Societal Concept on Women Culture and Power Structure-Nursing Paper Examples

Some people believe that women’s gender is constructed by culture and power. If women dominate, the world will be different. What do you think of it?(Women Culture and Power Structure)

The current state of the world is a result of society as a whole, not any particular gender. To change how the world is now, we have to change society as a whole, both women and men. Indeed women ought to nurture and men to concur, but currently, no narrative supports this pedagogy. Looking at various institutions and power positions held by men and women, we cannot conclude that those under women’s leadership perform better than those that men are in charge (Women Culture and Power Structure).

Performance cannot be gendered, and it primarily depends on an individual’s personality, values, and leadership qualities. If women were to dominate, the world would be different in the fact that more women would be in power, but it does not necessarily mean that it would be a better place. Oppression will not cease to exist when women are in charge(Women Culture and Power Structure)
Women Culture and Power Structure
Women Culture and Power Structure

It is not clear which women will be in charge. Would it be inclusive of transgender women, disabled women, black women, and those in the intersection? The reality is that similar forms of oppression and racial and economic inequalities would still exist because the majority of women in power would be white, middle and upper-class, able-bodied, and heterosexual. Current power structures that also include women in higher positions provide no solutions or strategies for making the world better (Women Culture and Power Structure).

History has it that white women also benefited from the exploitation and oppression of their counterparts from minority communities. Feminist victories throughout history do not focus on making the world better as a whole but on acquiring equal rights as men. This narrative of women dominating the world focuses on the few men owning the majority of the wealth. Female dominance emphasizes wealth and power, not community empowerment(Women Culture and Power Structure)

Feminist victories also reveal racism, classism, and other types of subjugation. Most women mostly considered empowered or feminists are wealthy, hold power positions and highly single. What about women living in poverty and without influence? Will female dominance involve them, or what part will they play? Instead of focusing on or romanticizing matriarchal power, we should focus on changing the current problematic and misleading power structures operating in our societies and making the world a better place (Women Culture and Power Structure).   

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