Dare to Disagree

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Dare to disagree essay example

Watch the video


Then, answer the following questions:

1. What is Heffernan’s main argument? Why does she think it is important?

2. How does disagreement lead to better partnerships? What kind of examples does Heffernan provide to prove that?

3. In the end, are you convinced? What kind of rhetorical strategies did she use to convince you or fail to use?


Analyzing a video and answering questions about it involves a systematic approach to observe, interpret, and extract information. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

1. Prepare:

  • Make sure you have access to the video file and a device with a suitable media player.
  • Have a note-taking tool ready to jot down important observations and timestamps.

2. Watch the Video:

  • Play the video from the beginning, paying close attention to details.(Dare to disagree essay example)
  • Watch the video multiple times if needed to capture all relevant information.

3. Observe:

  • Take note of the video’s setting, characters, and any visual or auditory cues.
  • Identify any significant actions, events, or changes in the video.
  • (Dare to disagree essay example)

4. Note Timestamps:

  • As you watch the video, note down timestamps for specific events or moments you want to refer to later.

5. Answering Questions:

  • Read the questions you need to answer before re-watching the video for analysis. This will help you focus on relevant details.
  • (Dare to disagree essay example)
  • Keep the questions in mind as you re-watch the video, making it easier to spot the necessary information.
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6. Analyze Content:

  • Go through the video again, this time focusing on the specific aspects related to the questions.
  • Pay attention to facial expressions, dialogue, actions, and surroundings that might hold the answers.

7. Take Notes:

  • While watching, pause the video at relevant moments and jot down notes that relate to the questions.
  • Use timestamps to make it easier to find these moments later.(Dare to disagree essay example)

8. Interpret Information:

  • Analyze the information you’ve gathered and think critically about its implications.
  • Consider the context of the video and how different elements might be connected.

9. Organize Your Responses:

  • For each question, review your notes and timestamp references.
  • Formulate your answers based on the evidence you’ve observed.

10. Provide Detailed Responses:

  • Write or communicate your answers in a clear and concise manner.(Dare to disagree essay example)
  • Include specific references to the video, such as timestamps or descriptions of relevant scenes.

11. Review and Revise:

  • After writing your answers, review them to ensure they accurately address the questions and are well-structured.
  • Make any necessary revisions to improve clarity and coherence.

12. Final Check:

  • Double-check that your answers are well-supported by the video content.
  • Ensure that you have covered all the required points for each question.(Dare to disagree essay example)

13. Submit or Communicate Your Responses:

  • If you’re answering questions as part of an assignment or task, submit your responses according to the provided instructions.
  • If you’re discussing the video verbally, present your findings and answers in a clear and organized manner.

Remember, thorough analysis involves attention to detail and critical thinking. By following these steps, you’ll be better equipped to extract relevant information from a video and provide accurate answers to questions

Marking Rubric:

Criteria Excellent (5) Proficient (4) Satisfactory (3) Developing (2) Limited (1)
Understanding of Content Demonstrates a deep and nuanced understanding of the video’s content, themes, and messages. Shows a clear understanding of the video’s content, themes, and messages. Demonstrates a basic understanding of the video’s content, themes, and messages.
  • (Dare to disagree essay example)
Shows a limited understanding of the video’s content, themes, and messages. Fails to grasp the video’s content, themes, and messages.
Analysis of Visual and Audio Elements Provides insightful analysis of visual elements (cinematography, lighting, etc.) and audio elements (soundtrack, dialogue, etc.), connecting them to the video’s overall impact. Offers a solid analysis of visual and audio elements, discussing their impact on the viewer’s experience. Provides a basic analysis of visual and audio elements without in-depth connections to the video’s impact. Presents limited analysis of visual and audio elements, with minimal connection to the video’s impact. Lacks analysis of visual and audio elements.
Critical Thinking and Interpretation Displays critical thinking by offering well-supported interpretations of the video’s meaning and purpose. Demonstrates sound critical thinking with reasonable interpretations of the video’s meaning and purpose. Provides interpretations that are somewhat superficial or lack full development.
  • (Dare to disagree essay example)
Attempts to interpret the video but with flawed reasoning or unsupported claims. Fails to provide meaningful interpretations.
Integration of Contextual Information Expertly integrates relevant contextual information (historical, cultural, etc.) that enriches the analysis. Effectively incorporates contextual information that enhances the analysis. Includes some contextual information, but it may be incomplete or tangential to the analysis. Makes limited or weak attempts to integrate contextual information. No use of contextual information.
Structure and Organization Presents ideas in a well-organized, logical manner with seamless transitions between points. Structures ideas coherently with clear transitions between points. Organizes ideas with some logical sequence, but transitions may be somewhat abrupt.
  • (Dare to disagree essay example)
Presents ideas with minimal organization and disjointed transitions. Lacks clear structure and organization.
Writing Clarity and Mechanics Demonstrates excellent writing skills with no or very few grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. Displays proficient writing skills with minor errors that do not hinder comprehension. Writing is mostly clear, but errors may occasionally disrupt understanding.
  • (Dare to disagree essay example)
Contains several noticeable errors that interfere with understanding. Writing is unclear due to numerous errors.
Overall Presentation and Engagement Engages the reader with a compelling analysis, effectively conveying enthusiasm for the topic. Presents an engaging analysis that maintains the reader’s interest. Provides a somewhat engaging analysis, but enthusiasm and engagement could be improved.
  • (Dare to disagree essay example)
Struggles to maintain reader’s interest due to lack of engagement. Fails to engage the reader.
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