Week 8 Essay – Interrelationships Reflection-Nursing Essay Examples

Identify the Artist, Title, Date Completed, and Medium.

The most impressive piece of art studied during the class was the Mona Lisa Painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Isbouts (2022) observes that Da Vici created the painting of oil on a wood panel in 1503. It was created during the Italian Renaissance using oil paint supported by cottonwood. It is classified as a portrait and measures 77 cm x 53 cm (Interrelationships Reflection).

Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci (Marsili et al., 2019)
Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci (Marsili et al., 2019)

Explain How Learning about the Work Will Help You in Your Life and Career

The painting depicts a visual representation of happiness, an essential aspect of an individual’s life. Martin and Jacobus (2018) observe that the painting incorporates various emotions, such as happiness, sadness, contentment, and mischief, with the smile changing based on the angle of viewing the painting. Happiness is attributed to good health and a longer life. It will help form and sustain relationships within the society and at work. Social connections are necessary in workplaces since they promote a positive work environment and increased productivity.

Additionally, the painting describes a story and creates awareness about the Mona Lisa, the wife of a wealthy Italian merchant. The merchant commissioned the painting to appreciate the wife’s beauty but failed to collect it (Marsili et al., 2019). In this case, understanding the merchant’s love for his wife through the painting can help inform the development of successful marriages in the future. The art depicts the truth of life and nature, which can be emulated to achieve positive marriage outcomes. Lastly, painting enhances creativity, which is necessary for achieving successful careers. It improves abstract and analytical thinking skills, which can be leveraged to create new career ideas and innovations (Isbouts, 2022).

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Explain How One or More Specific Disciplines (Literature, Drama, Philosophy, Art, Music) Influenced You.

Learning about drama positively influenced my desire to participate in drama-related activities. I was intrigued by the empathy and concentration of characters and the performance of plays like The Tempest by Wiliam Shakespear. The characters in drama relate adequately to every situation, context, and culture, leading to improved emotional intelligence and imagination (Martin & Jacobus, 2018). Besides, teamwork and collaboration among the characters also influenced my desire to adopt positive relationships and teamwork with my coursemates, workmates, and society. Alshraideh and Alahmdi (2020) explain that teamwork and collaboration are central to theatre plays and performances since the roles played by each character develop alongside each other’s duties in the play. Moreover, learning about drama influenced my desire to prioritize concentration, which is necessary for achieving positive academic outcomes. The activities involved in drama require undivided attention with extensive rehearsals, which boost memory and concentration (Akbarova et al., 2020) (Interrelationships Reflection).

Examine The Effect this Class Could Have on your Career and Personal Life.

The aspects of music, literature, drama, philosophy, and art learned throughout the class are essential in elevating careers and personal life. The concepts impart knowledge and enhance the development of social skills necessary for navigating circumstances in life (Akbarova et al., 2020). For instance, knowledge gained from music enhances open-mindedness and improves problem-solving skills, leading to better workplace interactions and improved productivity. Also, the concepts studied enhance the appreciation and development of different cultures’ connections. The literature illustrates the lives of the artists, periods, and factors that influenced the creation of the art pieces. Through this, I understood the importance of appreciating different cultures, making it easy to integrate the skills and cooperate with others in social and personal life.

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Furthermore, the mediums used in art, drama, or literature help in vocabulary development and the ability to recreate the scenes in the plays (Akbarova et al., 2020). It also enhances emotion regulation and concentration in recreating the art pieces. Such knowledge can help me advance a career in art or drama, leading to additional income sources. Thus, the learned concepts and skills will be crucial in defining my career and personal life (Interrelationships Reflection).


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