Week 4 – Research Paper

This willl be part one of my research paper.  My subject is “Understanding Critical Thinking to Create Better Doctors”  must be in APA with approximately 5- 6 pages with 3 – 4 references.  The following is what I have submitted for my week 1 assignment to inform the instructor what my paper will be about.  Please do what you can with this information.  I thank you!! You ALL are wonnderful.

Understanding Critical Thinkingto Create Better Doctors

Ann Shepherd

MGT426 – International Issues and Trends in Health Care Management

Instructor: Terry Moses



Understanding Critical Thinking to Create Better Doctors


Medical students need to master enormous amount of knowledge, but the challenge is that they lack problemsolving ability, with making decisions for an effective clinical experiences (Journal of Advances, https://files.eric.edu). Many high profille reports have asked for some reforms in medical education. This would be to create a better generation of doctors who have the ability to cope with system based problems, ans make better reasoned decisions for quality patient care.

Critical thinking can be defined as the ability to identify and analyze problems and to evaluate relevant information to reach the appropriate conclusion. Medical academics and practioners have brought up concerns about the low-levels of critical thinking amound other medical practioners.

In this articlle I will try to provide a conceptual analysis of critical thinking with refrences to medical education, as well as with measures to foster critical thinking through relevant teaching, learning, and with assessment methods.



Journal of Advances In Medical Education And Research (Producherry -605006, India)


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