Session 7 Reflection Essay-Transforming a Niche Brand into a Global Mass-Market Brand-Marketing Communications-Nursing Paper Examples

In La Roche-Posay’s scenario, I identified significant contention points that delineate transforming a niche brand into a global mass-market brand. Although distribution channels vary in different countries, risks involved remains constant. Consequently, opportunities and challenges, and similarities and differences across target segments (Avery, Dessain, Hjortshoej, 2019).

Marketing communications (Session 7 Reflection Essay)

Marketing communications often referred to as promotions, contribute immensely to international advertising planning and range from social media use, advertising, and sponsorships to exhibitions. Nonetheless, mainstream media floods the global market, which largely controls external factors, advertising themes, media selections, and organization. Hence influences advertising potential in a particular country (Session 7 Reflection Essay).

Despite the complexity of digital advertising, there emerge numerous challenges I identified relative to regulations, culture, and language. Since I interact with different forms of technology in school and media space, it is evident that technological advancements in marketing have evolved very fast over the years. Studies reveal that the value of global paid marketing communication is estimated at €600 billion annually.

Session 7 Reflection Essay
The Impact of Digital Marketing on the Health Care Industry

The high costs are definitive of digital strategies used and outcomes. Some vital takeaways from digital advertising strategy include the need to make use of the flexibility of digital mediums, integrating digital media with traditional media, and making adjustments while measuring and analyzing campaign performance. I believe these fundamental strategies are applicable across different markets (Session 7 Reflection Essay).         

Another aspect of the global market is social media presence; a company should present its brand image and company values on a preferred social media platform. Not all markets are the same. China utilizes different operational tactics compared with Western countries (Whitler, 2019). For example, China’s market has a mobile-driven culture, embraces speed, and integrates data and information across channels. Therefore, I presume that global markets are complex, and small niche companies should mainstream pricing and distribution and invest significantly in digital marketing (Session 7 Reflection Essay).


Avery, J., Dessain, V., Hjortshoej, M. F. (2019). La Roche-Posay: Growing L’Oréal’s Active Cosmetics Brand. Harvard Business School: 9-520-035.

Whitler, K. A. (2019). What Western Marketers Can Learn from? Harvard Business Review, 81.

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