Which subscale for Caring Practices had the lowest mean? What does this result indicate?

1- What were the name and type of measurement method used to measure Caring Practices in the Roch, Dubois, and Clarke (2014) study?

Answer: The name is Caring Nurse-Patient Interaction short scale. It is a quantitative measure with five point likert scale.

2- The data collected with the scale identified in Question 1 were at what level measurement? Provide a rationale for your answer.

Answer: The level of measurement in Question 1 was an interval level measurement and it involved quantitative research and carrying out survey.

3- What were the subscales included in the CNPISS used to measure RNs’ perceptions of their Caring Practices?

Do these subscales seem relevant? Document your answer.

Answer: The subscales included are: Comforting Care, Caring Care, and Relational Care. These Scales are relevant to break down the types of care given.

4- Which subscale for Caring Practices had the lowest mean? What does this result indicate?

Answer: The subscale with lowest mean is Relational Care. It is indicating that it is the least performed care by nurses surveyed.

5- What were the dispersion results for the Rational Care subscale of the Caring Practices in the Table 2? What do these results indicate?

Answer: The standard deviation is 1.01 with the range being 1.00-5.00. This means that there is a wide range of answers, the data is between 1.9-3.9 from the mean. The larger range indicates that the participants have different points of view on how often they participate in relational care.

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