Directions: Choose one of the following scenarios and write a claim letter for the scenario.

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Scenario A – Course Credit

You are a senior at Astoria College and have been denied a tuition refund for a summer course MATH 3325 you thought you dropped. As though the monetary penalty was not enough, you also discover that you have been given a grade of WF (Withdraw Failing) for the course, which is not only hurting the exceptional grade point average (GPA) you have been building for three years, but it is also making admission to the veterinary medicine program to which you want to apply almost impossible. When you contact the school’s registrar about the problem, he notes that while you did drop the course, you did so outside of the prescribed calendar date to withdraw without penalty and as a result you are not entitled to neither a refund nor a grade change.

Task: Write a claim letter to the dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Neville Hodges (5833 University Blvd. Astoria, FL 34103), requesting an adjustment for your tuition and grade. Include relevant details to support your claim.

Scenario B – Banquet Debacle
In January, your organization (create the organization) held its annual awards banquet at the infamous Millennium Hotel in New York City. You, as the president of the organization, made all the arrangements for the event with the hotel’s banquet manager, Deborah Vanderbilt, for a private ballroom to accommodate 150 guests. A deposit was paid and the final balance was remitted 5-days prior to your event on February 28, 2019. Two weeks ago you received a past-due notice from the hotel charging that your organization owes an outstanding balance of $600 for food services because your group did not meet the 150 minimum guest requirement for the selected menus, and as a result were charged the additional $4 per person fee. When you called to address the matter with Ms. Vanderbilt, she explained that the information about the minimum guest requirement is printed on the website and in all printed communications for the menus; the information is also on your contract. Your account now runs the risk of being turned over to collections which will cause an embarrassment to the organization and jeopardize any future business dealing with Millennium if not paid.

Task: Write a claim letter to the hotel’s Vice President of Operations, Vino Delveccio (9640 E. 52nd St. New York, NY 10024) requesting an adjustment. Include relevant details to support your claim.

Scenario C— Cancelled Subscription

You have been a satisfied subscriber to HypeWear Inc for the past five years. As a subscriber, you receive monthly news and updates about the company, free samples of new products, and discounts on shopping for items online or in store. You have always considered Hype Wear Inc’s products to be on the cutting edge. However, in a recent article published in the monthly online newsletter, you learn that one of your favorite products (you name it) will soon be discontinued. As you read the article, you discover several inaccuracies about the product that call into question the company’s reasoning to discontinue the product, so you write a letter to bring the inaccuracies to the owner’s attention in hopes of changing his mind about cancelling the product. For your efforts, HypeWear Incmysteriously cancels your yearly subscription. You are shocked and deeply saddened that the company has decided to take this particular course of action, particularly since your $75/year subscription is paid in full for the next two years. When you call to inquire about the cancellation, you are given the run around and no real justification for the action which is clearly punitive.

Your task: Write a letter to company CEO, Mr. Ravi Shankar, (300 Fashion Circle, East Rogers Park, IL 60626) requesting an adjustment.

Reminders—All letters should:
• be one page in length (4 paragraphs).

  • have visual appeal.
  • include all relevant information for the user to make an informed decision.
  • appeal to audience’s expectations, attitudes, and technical background.
  • be delivered to class and uploaded into Blackboard by due dates.

Notes—Review the information presented in Chapter 14 as well as your notes to help you compose your letter. Use the textbook as a guide not as a “template.”

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