Week 5: Art Creation – Music/Dance/Poetry-Nursing Essay Samples


Poetry expresses an individual’s thoughts and feelings using distinctive styles and rhythms (Butler-Kisber, 2020). It is created to elicit emotional responses and imaginative awareness among its audiences. Butler-Kisber (2020) observes that it can be dramatic, lyrical, or narrative, depending on the author’s message and intended audience. As a result, the essay will draw connections between a poem developed based on inspirations from the Bird-Understander poem by Craig (Arnold Music-Dance and Poetry).

Inspiration Piece

Art Creation – Music/Dance/Poetry
Art Creation – Music/Dance/Poetry

Title of the poem: Bird-Understander Artist: Craig Arnold These are your own words your way of noticing and saying plainly of not turning away from hurt you have offered them to me  I am only giving them back if only I could show you how very useless they are not

The poem narrates about a bird that has been hurt at the airport, calling on an individual known as the bird understander to determine how the bird is feeling (Poetry Foundation, 2022).

The poet used the bird and the understander to metaphorically express the feelings of love and emotions towards the wife. Arnold reflects on the lovely moments they enjoyed with his wife, which is crucial in enhancing the artistes’ strength (Poetry Foundation, 2022). Arnold also utilized simple and evocative language, emphasizing the feelings of love. The poem creatively utilizes metaphor to express the feelings and emotions of love to the wife (Music-Dance and Poetry).

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My Art Piece

Title of Poem: Life in Marriage

Marriage is a den of lions

With royal tables set for memorable moments

Along the rainforest, spanning beyond the sandy deserts of Texas

How I wish the wedding songs lasted a few years

But who said it would be easier?

Eating popcorn while thinking about the next problem

Life is a journey

With ups and downs that we must endure

If we are ready to see the next sunrise

And make fire by the edges of the Amazon River

The poem illustrates the challenges associated with marriage and the need for resilience in overcoming the challenges. It depicts marriage as a tricky association, with happy and painful moments, indicating that the beauty and memory witnessed during weddings do not last. As a result, every party in the marriage must recognize the ups and downs of that association to develop resilience and endurance throughout the marriage (Music-Dance and Poetry).


The two poems are similar since they are based on the theme of love. The Bird-understander depicts love as an element that should be cherished, based on the supportive role of a partner (Poetry Foundation, 2022). The poet feels happy and appreciates the wife for providing strength and meaning to the partner’s life. Similarly, the poem Life in Marriage depicts love as a pilar of every marriage.

The poet implies that establishing successful unions requires cooperation between partners, which can be achieved by recognizing the happy and sad moments of the relationship. However, they differ in that Arnold’s Bird-Understander focuses on the positive aspects of marriage, the beauty, happiness, and the supportive nature of a marriage partner (Poetry Foundation, 2022). Arnold sees the wife as a strength without recognizing the potential obstacles that may impede the union. On the other hand, the poem about life in marriage focuses on the positive and negative aspects of marriage. It indicates marriage as a struggle between opposing and enabling forces, which partners must endure to enjoy the success of such an association.

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Butler-Kisber, L. (2020). Poetic inquiry. In Poetry, Method and Education Research (pp. 21-40). Routledge. ISBN: 9780429202117

Poetry Foundation (2022). Bird Understander. West Superior Street, Chicago. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/52207/bird-understander

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