What is a clinical pathway? What are variances? W

Question 11 Points: 1.00
What is a clinical pathway? What are variances? What are the potential complications for miscommunication amongst the various disciplines when a patient does not fit the typical clinical pathway?
Question 12 Points: 1.00
Following the gathering of subjective and objective data, performing a health history and a physical assessment, the nurse sets up a plan of care. The first step is to identify the problem with a(n):
Question 13 Points: 1.00
“Ambulate the patient three times a day at 0900, 1400, 1900 as tolerated” is an example of:
Question 14 Points: 1.00
Your patient has returned from surgery and has a history of smoking. The physician has orders for the use of incentive spirometry (IS) every 2 hours. The patient asks why he has to do IS so often. You teach your patient about the importance of breathing deeply, to clear any secretions and its prevention of pneumonia. This teaching is an example of:
Question 15 Points: 1.00
The role of the Licensed Practical Nurse in writing a nursing diagnosis is:·
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Medical diagnosis

Nursing intervention

Nursing diagnosis


Nursing order

Nursing diagnosis

Patient goal


A nursing diagnosis

An outcome statement

Implementation of a nursing interven

The nursing process

To assist with the determination of ac

To leave the writing of the nursing dia

To be responsible for writing the nurs

Not involved in the nursing process

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