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Air Travel Discussion Essay Example

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The goal of an advance operation as it relates to executive protective services is to identify areas of concern relevant to the safety and security of the principal prior to his or her actual arrival. The identification of these threats and hazards enables protective services professionals to implement mitigation measures to reduce threats or remove the principal entirely from danger areas. Advance operations include every aspect of the principal’s travel plans, from flights to lodging, and dining to business establishments(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example). According to Oatman (2007, as cited by Oatman 2011, p. 131), an advance mission entails “efforts to learn about an executive’s route and destination and all the details that affect the trip and the stay.” With respect to air travel and lodging, there are many factors that are deemed critical to a successful protective services mission, but I will focus on safety and security, effective coordination, and distances from those facilities to the executive’s business-related activities.(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example)

Air Travel

Safety and securityare key factors in executive air travel and should be assessed in detail to ensure a successful protective services mission. During the advance, the detail should identify safe zones within the receiving airport, how the receiving airport is secured from a technological standpoint, and who exactly is providing the security. They should also identify areas of concern like unsecured ticketing and baggage areas and look for mitigating factors to limit their principal’s exposure to these areas. Another critical factor is the effective and detailed coordinationwith the local security professionals, local police, the Regional Security Office for international travel, and receiving airport authorities to determine recent crime trends and areas of concern in and around the airport facilities, customs processes and potential delays, rental car access and ability to obtain protected vehicles(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example). The third factor in an advance operation on air travel that is critical to a successful protective services mission is the distance from the receiving airport to the hotel or other planned destination(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example). For planning purposes, the advance should identify undesirable routes like those that are prone to congestion or advance through high crime areas, construction zones, or unimproved roads. Time on the road is a significant consideration for the protection specialist so the airport’s location in relation to lodging or other planned activity locations should be taken into account.(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example)

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The overall safety and security of the designated lodging establishment is also a critical component to the overall success of a protective services mission. The advance of the hotel should, much like the air travel advance, identify their physical security protocols or lack thereof, general public access control, its location with special consideration towards criminal activity in and around the area, the use of security technology, network safeguards, the type of floorplan, entry and egress restrictions and security measures, fire escape plans and routes, and emergency response protocols(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example). The advance detail may also want to determine whether other notable guests will be frequenting the establishment during the principal’s visit, as this may bring about the potential for unwanted contact with the general public. Like with air travel, effective and detailed coordination with key local staff is a key factor in a successful protective services mission. Engaging with local officials, hotel staff, other established local security professionals and the RSO in the case of international travel, can assist with obtaining much of this information as well as suggesting mitigation options to potential hazards. The hotel, in all likelihood, will be the executive’s staging point, unless he intends to conduct business on-site. Since he or she will be conducting business at another location or several locations, it is critical to identify available safe routes from the hotel.(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example)

The glaring difference between air travel and lodging is that there may be many lodging options afforded to the principal at a given location but with respect to air travel, only one may be available. When it comes to international travel, an executive may be limited to an airport with antiquated security measures, located in a dangerous area, or frequented by criminal elements that target Westerners. The lack of available options places a premium on an advance mission to identify mitigating factors to make the travel more safe and secure for the principal.(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example)


Oatman, R.L., (2006). Executive protection: New solutions for a new era. Arnold, MD: Nobel HouseHouseH

Need 250 word response 1 reference

Advance is the most important aspect of EP operations. Sound planning is the key to a successful EP operation, and advance is the main pillar of operational planning. During an advance, the EP is expected to gather all information related to travel, logistics, protocol, and surround security and safety of the area. Furthermore, this is the time when the advance team is also required to meet the local law enforcement agencies and counterparts to discuss and fine tune the operational planning(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example). According to Oatman (2006), an advance mission entails “efforts to learn about an executive’s route and destination and all the details that affect the trip and the stay.” With respect to air travel and lodging, there are many factors that are deemed critical to a successful protective services mission, but at this point let me focus on safety, security and effective coordination with the local authorities.(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example)

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Air travel

Irrespective of short, medium and long distant travel, the fixed and rotary wing aircraft is the most convenient and trusted mode of transport. Not only they offer a huge time savings, but also, air travel is generally safer than road travel in many parts of the world. However, safety rating of the aircraft service provider is an issue. International Air Transport Associated is an international body who represent, lead and service the airlines industry(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example). They also do safety ratings for the airlines (commercial and private). Whilst, many of the commercial airlines are category A, some of the private and local air charter services do not have the appropriate safety ratings. They might have local license, but EP agents should always look for the safety ratings of the chartered aircraft. According to IATA (n.d.) safety has 6 elements – cabin safety, loss of control in flight, controlled flight terrain, runaway safety, fatigue and mid-air-collision(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example). In terms of security – there are big ticket items. In the past we have witnessed aircraft hijacking by terrorists or criminals or activists. Security at the airport terminal could be a serious issue. One could remember the assassination of Mr. Kim Jong-nam, who is the eldest son of deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, and brother of the current leader Kim Jong-un. The incident happened at the Kualalampur International Airport terminal. Just after arrival from an internal flight, in the main terminal he was attacked and applied with poisonous nerve gas. He died instantly in the presence of hundreds of eye-witnesses. Such type of security incident in the airport terminal is not rare, and the advance team must exercise the highest judgement while doing an advance mission at the airport. Although there could be hundreds of police and security officers at the airport, the huge crowd inside the terminal is the biggest challenge. If the dignitary is a known celebrity, then the chances of intrusion by the over-enthusiastic selfie-monger passengers could be a serious challenge. Security inside the cabin could be another issue. There may not be any air-marshal in the aircraft, and what if a passenger turns to be a vengeful criminal and attacks the dignitary? What measures are put in place inside the aircraft? That is the reason, there is a need for a huge coordination between the EP and airport security and local police officers.(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example)

Hotel accommodation

While travelling to another city or country, except few, most of the VIP or dignitary prefer to stay in a star rated hotels. Some dignitaries may opt to stay at rented apartments. Hotels and apartments a fixed physical address, which in most cases are prominent and has a serious security and safety related risks. In most of the star rated hotel in US and Europe, the security arrangement is scanty. The superficial screening at the main entrance doesn’t prevent any intruder from entering the hotel. Besides, the hotel elevator and stair cases are mostly open and transparent, and anyone could visit the accommodation area and lobby(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example). Furthermore, the dining and kitchen area have a lax security, and easy to compromise. According to Journal of Travel and Tourism (nd), the Bureau of Justice Statics reported that over 53000 crimes occur annually in hotel rooms in 2009. The crime list includes petty theft, robbery, murder, rape, vandalism, fraud, auto theft, drug, prostitution, harassment, abuse, extortion, etc. Another major issue is fire safety and health hazard and natural calamities(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example). According to FEMA, around 1% of all residential fire happens at hotels and motels. Dating back to 19thcentury, there have been reports of many major scale hotel fire in the USA. It is always strongly advised that the EP advance team visit the hotel accommodation, assess the physical and electronic security systems (screening, CCTV, guards, patrol, response capacity, fire alarm, fire stair, evacuation route, assembly area) etc. Also, they need to coordinate with the local police and fire department to understand how they would respond in case of a security and safety incident.(Air Travel Discussion Essay Example)

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Air Travel Discussion Essay Example


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Oatman, R.L., (2006). Executive protection: New solutions for a new era. Arnold, MD: Nobel HouseHouseH

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