NUR 513 Topic 6 dq 1 and 2

Assignment: Evaluating Nursing Information Using the CRAAP Test

Objective: The objective of this assignment is to help nursing students develop critical thinking skills and the ability to evaluate the credibility of information sources using the CRAAP Test (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose). By completing this assignment, students will enhance their ability to find trustworthy nursing information for their academic and professional pursuits.(CRAAP Test Essay sample)


Step 1: Understanding the CRAAP Test In this step, students will review and understand the CRAAP Test criteria (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose) and how they can be applied to evaluate the credibility of nursing information sources.

Step 2: Selecting Nursing Information Sources Each student is required to find two nursing-related information sources. These sources can be journal articles, websites, or any other type of nursing-related material.(CRAAP Test Essay sample)

Step 3: Applying the CRAAP Test Using the two selected information sources, students will evaluate each source using the CRAAP Test criteria. They should consider the following questions:(CRAAP Test Essay sample)

  1. Currency:
    • When was the information published or last updated?
    • Is the information current enough for the topic being discussed?
  2. Relevance:
    • Does the information provided relate to the topic or research question?
    • Is the scope of the information suitable for the intended purpose?
  3. Authority:
    • Who is the author or organization responsible for the information?
    • Are they experts in the field of nursing?(CRAAP Test Essay sample)
  4. Accuracy:
    • Is the information supported by evidence, research, or references?
    • Are there any factual errors or biases in the content?
  5. Purpose:
    • What is the purpose or intent of the information source?
    • Is it objective, informative, persuasive, or biased?

Step 4: Writing the Essay After evaluating both sources using the CRAAP Test, students will write a nursing essay that discusses their findings. The essay should include the following sections:(CRAAP Test Essay sample)

  1. Introduction:
    • Provide a brief overview of the CRAAP Test and its importance in evaluating information sources for nursing research.
  2. Description of Information Sources:
    • Briefly describe each of the two nursing information sources selected for evaluation.
  3. Application of the CRAAP Test:
    • For each source, discuss the evaluation based on the criteria of Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. Include both the strengths and weaknesses of each source.
  4. Comparison of Information Sources:
    • Compare the credibility of the two sources based on their CRAAP Test evaluations.
  5. Importance of Evaluating Nursing Information:
    • Reflect on the significance of using the CRAAP Test in nursing practice and research.
  6. Conclusion:
    • Summarize the key points and emphasize the importance of critical evaluation when using nursing information sources.

Marking Rubric:

The essay will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Understanding of CRAAP Test (15 points):
    • Demonstrates a clear understanding of the CRAAP Test criteria and its relevance to nursing information evaluation.
  2. Selection of Information Sources (10 points):
    • Appropriate and relevant nursing information sources are selected for evaluation.
  3. Application of CRAAP Test (30 points):
    • Thoroughly evaluates each information source using the CRAAP Test criteria, providing detailed insights and analysis.
  4. Comparison of Information Sources (15 points):
    • Effectively compares the credibility of the two sources based on their CRAAP Test evaluations.
  5. Writing Clarity and Structure (15 points):
    • The essay is well-structured, with clear and concise writing, and follows a logical flow.
  6. Conclusion and Reflection (15 points):
    • The conclusion summarizes key points and reflects on the importance of critical evaluation in nursing practice and research.

Total Points: 100 points

Note: Make sure to provide proper citations for the sources used in the essay, following the appropriate citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, etc.). Plagiarism will result in a penalty as per the institution’s policy

Assessment Description

Review the evidence-based practice project ideas you described in Topic 5 DQ 1. Based on your initial ideas, what types of scholarly nursing research (such as quantitative or qualitative research, peer-reviewed resources, etc.) would be required to further investigate the issue? Select an article related to your topic(CRAAP Test Essay sample). Identify the criteria you would use based on the CRAAP test to evaluate the appropriateness of the research. Why is it important to select research that meets these criteria? Evaluate the “CRAAP Test” article from the New Jersey Institute of Technology Library, located in the topic Resources. Explain the five criteria as they relate to your selected article.(CRAAP Test Essay sample)

Assessment Description

Imagine the following scenario: You are taking the evidence-based practice course and one of your classmates shares an EBP project draft with you. You notice that some of the research has not been cited correctly or even at all. When you approach your classmate, the response is that “no one will notice, and it is not a big deal anyway.” What are your next steps in speaking with your classmate? Consider how this could reflect on the credibility and integrity of the individuals involved, the university, and the profession.

NUR 513 Topic 6 dq 1 and 2-solution

CRAAP Test Essay sample

Informatics can be utilized in many ways in delivering care and is an integral part of overcoming some of the many barriers healthcare providers face. One of the many advantages of informatics is how care coordination is more efficient with the use of informatics, especially in a time where patients have more chronic conditions that involve multi-specialty care, including pharmacy, therapies, diagnostics, etc. Furthermore, health informatics provide the avenues of patient participation in their care as they have access to their own health history and information through patient portals. These portals also provide an avenue for patients to have access to care through online portal messaging, which encourages fast and easy communication for any concerns or problems they need addressed in a timely manner (Willson, 2016).(CRAAP Test Essay sample)

The use of computerized provider entry is to make order entry more efficient, streamlined, and transparent. It prevents orders from getting lost, eliminates problems with ineligible handwriting and prevention of mistakes when ordering medications. While it has many benefits, the challenges are maintaining a functioning and stable working system, which often needs tech support and software updates(CRAAP Test Essay sample). When systems go down, it is challenging to go back to the old system of hand written orders. Clinical decision support systems also provide the means of utilizing health information data to help guide best practice for certain disease conditions and diagnoses. As with any technology and computer based systems, there needs to be something in place to ensure that these systems are functioning correctly and accurately, especially since it influences patient care and safety. The heuristic principles are designed to help identify potential problems within the system so that the system can be improved (Pascale & Hoonakker, 2019).(CRAAP Test Essay sample)

CRAAP Test Essay sample

Pascale, C. & Hoonakker, P. (2019). Human Factors and Usability for Health Information Technology: Old and New Challenges. Retrieved from Test Essay sample)

Wilson, L. (2016). 4 Ways that Informatics Could Improve Health Care Treatment. Retrieved from

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