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Hello everyone, Thank you for sharing your informative discussion. I support your claims that nursing leaders should assess the management and leadership strengths and weaknesses to foster their growth. In addition, organizational performance depends on the type of leadership portrayed by the leaders. Personal and professional experiences are instrumental in becoming an effective leader. One of the critical competencies for effective leadership entails self-awareness (Nursing Leadership).

Nursing Leadership
Competencies of Nursing Leaders

Thus, leaders should recognize and comprehend their strengths, weaknesses/developmental opportunities. Caring is one of the significant elements of excellent nursing. Thus, nurses cannot help their patients unless they clearly understand themselves and what they value. Nurses’ comprehension of self is critical for using it therapeutically. Awareness of self allows them to comprehend and evaluate the impacts of internal and external stimuli (Rasheed et al., 2021).

The stimuli may entail motives, behavior, attitudes, feelings, values, perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, insights, and environmental interaction. One reason for engaging in self-awareness is comprehending the personal inner and interpersonal outer worlds. Another primary competency entails practical decision-making skills by prioritizing certain aspects over others. As such, the leaders collect and analyze financial, human resource, and clinical data necessary to make accurate decisions (Nursing Leadership).

 While nursing leaders demonstrate competency in some areas, they portray weaknesses in others. One example of nursing areas that need improvement is being too self-critical. Nursing leaders do their best to achieve personal and organizational goals. However, the nurses may be too self-critical while making decisions. For instance, nurses rack their brains on how they should respond to different situations while in the workplace, thus affecting their mood and confidence negatively (Hofmeyer et al., 2020).

Thus, learning to take mistakes in stride and devising strategies for accurate decision-making, such as EBP, is instrumental to improving the outcome. Nursing leaders utilize emotional intelligence to comprehend their own and their followers’ health and well-being. Thus, leaders can direct their followers toward a common goal by creating interpersonal relationships between team members (Nursing Leadership).


Hofmeyer, A., Taylor, R., & Kennedy, K. (2020). Knowledge for nurses to better care for themselves so they can better care for others during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Nurse education today94, 104503.

Rasheed, S. P., Sundus, A., Younas, A., Fakhar, J., & Inayat, S. (2021). Development and testing of a measure of self-awareness among nurses. Western journal of nursing research43(1), 36-44.

Reply to Response 1-Nursing Leadership- critical competencies for effective lead

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