problem and the effectiveness of the selected improvement strategies (Aminu, 2018). The improvement stage requires the unit to modify the discharge process using the selected strategies. It should track progress and monitor the effectiveness of the improvement interventions. Lastly is the control stage, in which the unit should consolidate the gains from the other stages, for instance, introduce policies and protocols to guide the process and dictate the implementation of the selected strategies.(Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

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(Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)
Medication Errors Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example 3

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