Emergency Management Training-Nursing Paper Examples

Emergency Management Training

Emergency management training offers individuals a chance to learn how to react and respond to emergency incidents. The training is crucial to ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities to minimize the impact of the incident (Topping, 2018)(Emergency Management Training).

The training should be introduced in the initial stages of police, fire, or EMS training because they can experience an emergency at any time during training, and they need to understand how to respond. The trainees will always be prepared for any emergency. Without training, individuals can panic, limiting their ability to act appropriately to ensure the security and life safety of others and themselves.

Emergency Management Training
Emergency Management Training

Emergency management training is critical for every employee initially assigned to a job. When an organization hires new employees, emergency management training makes the new hirers familiar with evacuation routes, potential emergency incidents in the organization, and shutdown procedures (Renschler et al., 2016). Training includes practical drills to inform new hires what to do when the alarm sounds like evacuating from the facility and coordinating with others to minimize impact.

Training helps the employees follow the set Emergency protocol to reduce physical injuries and potential fatalities. The protocol includes guidance during emergencies, which new employees should follow to handle unexpected situations effectively. Training also increases the confidence of new hires when emergencies occur. Comprehensive crisis response training makes new employees more assured of their capability to handle the situation.

Training also informs new employees on how to utilize safety resources properly (Naser & Saleem, 2018). Most people do not know how to operate equipment like fire extinguishers which can worsen the emergency. Employees will learn what fire extinguishers are applicable for what fires. Offering training reassures new employees that the organization has confidence in them and valuable assets during emergency management.


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