Intercultural Interview Essay Discussion

Intercultural Interview Essay – You are admitting a 19-year-old female college student to the hospital for fevers. Using the patient information provided, choose a culture unfamiliar to you and describe what would be important to remember while you interview this patient. Discuss the healthcare support systems available in your community for someone of this culture. If no support systems are available in your community, identify a national resource.

Response 1 Intercultural Interview Essay

With the rising and mobilization of cultural and religious diversities to ensure safety on health service, we need to be appropriate in terms of culture. There have been existing links among the low culture competencies on health care practices, and lousy level of excellence on health results. For instance, if a nurse admits a young adult of the Hindus culture, it is crucial to know their beliefs and other practices. The Hindus acknowledge the full freedom of people to rehearse their faith. The former Hindu beliefs, families, mainly the older people, play a robust function in health care judgments. Hindu cultures, mostly utilizes the local medicine drugs, with this information on all medicines are needed. Therefore, there is need for a nurse and health worker to exercise great caution when dealing with such culture putting in mind that the young adults cannot even make decisions on their health. Hindus may need to be using other drugs like the Ayurveda and homeopathy in addition to feeling their cultures over other prescribed, mostly injunction with the antibiotics. They also assume to be modern and will like to be examined by healthcare providers of similar gender and a family member to be present (Joustra & Moloney, 2018).(Intercultural Interview Essay)

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The healthcare support system available is Hindus of higher Houston. The Hindu faith boosts love in addition to the organization’s target is to carry the Hindu faith forward and make the universe a better place for all the people. On the same note, it’s powered that hospitals are supposed to give the translations when someone needs it. Usually provides this in different languages in addition to using a phone (Nugent & Vitale, 2015).( Intercultural Interview Essay)


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Response 2 to Intercultural Interview Essay

My 19-year-old college student patient would be of Mexican origin first generation. It is important for me to remember that my patient is most likely the first in her family to go to college with little or no family emotional support to seek further education for a female in the Mexican culture. I must keep in mind this family will most like be more accepting for the patient to become a mother and wife over education and career and likely to be low income and cannot afford medical expenses. The patient has a fever with no PCP so it is important for the nurse to identify if she has been in contact with anyone recently that has been sick or if she has travelled out of the United States recently. It is also important to find out if she is up to date with her vaccinations. “Hispanic adults are less likely than other Americans to have health insurance and to receive preventative medical care. Language and cultural barriers, as well as factors such as higher levels of poverty, particularly among recent Hispanic immigrants, are among the social and economic dynamics that contribute to disparate health outcomes for Hispanic Americans” (Hispanic Americans’ experiences with health care, 2022). The Hollywood Free clinic is a good resource to offer the patient to help with her future medical needs. They offer a wide variety of services. “General medical exams, education, treatment, & referrals (Limited) , Physical Therapy & EKGs” (Services, 2023). Intercultural Interview Essay(Intercultural Interview Essay)

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Hispanic Americans’ experiences with health care. (2022, June 16). Pew Research Center Science & Society.

Response 3 Intercultural Interview Essay

In the United States there is many different individuals that come from many different cultures. According to Southern Council there is 11 Distinct “Cultures” that are in the United States (Furnman, 2019). The 19-Year-old college student that was admitted into the hospital for fevers is from Bosnia. She was born in Bosnia in 1996 and moved to the United States when she was 5. She comes from Bosnia and Bosnia is in Europe. Bosnia used to be Yugoslavia and then it was divided into three. Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia and they have different backgrounds (Health Gld, n.d.). Bosnian people are Muslim, so they are very similar to middle eastern. The 19-year-old college student was covered in a hijab, and she did not make eye contact with the male doctor that was trying to treat her. She asked for a different doctor due to her being Bosnian Muslim she was uncomfortable to be examined by a male, and in Bosnian culture men, beside their husbands, are not allowed to see covered women hair, or skin.  Asking for a female doctor that can examine her completely and make sure she is comfortable with. In today’s world there is many different resources that are available for women that are covered and are being seen at a hospital. There will always be a female nurse or doctor that will be available to help treat and evaluate the patient. As patient they just need to be ok to ask and the nurses or doctors should also be able to ask and offer to the patient someone else for them. Intercultural Interview Essay. (Intercultural Interview Essay)

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Intercultural Interview Essay
Intercultural Interview Essay Discussion 1

Furnman, K. (2019, March 5). Southern Council. Retrieved February 6, 2023, from The United Countries of America:

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