Conflict Diagnosis and Resolution – Week 4 Discussion Solution

This article covers a sample discussion about Conflict Diagnosis and Resolution.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • What are the limitations of formal litigation, and how can alternative dispute formats better serve those participating in the process? Does the ADR process favor one side or the other?
  • Do the current financial challenges facing our legal system make ADR a more viable option? Does this approach limit the attainment of justice for those that may choose to participate? Why or why not?

Wk 4 – Signature Assignment: Conflict Diagnosis Paper 

Assignment Content

Select one of the following topics:

Criminal justice union issues

Police shootings and community reaction

Inmate deaths

Families of offenders

Locate a peer-reviewed article, newspaper article, or online article that discusses some facet of conflict diagnosis based on your selected topic.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that summarizes the item of conflict, and then discuss its significance for conflict diagnosis and conflict resolution.

Include a recommendation for the approach and the facts that support that approach. Be sure to discuss the ABC model and its application to the event.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Assignment Content    

Research the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process.        

Prepare a 10- to 15-slide presentation, with detailed speaker notes, that discusses the recognized formats of alternative dispute resolution and its role within the court system. 

The formats include:    

  • Mediation  
  • Arbitration 
  • Nonbinding evaluation  
  • Mixed and hybrid ADR processes     

Discuss these processes as they relate to tort issues and reform within the adult criminal justice system

Additionally, include the advantages and disadvantages of each format.


Conflict Diagnosis

Fatalities of prisoners while in custody are a sensitive issue that undermines the role of correctional facilities. One such inmate was Kelvin Moore, held at maximum-security Downstate Correctional Facility, who was attacked and severely beaten by correctional facilities. Like Kelvin Moore, inmates across the nation are receiving harsh treatment and abuse from prison wardens, causing escalating the number of deaths in the correctional system. The current paper aims to locate a peer-reviewed article addressing inmate deaths, discuss conflict diagnosis and resolution. The essay will provide recommendations on the selected topic and feature the ABC model and its application to the event.

Item of Conflict

            In the article, “FBI’s investigation of N.Y. inmate’s death widens as second prison beating probed” (2016), Brendon J. Lyons features the story of Kelvin Moore. The latter receive beating and abuse from correctional officers from the Downstate maximum-security correctional facility in Fishkill, New York.

Despite escaping death, Kelvin sustained immense injuries and psychological torture that will live within him for the rest of his life. Notably, the article discusses the abuse and torture other inmates have suffered at the hands of the merciless prison wardens. Kelvin gave an account of what happened on the day he was abused. 

Other inmates that witnessed the event confirmed Kelvin’s statement. However, the three prison wardens involved gave a different story concerning the events leading to an internal investigation in prison. The article portrays how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has spearheaded justice against inmate abuse by prison wardens. For that reason, there have been many conflicts arising between the FBI and correctional facilities, such as the Downstate maximum-security correctional facility.

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Conflict Diagnosis and Resolution
Conflict Diagnosis and Resolution

Conflict Diagnosis and Resolution

            Conflict diagnosis involves sequential steps that lead to resolving disputes among involved parties. The first step of conflicts diagnosis entails mapping out the involved parties. In the presented scenario, the conflict initially arises between an inmate and the prison wardens but later involves the FBI to seek evidence to be used in conflict resolution.

The second stage pertains to identifying the source of conflict. The source of the highlighted conflict arises from the abuse of inmates by correctional officers. Subsequently, it is vital to find out what the participants in the conflict want. In the article, the prison warden wants to correct and maintain inmate discipline with whatever means possible.

However, the FBI maintains that prisoners’ rights and fair treatment should be upheld regardless of the offenses committed. The fourth stage entails determining whether the conflict is cooperative, competitive, or neutral. In the article, the conflict is competitive since minimal trust exists between the FBI and the correctional officers.

            Of importance, the FBI and the correction officers should build trust to solve the conflict amicably. As such, both parties should identify any impediments that inhibit a collaborative process towards resolving the dispute (Sumpter, 2017). In this case, the most appropriate means to improve collaboration would be suspending the three prison officers and easing the tension.

Notably, conflict resolution should entail the identification and analysis of the source of the power of the involved parties. In this case, the FBI is Federal Government Agency while the Prison Officers are employees in New York State.

Notably, the alternatives for resolving the conflict entail firing the three prison officers, prison to reform discipline policies, FBI withdrawing from the investigation, or proofing that the inmates were not abused.  Notably, the Department of Justice in New York should offer comprehensive training for prison officers to inform their decisions when dealing with any form of indiscipline among the inmates.

Recommendations and Support

            The best choice for resolving this conflict will be for the Department of Justice to transfer and penalize the three officers, create policies that protect inmates against abuse, and install 24hour surveillance that monitor all that happens in the correctional facility. Transferring and ordering the officers to pay a fine for abusing the inmates will resolve the conflict.

In this case, the object of conflict (the inmates) will be satisfied that justice has prevailed and that they are free from a similar form of abuse by other officers that have been cautioned. Prisoners are likely to cause crisis from their frustration caused by incarceration.

For that reason, correctional officers should be trained in the ABC model. The ABC model offers effective crisis intervention since the correctional officers know how to approach different circumstances while dealing with inmates (Karnel, 2019). In this case, correctional officers A- have basic skills to develop and maintain rapport, B- the ability to identify the nature of the crisis, and C- coping mechanisms during crisis intervention.


            In the article, “FBI’s investigation of N.Y. inmate’s death widens as second prison beating probed” (2016), Brendon J. Lyons discusses the abuse of inmates by correctional officers. In the essay, the FBI engages in a conflict diagnosis and resolution process to fight for justice against inmate abuse.

The conflict will be resolved by transferring and penalizing the three correction officers, revising inmates disciplining policies, 24-hour surveillance to monitor events in the facility, and training of correction officers. The training program will educate officers on the ABC model. By so doing, the officers will be effective in assisting inmates to overcome crises.


Kanel, K. (2019). A guide to crisis intervention. Cengage Learning.

Lyons, B.J. (2016, March 29). FBI’s investigation of N.Y. inmate’s death widens as second prison beating probed. Retrieved from

Sumpter, C. (2017). Countering violent extremism in Indonesia: priorities, practice and the role of civil society. Journal for Deradicalization11, 112-147.

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